Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What is it? Do you know?

This was in my driveway for a few days.... do you know what it is? I could tell you it's mother was a Volkswagen, and it's father was a Harley Davidson.... but closer would be Ford. It is not a car, it is not a motorcycle. It is not electric. And enlarging it isn't going to show you the name because I whited it out.
So can you tell me what it is... what the name of it is? No, it is not a Mustang.. lol


Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Look at what showed up in my driveway this morning.

My oldest Son, wonderful wife, and one of the grandkids.

So, no posting, for several days...

Monday, August 25, 2008

3 of the King's favorite things...

The King has 3 favorite loves..
well, besides me and the dog...

Those are, not in any particular
B.S. ing.
All of which got him pulled into a job.

He was at a local temporary store, and
as he looked over the merchandise, he
made a comment. "You are never going
to sell this stuff, in this mess. Who wants
to go thru all of this to find something?"

The manager heard this, walked to his
office and came back and handed the
King a piece of paper. Yep, an job
application. He brought it home and
asked me what did I think. I told him,
if it was something he wanted to do,
go for it.

Well, here we are 2 months now, and
he is having a blast. He sorts fishing
products and gear. He does the same
for hunting. Most of it is fishing for now.

First day out, he came home for lunch.
We live that close. And he was on a
high. He had sold 3 kayaks and 1 canoe.
And several fishing things. He went back
to sell another canoe and more fishing

And 2 months later he is still having fun.
He had a case of remote small helicopters.
So he took one out, got it charged, and then
flew it around the store. The manager asked
him what did he think he was doing? "Selling
helicopter", the King replied. In 20 minutes he
had sold every one of them. The manager shook
his head and walked away.

He sold over $5,000 worth of waders to one man,
from Alaska. He has help women pick out fishing
poles for themselves, as well as buying one for her

He is having a blast. He said, even if it turns out
to be temporary, (but it is looking like they will
extend the lease they have). The King said that
is ok, he figures it is a heck of a ride as long as
it last. Which is looking like Christmas now.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bonner County Fair 2008

One of the nicest things about the Bonner County Fair is

that it is free. Free admission, free parking... you can't get

better than that. Free enjoyment except for the food. Lots
to chose from there.

These are my favorite things....

The Flowers
The kids pictures that they draw...

And the photos that people took this year...

The quilts ...this one in front is my favorite this year, but it was hard to pick as they were all beautiful. There were the ones here hanging from the ceiling and there was a room full as well.

What is the Fair with out The Co-op?

And all of those who went before us.... for without these people, there would not have been a Fair.

And one can not go to the Fair without stopping by the Brat Shack and get your favorite brat, your way.....

The men and their machines...

just a few of the tractors of the past...

And standing out front of the tent of the old tractors.... is in memory of the passing of

Harry Roberson, his pride and joy...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sandpoint's lost...

Paul Fredrick Perry (September 17, 1945 - August 18, 2008)

.If you use to go to the Garden Resturant you knew Paul
.If you went to 2nd Ave. Pizza, you knew Paul
.If you rode the school bus for the past 20 years, you could know Paul
.And if you ever went to any of the Lost in the 50's shows on,
Friday and Saturday night since it began, and watched the stage.
You knew Paul .
Good bye, dear friend...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


A couple of months ago, I was at a
retirement party, when I was in a
conversation with a mutual friend of the
retiree, who had health problems. He said
he got a lot of peace of mind and was over
whelmed by a book he was reading.
And then we got sidetracked by another

After that, I was reading a blog that I
read just about daily, that is run by a
newspaper. And in the comments there
was a comment made about this book,
that the man had read. It helped when he
was watching his child go to Iraq. And he
named the book. And several people had
commented they too, had read the book
and it changed their lives.

There was another friend who happen to
mention the same book, as the commenter.
And how much it effected that person.

While at church, I had asked my first
friend, with the health issues, what was
the name of the book that he had read.

Long and short of it, it was called
THE SHACK. I looked it up, on
to see what the book was about. I was not
impress with the subject. It was about a man
whose child was killed by a man who was a
serial killer.

You have to know me, to know I can't deal with
that. Especially when we have such a person in
the news right now on a sentencing trial.

But something made me go to the local book
store and look at it. I ended up buying two. One
for me, and one for loaning, as I have lost several
books that way. And if this book was that powerful,
as they said, I didn't want to lose this one.

I finished the book this past weekend. It took me
a week to read it, not because it was a big book, but
because of me and the subject. It was hard to read.
Not by the author, but by the subject.

