Thursday, June 27, 2013

Soft Thursday....

It is after midnight...and I can't sleep... don't know why.. didn't drink coffee all day.. just in the morning..  So figured for today's blog.. I would do a soft one... Pictures around the
yard... The rain has everything blooming like crazy.. Kind of scares me.. because it is all blooming now.. what is going to be there for the rest of the summer. But the yard looks good.. And I have been mowing every 3 days.. Weed whacking every other mowing day.. Keeps me busy. Hope you enjoy the soft day... 

my daughter found this sign and bought it for me.... I thought
it was fitting to put it here..
 The baskets are doing well.... the King did them.
 The clematis is doing well.. there are 3 of them there. The red on the left, the big
light purple in the middle and the dark purple is starting on the right.
 here is the red up close
 This is how big this purple one is.. see my thumb.
 In the top picture, I bet you didn't see the hummingbird feeder in the vines. you might
have to click on the picture to make it bigger to see it.
 couple of my backyard signs I found at yard sales..You might have to enlarge them to
see what they say..
 the little girl, I found at a yard sale and she was grey stone.. the King painted her for me.
the pot was a surprise.. as I didn't know what was in it..but it had a few green leaves this
spring, so I water it. It was left over from last year... I had about 20 some odd baskets, so
didn't remember what it was.  Turn out great.
 Here are my other two girls.. I call the one in the corner my Portuguese gal.. and the other
is from my brother and sister in law.. she holds butterflies.. but she got beaten around
by the weather last year.. so she has lost her butterflies.  Have to find her some and glue them on
 The is the other clematis that we put by the house..(others are on garage) and also
two new ones on the left.. that are starting to take off.. one is a deep purple and the
other is suppose to be white.. we will see. The first years are weak..but next year should
be good for them.
 These are our start of privacy bushes.. they are 3 years old.. suppose to be 4 feet high
and wide.
 Up close of my Joseph's Coat Rose.. this is the young one.. they are climbers. Start out
with peach, and as it opens it turns pink and then red.
 My mother in law's favorite rose color.. pastel purple.. with my two yard art geese from
a yard sale.
 These are surprise.. because I planted my Easter lilies last year ... and these came up
this year.. sure don't look white to me.. but I love the color. .
 Surprisingly the driveway planters are surviving.. the weather usually beats them to death.
between the wind and the rain.. it is a 50/50 deal.. so far.. so good. Also the heat raises
cain with them too... no matter how much I water them.
 This is one of those tiny roses they sell at Mother Day time.. and usually die.. at least
for me they have in the past.. but this one has hung on for 5 years now.. I take it in the
garage in this pot for the winter and bring it back out in late spring.. and there it has a bud
 Most people call these weeds.. Johnny Jump ups... I love them.. and there is a few
buttercups mixed in there.. that I left for color.. I use to love butter cups.. until they took
over my WHOLE front lawn... and trying to take over my back yard too.
 There is Mr. and Mrs. Scarecrow, that I got at a yard sale for a buck..for the two.
 our fence and gate.. you have to enlarge the picture to see what the sign says.
Well, hope I didn't bore you.. like I said..this is a soft Thursday. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wrong Word

Over the years we have all said the wrong word….
Retarded, being the newest one that offends.
“That is so Gay”… is offensives
Babe,Baby… to a woman is offensive.. to a lot of women.  
The N word as we call it now.. sure had hit the news of late.
And I am sure there are a lot of others I have left out.

With Paula Deen’s recent fubar. And this is not the first time.
Look at Mark Furhman who was asked on the stand.. have
you EVER said the N word.. He was a police officer in L.A.
Of course he has said it in the past… and behind close doors of the station…he may have said it more often than in the public.

With Paula, being raised in the south.. she still has the strong Southern accent… so of course she has said it in her life time.. more than once. And who knows… she might have even said it in the past 5 years or less.
I am being honest by saying I never said the word… but the word I did use is offensive now.. We, in R.I., referred to them as colored. If used now, will get you in trouble.  When they started to call themselves, black (before the African American term came) I adjusted my language of
reference, to black. And that is where it stays.. I don’t use the A-A reference, as I don’t use the English-German-Swedish reference for myself.. I am first and AMERICAN..  Besides, I am Cis.
But 98% I referred to the individuals by their name.
After all, I didn’t want to be referred to as Cis the white gal. Or just “the white gal”.

For older ones, like myself.. old habits are hard to break. It isn’t the term is used nastily.  For the most part, I have gotten myself broke in.. There is some terms.. the ones having to do with gender, I have trouble with.
It is still a man hole, still refer to boats and storms as she, and etc.