For someone who thinks she has the God thing, as they
say, down pat, I found out I didn't. The book was in line
with my thoughts on God/Jesus/and the Holy Ghost. And
in the beginning of the appearance of God, I was doing pretty
good. But as the book continues, it got a little harder.

See I don't know why God does things, but I have faith in
him, knowing what is best. Even if I don't understand. I even
understand the thoughts of forgiveness for the unforgiveable.
Not for the person who did the unforgivable, but to release yourself
from the hatred, you have to forgive. You don't have to forget..Just
forgive. Not an easy task at all.. and even more notable to me, in
the book.

I am not going to say anymore about the book, as I would like
you to buy or go to the library, get the book and read it. I am
not even sure you will get the same reaction as my friends or I did.
I didn't even get the same reactions as my friends, at least I don't
thinks so...maybe similar. But you do get a better understanding
of life. And that is a good thing... so it is up to you..if you want
to read it or not.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Minimum wage...

You know the term minimum wage is
interesting. Interesting because we don't
have a maximum wage.

But, of course, Congress is the one who
decides if we have a minimum wage and
how much it is. From state to state as well,
as the Federal government. And each time
the subject comes up, of course the congress
bucks it until the voters have enough and they
are afraid we might rebel. They say it is bad
for the economy. Funny, as they don't think
that when they vote themselves a raise.

The Federal minimum wage does not over rule
the state minimum wage. Only if the job has
anything to do with Federal government. Nursing
homes because they take Medicare. Trucking
because they travel the Federal highways and
etc. Other wise the States control all wages.

I think it is time we rebel and ask for maximum
wage. I would go for $200,000 a year (and I am
being very generous there) and NO BONUS. No
stock options and etc. After all they are already
getting 100 times the amount the average employee
gets. But the the spin cyclist will tell us that is bad for
the economy some how.

But somehow I think it would be good, because then
there would be money for the employees who actually
do the job, not those who delegated the jobs. And also
if the average employee was given stock in the company
they would benefit from their own production.

Also I like to see some fairness. Can you tell me how
and why, that a CEO whose product is an
appliance, gets $700,000 bonus. Yet men in the service
who are overseas fighting ,so those very same CEO's can
have their jobs here, get .0001 of what that CEO gets?
Why does a fireman, police officer who serves and protects,
gets no bonus to speak of, and for wages that amount to
the same as what the CEO probably pays for taxes on
his wages?

Yes, let's have some equality here folks. But you know,
that Congress will never ever have a maximum wage.
I wonder, after all the foreign companies buy out our
companies, will their CEO's get the same, or will they
put some of it back into the company and it's employeeson the bottom rung?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Duncan case

How could I?
What am I thinking?
Even WTFH could be
These are all titles I thought
of for this post. All apply.

You got to understand how I feel
about programs on television about
child abuse. I can not stand to watch
them. Just can't do it. I don't know if
it is because I was on the receiving end
at one time, in my life or what. But they make
me nauseas, and my nerves are at ends.
Almost to the point of getting sick to
my stomach and vomiting.

So how can I read about the Duncan
case? For those who are not around
here in Idaho, it is a case that has
gone to county court and now is in Federal
court. The county court ended with Duncan
being guilty for killing a woman, her
boyfriend and her teen son. The taking
of her younger son and daughter. The
killing of that younger son. The daughter
was rescued.
This case is over 2 years old. Why it is in
Federal court is because he took the two
youngest ones to Montana before he killed
the boy there. Duncan has confessed to
his crimes and now they are all in court,
for the sentencing part. With a jury. A
jury you have to feel bad for, as they get
to see the videos of these children that
Duncan took. One of which has sexual
abuse of the boy, before he was killed.
Is your stomach starting to wretch yet?

As sickening and horrible as this is. As
much as I could not even look at Duncan's
picture last year when the county was in
court. Why in God's name am I drawn to
reading about it now?

I had decided when the local blog that is
carrying the hour by hour or less updates
on it, that I would not read it. And I didn't
the first couple days of it. The headlines
were enough. You had to click on the "here"
to read the rest of the story. And I didn't.
But on Thursday, I did. While it was revolting,
I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. I found
myself going back several times to read updates.

Feeling a numbness as I read it. Like reading
a novel of court procedure. And I admittedly
do like to read court procedures. Perry Mason
was a favorite of mine as a child. But this... how
could I?

I want to see this man get the death penalty. Even
a mad dog deserves to be put to sleep. So where is
the good Christian that I think I am? Where is the
forgiveness? I can't find it in myself. And reading
about letters to his mother, I think how I didn't even
think about his family. How they feel. They aren't the
guilty ones.

And you know, I think even Duncan wants to be
put to sleep too. Why else would he be his own
lawyer? Maybe killing Dylan and burning his body
was over the top even for him. Maybe that is why
he went where he knew he would be recognized
with SG, the girl. Maybe he has done two decent
things in his life. Let the girl go home, and confessing
to being guilty. Maybe he wants to be release of this
demon inside of himself, by death.

Now let's hope the goody two shoes people don't
march on the prison and protest the death penalty of which
he wants. And drag it on beyond what anyone can stand.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Olympics

It is about the athletics not about you
and your politics, stupid.

Every 4 years it seems we have to go
thru this. And yes, I know it goes back
even to the 1940's with Hitler and his
bunch being mad because a black man
won the race.
Who knows maybe even further than that.

But I get so sick of the politicians and the
government of the countries (ours included)
get involved with their views of how the other
countries act.

Give the athlete their due. They are the cream
of the crop from each country. There will be
wondrous wins like in, swimming with Phelps,
and there will be defeats that embarrass. But
let them compete. Let them work hard to be the
best of the world.

And keep your dumb politics out of it. Even the
human rights... and most embarrassing is our
own Idaho bunch who went over there. They were
lucky that the Chinese government gave them a
pass and a ticket home.
It is the day of the Athlete you fool

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Junk emails

I was checking junk mail the other day to
make sure there isn't anything that isn't
suppose to be there..that isn't spam..

And what do I find? college, jobs, free stuff
and the usual spam... but at least there wasn't
any sex things ... hopefully they are tired of
sending and no answers.

And colon cleaner... at least 6 of them.. even
seen on Oprah.. 3 days in a roll. Then I open
my snail mail this morning and there is a booklet
selling Colon Cleansers. Now I don't know
if they know something I don't know... or do
they think I am an A==hole. Or maybe it is
just the run of the mill spams... they go from one
subject to another. I delete them all. I never
open them..but the titles are sometimes interesting
to say the least.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Kids Parenting Skills...Amazing

As my children are getting older, so
are their children. So now I get to see
my children being parents and their
parenting skills.

The early years can be a little frustrating,
but nothing compared to the teen years.

If you do it right, the first 10 to 12 years,
are not too bad, as you are still in control.
You are still in the drivers seat. Either by
fear or by rationale judgment.

But the teen years takes in a whole new plan.
Sometimes the changes are slow mini changes.
Other times, you might think you have everything
in hand, but one day you find yourself blown out
of the saddle. A lot of it depends on if you are
real active in your child's life or not.

As I watch my children deal with theirs, especially
as older teens, I am truly amazed how well they
are doing. I hope (as only my children can tell if
it is true or not) that I have not open my mouth and
second guess them, verbally. I truly try to let them
be in charge. I feel I had my shot, and now it is theirs.

Even some of the times, I have thought, and only in
the thought process, wondered if they are doing the
right thing. Only to be proven time after time, they are
doing far better than what I think I did.

They have dealt with each episode fairly calm, with
logic, and sometimes with humor. Sometimes to the
child's discomfort, a great deal of humor.

As the years have come and gone, I am always
amazed at their understand, logic, and common sense.
One parent told his child one of the best sayings, that
I have repeated to other parents for a guide line. That
parent said.... "
If you are thinking of doing something, the best gauge you have,
is to ask yourself this question.
the answer is no, don't do it."

So I have no doubts about the growth of my
grandchildren, their parents are doing a great job.
And I try to tell them so.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Poor Presidents

I get a kick out of the McCain camp calling
Obama an elitist with his taste for Black
Forest Berry Honest Tea and etc. And
not even counting McCain's $520 shoes.

What about the place they were both raised?
Obama with a single mom, and grandparents
that raised him. Not exactly 5th Ave stuff.
But he did work hard, did well in school, and
was able to earn enough with his wife to make
a comfortable lifestyle for his family. The American
way, I believe it is called.

My no one seems to think about McCain and
his background of where he was raised. He
was raised mostly on bases. Naval Bases.
His father AND his grandfather were Admirals.

As a gal who was raised in a Navy town, I
am here to tell you, I know what Admiral's
homes are like. Talk about Navy housing.
These were not your Navy boys housing.
These WERE the Elite houses.