My husband who is 61, has a hard time breaking himself for using the word, babe.. Thanks, babe is a common use for him. It is a term of endearment for him.  I have been working on him for over 5 years to not use the term, yet
it slips out from time to time.  He even almost got into trouble at work, because a fellow worker who was in tears over a trouble time in her life… he gave her a hug and told her it would be ok, babe…  He was called on the carpet over it.
Luckily the people he works for, knew he meant no harm.. and even the gal finally admitted he didn’t.  It was hard to understand which one she was more upset about,  the word babe, or the fact that he hugged her.. as she
used the words of sexual harassment, when she turn it in.  And one who knows my husband.. knows sexual harassment is the furthest from him.
Compassion, oh, yea..  And many of women have referred to him as a Teddy bear… as he is a hugger.. and has a great smile. And he has the greatest respect for women..

Sometimes it is time that makes it hard to change.. environment has a huge part in it… sometimes it is just plain ignorance.  Ignorance is hard to fix.. but with patience and time, it can be changed.  Environment is
hard too… how many of you have been around a Southerner with a great drawl…find yourself, inserting “You all”, in your sentence without knowing it, until it has slipped out?

Paula, has sincerely apologized… what more do you want. She gets it.
Personally, I feel if a person apologizes most sincerely… they should not have to do it over and over… After the first or second time, then the other person is asking you to beg.. I beg to no person.. You either understand
I really am truly sorry… or you don’t.. then it becomes your problem. The deal is not that you feel superior because you made the person apologized over and over.     

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Love my flag

This might seem like a day late and a dollar short…
But then again, that is how my life rolls most of the time.

I love my flag.. it flows with the wind, in my front yard.
Those who are on my Facebook list, see it often.. I have
had at least 6 of them over the years as they get tattered
and torn in the winds we have.
We have it up 24/7/365…. And yes, there is a light on it at night.

I come from a family who loves their flag…I had an Uncle who
would go out each morning and raise his flag…and salute it.
And in the evening he would go back out.. salute it and then
take it down.  When he got sick, the neighbor came over after not seeing the flag raised for 3 days… and asked why. When he was told my Uncle was sick…he asked if he and his daughters could raise the flag for my Uncle….and they did, until the day he died.  I don’t know how long after they did it.

American’s love their flag… and that is why we get upset when people burn it…or some ask for us to put it away, as it might offend some people.  My thought is.. those people came to this country, for a reason.. to be safe and earn money. That Flag is what got them to be able to stay.  If it offends them, then maybe they should go back to their own country. Where they won’t be offended by it. Because you are in my country… 
and to be offended by our flag… well, you are offending me. 

Author of the blog… SLIGHT DETOUR.  Go to her site and wish her a happy

Also happy 53 to jgw. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

This I know to be true...

Wasn’t there a saying that had this line in it, a long time ago?
I Googled it but nothing came up in the context that I remember.

It was at least 40 or more years ago.. and if I recall correctly, it has
to do with the author, knowing these things to be true.. because they
had been true for so many years.

Seem like the last year or so, this phase has come to time, because
I feel it no longer to be true… so many things that I grew up, knowing
they were true. So many things it was taken for granted to be true.
Now no longer is…

One’s property is their own and no one can come on it unless asked..or
a warrant by the police, if that is the occasion. A lawyer can not tell anyone
what you have said, unless you give them permission.  A Priest has the same

We are considered innocent, until proven guilty. Yet we are judged constantly,
and have to prove we didn’t do what is said. And of course the media has judged
those so many times before the person makes it to trial.

Privacy was something we all guarded so very well.. yet we have no privacy
now. By electronic, our lives are almost an open book.  Some of it is our
own fault, because we put information out there.. but there is a whole total
web of giving information on you. You have a driver’s license…you have a
social security number, and any time you go to the doctor, your insurance
company knows everything that was done and said.  It judges what your
insurance rates will be. 

Your auto insurance is not only judged by your driving record, but by your
credit rating. The insurance companies figured if you have bad credit you
must be a bad driver and a risk.  And if you don’t ask why your rates go
up, you won’t even know this is being used  against you. Oh, by the way,
you can pay your bills on time constantly.. but if you have open a new
credit card in the past 4 years.. that counts against you. If you close out
a credit card, that counts against you. If someone make inquires to your
credit rating.. that counts against you. (which that could by the insurance
company) You have no say so.. that is just the rules.

Every time I hear of another right we are having bent if not denied.. it

saddens me. Life is not what it use to be.  And that saddens me too…  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hero or Traitor

I don’t know the answer of what Edward Snowden is.
What I don’t understand is, how he had the job?

How did a man 29, who dropped out of high school...
Who did a class in computers at a community college.
Get the jobs he did.. he worked for Dell and then the CIA.
Doesn't say what he did for either. I just can’t believe that either one of them could have been a big job. Especially the
CIA.  Yet what ever he put in his resume, was enough to
get him into a job for a company that works with NSA.
And that is only the past year. Don’t they do background checks?

NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY… somehow, something seems wrong with this picture… that his young man was given access to such high priority Information with so little seniority……or did he steal it? Of course he stole it, to get it out of the building and to Hong Kong..
But I refer to stealing it as in, he never should have had access to that information and that much of it in the first place………something here just doesn't add up.  

The other thing is, I don’t understand the big surprise of the citizen that there is that kind of surveillance.  We have had wiretapping for almost a century. This is just more modern electronic wiretapping.

Also I have referred to a program before, put on by CBS 60 Minutes about 10 or 15 years ago… about the huge satellites in England, run by France, England and our country.. and I think German was the 4th one. This was way before I had a computer.. so before 1992? CBS reported about how the computers worked there. How they could listen to all of the telephones and other communications in the WORLD.. not just the USA… and the computer would pick up certain words.. .like bomb, terrorist, explosives and 
other key words.
So this is not big news that governments.. (not just ours) have been listen to us all for years.    

Have you ever watched the CBS program called Person of Interest?
If you haven’t …you should… of course it might scare the crap out of you… because if they have it on the show… and all the cameras we already know that are out there… don’t you think there is an ounce of truth to that show?

Now if they would only find out who calls me with 
"OUT OF AREA" on my caller id... since last November.
And I have no recourse unless I want to have the police
put a tap on my phone line (but this person doesn't 
say anything, so can't claim threaten call) or change my
number.. which I am not going to do... so it is just an
annoyance, like a fly buzzing around.. and with caller id
we just don't answer it. Now why can't they trace them.. lol

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Telephone Books?

Is there a thing out there to get rid of telephone books?  Have you looked at your phone book the past couple years?  I swear each year the print gets smaller.. And the book gets smaller too. 

My phone book is about 4 inches by 6 and ¾ inch thick.  What happened To the book that was at least a foot long and 8 inches wide? Some were even bigger.  I haven’t seen Spokane’s book lately. That was a reasonable
size, especially for the size of the city… Coeur d’ Alene black book use to be a fair size, but the last one is about ¾ of the size of the old one.

So when you downsize the book itself… what has to be down sized as well? The Print..
… I can read this size letters very well… I can read this
Size fairly well… but you have started to lose me with this one.. and I am looking for a
magnified glass and good light to read this one.. especially when you have all of the names in a line and the numbers
In a line with hardly any space between them, the blend together.

Now I know my eyes aren’t as good as they were at ..say 30 or 50…but
This is ridiculous.  Surely I can’t be the only one with the problem of reading telephone books.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Talking Stage....

We all have probably experience it in our growing up,
when around grandparents and elderly aunts and uncles.
We might even have whispered to a cousin or our parents..
“Grandma/Aunt Lou is talking to herself”

We have even joked about it … about ourselves from time to time. I talk to myself, as I am the only intelligent person I know.. or I want to have a meaningful conversation… to cover up when some one catches us doing it.

Well, the other day, I caught myself doing it… a few memo words. Stay focus… don’t forget.. xxx…  It isn’t the big stuff that trips me up, it is the little stuff… like why did I come into this room to do what? Of course, I have help with the big stuff. I have a calendar in the hall way up on the wall for the King and I to see each day. It is a extra large desk calendar… We haven’t forgotten anything so far.
But to make sure we don’t … we put It up there.  We have had friends younger than us, who have forgotten a date… So we write on the calendar .. just in case. Especially if one of us was told about a place or thing we need to know…without the other one there. This way both of us are aware.

The King is worse for this, than I am.
A friend who was sitting next to him at a gathering.. told him to not forget, what time we were leaving for Montana, and also about a lunch date with them.  Luckily she called me. She got on the phone with him after and said.. wasn’t that you, who was sitting beside me and talking to me about these things.. both of them laughing. We joking
say, don’t forget to tell the secretary.. (me) …

I shouldn't say I have never forgotten anything.. as I have spaced a few council meetings.. which I “like” to go to.. it isn't mandatory. So I don’t count those as lapse of memory… it only counts if it was something fairly important.  I was doing something at the time, and was engrossed in that, that I space the meeting.  Priorities, I guess.

I use to be great at multitasking, I could do many things, not so much at once, as in a row, sometimes two at a time.. but now.. I better just line up one or two in a row.. lol…

So if you find yourself giving yourself brief memos.. it is ok.. we all do it at one time or another… and now we understand Grandma/Auntie more..  They weren’t looney after all.. haha

Monday, June 17, 2013

Two different attitudes....

The King and I have been watching a program called
North America… Beautiful pictures of our wonderful

The men and women work so hard not to disturb the
wild animals that they come across, as well as not to
disturb nature… be it a trail, a tree, or anything else.