You know when I started thinking about
this, on my day walk... it dawn on me,
that McCain has always been a government
kid, young man and adult. He was raised
by a Naval Officer, who was paid by the
government. McCain went to the Naval
Academy, (government owned) and then
in the service paid by the government.
Then was a Senator, by the government.
How does he know what the poor man/woman
on the street lives like? How does he even
know how the middle income adults live
like? His only poor times, was the time
as a P.O.W. While that was some dang
poor times, it doesn't show him how the
average American lives.

Have we ever had a poor President or
even President candidates? Maybe
Lincoln. Heck we haven't even had
poor Senators or Representatives.

I remember when I was living in R.I. there
was a man running in New Bedford, Mass.

for Senator. He ran on the ticket, he was for the
poor man. He, himself, was a house painter. Annual
income was $35,000. So he knew what the deal was.
So the people in his district sent him to Washington.

Do you know in 6 months he was voting for a
raise of income for Senators? He was only making
$79,000, he said. And he needed more. He was
voting for a raise to $129,000! Now this is the
guy who was living on $35,000 just 6 months before.
He said he couldn't afford to living in Washington, DC.
on those wages.

Do you remember in our history books it said that
Congress was suppose to be just a one month session
and not the man's main job?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Here we go again...

And now we watch as life gets interesting.

We have Russia stirring up trouble on their
borders. How would our two guys handle
things, if they were President? Will we have
Obama, sitting back and assess the whole
picture as he seems to do with different
problems? Will we have McCain with the
let’s get in there and straighten out this
problem? Kind of like Bushes, go get them
attitude.. Cowboy up... so to speak.

By the way, why do we as American have
to fix everything. Why do we, as the media
would have us believe, jump to the cause?
Shouldn't we at least sit it out for a little
while and see if the neighbors can fix
their own problems? Or at least give the
United Nations a chance to resolve it?
Isn't that what the United Nations is for?

What is it about us, that we feel like we
have to fix everything... and do it now?

If I had two neighbors who were fighting,
I would not jump in there and take sides.
I would see if they can fix it themselves.
Maybe American should do that first.

Just because we standby and see if
they can fix it, does not make us cowards,you know.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Bonner County Gentlemen

In the past year or so, actually even
further back than that, we have been
losing some of the gentlest of men in
our county. And this year seems to be
adding more.

These are men, mostly farming men, who
have always been there for their friends,
family and those in need.

They could be thought of as the good old boys
of Bonner County. But that is used for the
ones who ran the county, sometimes not in
what people thought of, as the best of ideas.

But these gentle men, who were also gentlemen,
were quiet. They did most of their help from behind
the scenes. Mostly without credit given to them.
And they didn't care.

They all have been known to have the greatest of
sense of humor, and laughter could be heard when
they were around. But they could be very serious
as well.

These are the men who in the 30's, and 40's when
things were rough, and money was few, helped
their neighbor. Making sure they didn't go with
out food or firewood.

But now it is getting the time when we are losing
these gentlemen. Harold Tibbs, Dennie Shields to
name a few from the past.

And today, the paper brings Tom DeMers who could
spin a story like no other. And the kindest of all, is
Harry Roberson.

Harry Roberson was the Elder of my church. His old
house is just up the street from me. That was before
he and Frankie moved to Sagle area. He was the man
who would stoop to talk to a child at their level. He was
the man who stood beside you, when life was bumpy.

And one of the nicest things about Harry, was you went
away, with a feeling that Harry really cared. He made you
feel like you were the best of friends. He and his beloved
Frankie were a hard team to beat. Always welcoming others.
Always helping others.

Life is getting sadder as we lose these Gentle Men. These
country gentlemen...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thursday's push

Thursdays are a push for me.
I have a part time job for 2 hours.
I have to tell you, it is the most
pleasurable job. And my boss
always makes me feel appreciated.
Plus it is fun. At least I think so.

So on Thursday, I do a couple of
things before I leave, then to my job.
After, I run errands, like shopping,
post office and etc. Today it was a
sympathy card,then off to peaches
and corn at the parking lot veggie

Those of you who are local, if you
aren't stopping at the Peach Man's
trailer, you are missing out!! All of
his fruit and veggies are top notch.
AND the fruit are not as hard as
hockey pucks.

Today, I got home, paid bills, and
headed to the yard. That was at
1. And I am just getting inside. I
am sweaty, pooped, and then it
dawn on me.. I didn't do a post
on the blog.

Guess maybe during the summer
you better not expect much from me.
As this is one of those blah blah blah
post.. Sorry.. I am out of here and to
the showers.. Hope your day is as
great as mine is...

I feel good, Like I know I should...
yes, sing it...I FEEL GOOD LIKE

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I have always loved to read. Even
as a kid...didn't like book reports,
but loved to read.

I read magazine, but I have cut them
to about 1/3 of what I use to have. I
just don't have the time to sit and
read them each month. So I have
cut them to just a few. 2 monthly and Yankee. And 2 weekly,
Time and Newsweek. One of which is
running out, so will probably let it go.

Also I have a stack of interesting books.
Ones I will read ....someday. The subject
interest me, but have a couple of ones
that are new and interest me more.

The problem I am having is, the time.
I use to read while cooking, house
keeping, you know the ones that
were so good, that you couldn't
put it down. You burnt the midnight
oil trying to finish it. But none are
that good anymore. Or I am not that
much into it anymore.

I use to love submarine stories, but
I am not into those anymore. I love
Perry Mason when I was a kid. Never
a Nancy Drew person, though.

Now I tend to go for the real deal. True
stories, and comedy. Burnt out on
Stephen King and Ann Rule.

But the worse of it is.... I feel guilty
sitting ....doing nothing... but reading.
So much to do, so little time. And I feel
like I should not be wasting time, reading.

I do better in the winter or rainy days. And
my favorite thing to do, during those days,
is a cup of tea, a good book and thee...

So why do I feel guilty on the sunshine days?
Is it my age? Do I feel like my time is running
out like a toilet paper on a short roll?

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


As everyone local knows, our area is
growing leaps and bounds. Even with
all the sound bits about empty new
houses and prices going down.

But the craziest thing is ..the $600,000
and up homes are still being built AND
they are being sold.

I saw McCain on one of the many talk
shows, and he was asked about the
Fannie Mae situation. He was asked
how he voted on the saving them and
bailing them out. He said he didn't
believe in it, yet he voted it in. Why?
because he said there wasn't anything
else better. Did they try? Or was it a
quick answer to the problem? Why vote
for something you don't believe in.

As we drove around in our daily lives here,
we see where trailers use to be, there are
what we call loaf of bread housing. It is a
two story long house. Or we see 20 to 30
homes where it use to be empty fields. Homes
starting at $400,000 says the ads.

Roads going up the mountain and we see
sections of homes. Or a line of 40 mailboxes,
at the end of a road. Places where we use
to pick huckleberries. Places and people who
now have no trespassing signs, or we are being
told, this is a tow away area, and even with your
car half in the ditch, being told you are
taking too much of the road.

My daughter and I love to go yard sale shopping
on the weekends. And as we look at the address,
we wonder, where the heck is that?

We found one this past weekend by signs that
were on the main road, that lead us up the
mountain side about 4 miles. And to our shock
there were 30 houses there. With paved roads.
BIG houses, supersize houses, with big toys in
the yard. Hummers, boats, 4 wheelers and etc.
The people were very nice, but such houses!
I didn't dare ask any questions, as I felt like
the poor relative there. You know, like how
many rooms? (it was a 50ish couple, no
children from the looks of things. Do you
have a library? What goes into such houses?
I surely would have sounded like the country
bumpkin, that I felt I was. Besides all of it,
was none of my business.

As someone who had to jump thru hoops 10
years ago, to buy this meek little house of ours,
at less than one fifth the amount of the houses
we see now. Our meek little 1200 square feet.
We wonder how in the heck do they afford these
3 story high, half a block long houses? Ours
is $500 a month payments. Affordable for us.
I can't get my mind around $300,000 never mind
$600,000 or a million and half. And I know that
Sandpoint jobs are not paying that well. If you have
a job that pays $18 an hour you are in hog heaven.
Because most of them are $11.00 or less. While
some of these people are retired, most of the ones
I see still have children.. small well as
teens. Again, none of my business...

No wonder there are foreclosures. Cause by greed.
Loaners who don't care how the person pays for it.
Just as long as they made the quota of loans.
Buyers who want the American dream, who think
they will find the money somehow, if they can
supersize it and impress friends and family.
Some builders who charge horrible prices because
they can.

Supersize homes, supersize toys, what were you
thinking? And now we all get to help out, even those
in modest homes, because the loans are domino effect.

And will Congress fix this so it never happens again? So
only those who can really afford the house gets the loans?
No, because they are attached to the problem themselves.

Disclaimer...this is not about those who have worked at good
paying jobs all your life..and by saving, you were able to buy
your dream home at what you could afford.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Godparents, do you have one?

Do you have Godparents?
Do your children have Godparents?
Are there people who are still asked to
be Godparents?

As you can see from my profile, I have
8 children... all grown now and parents
themselves. And none of them have
Godparents. I didn't make a conscience
decision to not have them for them. I
just never thought about it one way or
the other.

Which is odd it's self, as I had two
Godmother's, but never heard if I
had a Godfather. Which is weird too.

My two Godmother's were related
somehow, as they both had the same
last name, I think. Not really sure
about that either now. See I really never
knew them.

I went to my class reunion in 1957,
and while there, I decided to look up,
my Godmother's. I don't even know
how I knew where to look for the first
one. And that one showed me how to
get a hold of the other.

One lived in an assisted living place.
She was a beautiful woman with
lovely white hair, and dressed to the 9's.
Her apartment was beautifully done. She
was in her 80's

Of the two, she was the one I remember
the best. Because I had not seen these
women since I was about 4 or 5, even
though we lived with in 10 miles of each
of them.

I had a nice visit with Maude.
And she told me how to get a hold of
the other one. I wrote to Maude and
sent pictures that I took of her. Never
heard back from her.

The other one lived in a condo like
place. Very nice. She was a little more
suspicious of why I was there. I thought
of telling her, my mother had passed away,
(she had 7 years before) and I was there
for her to take care of me...but had second
thoughts, as I didn't know what her sense of
humor was like. She was kind of quiet and
direct to the point in all of her conversation.

I had told both of them, I was sorry I missed
out on their lives. And I wished them well, and
it was nice to meet them. And I left for home
in Idaho. They never wrote. I guess they were
just glad they didn't have the responsibility.

Never understood why they were chosen. I
know they were somehow connected to my
mother but not my father. Old family friends?
Not girlfriends of my mother. And why they
weren't active in my life I don't know. Maybe
they were scared they would be stuck with me.

My brother lucked out. He got my Aunt. Or I
should say, our Aunt. I think our uncle was the
other person. I lucked out as I moved to the
same state as our Aunt and she was more
like a mother to me. But she always was active
in my brother's life. Gifts, phone calls and etc.
Maybe mine were names in a hat, that got chose.

So do people still chose Godparents? Do they
get chose when the child is just a mere baby?
I was told I screamed thru the whole process.
We were Episcopalians. So it was at the baptism.

Anyway, I don't hear of people saying "my
Godmother, or Godfather (unless they are
referring to mafia types). I don't even know
if any of my grandchildren have them.. I think
I will ask.

So do you have one? What is the relationship?
Aunt, Uncle, best friend?

Friday, August 01, 2008

What is in your???

You have heard the ads for Capital One
credit card... "what is in your wallet?"

Right now I am a little more concern about
what is in my grocery cart.

We have heard for the last several weeks or
so, the concern about tomatoes. How
people were getting very sick and they suspected
for all those weeks, it was tomatoes. So the
tomato farmers were hit hard, and it wasn't their

As they said, oh, no, maybe it isn't the tomatoes.
it is the Jalapeño peppers... so then all the restaurants
had signs, not using Jalapeño... from Mexico. Just
like they did with the tomatoes.

This week it comes out that is a serrano pepper from
Mexico, they have more proof of it.

Of which one of my friends brought up a interesting
question. Salmonella in pork, beef, chickens, yes..
but in vegetables? Tomatoes, peppers?? How is that?
We couldn't figure that out. Which my light came on
in my head... remembering that Mexico does not
use animal manure...but humans.. of which we went.

Then tonight as I cut open the little watermelon we
bought, (can't afford the big ones) I noticed a label
on it... it said Bambino in large letters, which to me
that is an Italian word. Little letters said watermelon
then followed by slash melon d'eau. and sans pepins.
Which I gather was meaning seedless as that was
at the top. Says it is a product of U.S.A. but then it
is followed with produit des e-u. Isn't that French?
Says it is packed for a US company in MN, but doesn't
say where it is grown. Is that France, or Canada?

And there are a lot of veggies and fruit, with no label
on them at all. I must be naive, as I thought all summer
veggies and fruits were local. Meaning in the Northwest

I guess I am getting gun shy.