Yet, here sadly, we the few people who are so
thoughtless, with no respect for nature. Or man made
items, that we use as we use the forest. Be it for fishing,
or camping ….or both.

For some reason they seem to think it is fun, or funny
to shoot signs, toilets, saplings, or anything else they can
aim at in a camp ground. To the point that one 
campground has been shut down for camping.. 
and another is in danger of the same.

Some of these are public parks and some of them are private that is open to the public by the owner Avista. Which is our district electric company.  Avista invest a lot of money to keep areas open for all of the public to use. They invest a lot of money into keeping the fish going in the streams and rivers.
Only to have thoughtless people destroy without thought.
As the game warden express… with the price of ammo, you
would not think this would be the case, with such great waste.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

You and me, and the IRS...

June 13, 2013
You and me, and the IRS…

Nothing makes any one of us shake in our shoes like the
mere mention of the IRS. Even before you open the envelope to see what they have to say, you are shaking in your shoes. 
Your heart starts to beat like a Gene Kupra drum.
Unless, of course, if it is a refund check.

So to me.. it was kind of funny that those who scream like a banshee over the tea party and such who were having such a bad time with the IRS… it is like, give me a break.. who hasn't?

*The IRS was started by Lincoln (a Republican) to cover the Civil War.
Then 7 years later it was done away with. Then at the turn of the century some wonderful people decided we need income tax for building up our military.. We hadn't even gotten into World War I.
And then it became the 16th Amendment.  Before that, the government got enough money to pay for everything from tariffs, tax on liquor and tobacco. And sugar.  Sugar? Why sugar, I wonder..

Anyway, the abuse of the IRS by Presidents and his people goes way back.. Franklin Roosevelt was one of them.. keeping tabs on newspaper publisher, Hearst and 
about 4 or 5 more influence people. 
Then of course, the biggest one was J. Edgar Hoover… and even Kennedy. All Democrats, you say.. 
Not so fast… The Republican did their share.
Nixon being the worse one, he even set up a special service staff, to do his dirty work.  He was even charged in the impeachment for “seeking confidential information contained in income tax returns, for purposes not authorized by law”   

So, for everyone to get upset about it now.. I find ironic… and where were all these righteous Republicans, when the common man goes in for an audit for the last 80 years?

Oh, by the way.. the young lady who was in front of the committee and said she wasn't going to answer any questions and walked out.. I wonder.
If a citizen was in the office of an examiner being drilled over their income and tax exempts.. decided to say to that examiner… Sir/Ma’am, I am not going to answer these questions, and walked out… how far would that
Citizen get?  Maybe home, but not for long…I think selling off assets and maybe jail time, might follow John Q. Citizen.  Oh, I read somewhere, they are trying to fire her….. and she refuses to go.  How does that work?

*info found on several online sites.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How we change

Ever notice how much you change your mind over the years. 
Your taste changes.  Some thing that were horrible to you before, now are acceptable. Some of it is environmental, we get desensitized.

But most of all is colors and food.

When I was a kid, I did not like liver, peas, black olives, brussels sprouts, chicken gizzards, heart, broccoli, and several other things. But now I eat brussels sprouts, broccoli, black olives, heart (not fond of it, but will eat it
without gagging)  I actually like black olives, and brussel sprouts, and broccoli.
But I still will NOT eat liver…  I will eat peas to be polite… but there is nothing that will get me to eat liver.

And when I was younger, I didn’t care for the colors of orange, purple, brown, And really did not like pink. I didn’t hate pink, but did not want to ever wear it.   
I like red, black, blue and loved green.. especially Kelly green.  Now I wear orange, peach color, and once in a while purple. More into the pastel shades,
But still like the bold too… still not fond of pink and avoid it as much as possible. I like maroon as well… Some colors you would never wear together.. pink and
red or orange.. and now they do.. not me.. but others do… Also a no no was blue and green…which I do like together..

So what colors would you not be caught dead in when you were younger, and now wear?  What foods did you refused to eat or your parents went thru hell to get you to eat, that you eat and enjoy now? 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Privacy...... you are joking.. right?

I laugh when people get upset about recent lack of privacy… I laugh not because it is funny.. But I have to ask where were these people were 15 years ago when 60 minutes did a story on the huge satellites  over in England, operated by the Brits, USA, France and I think Germany was the 4th one.  It told how it monitored phones and all media (this was before emails and Facebook) ..
That there was a long word list that triggered action… terrorist, bomb, guns and etc were, of course, top of the list.

Those who laughed at the book 1984 in the 1950’s, when it was written.. you have no idea how kindergarten that is in this day and age of electronics.  

Those of you on Facebook, do you really think your page is private? My page is as private as they will allow.. as I can get. No games, no new apps, or anything.  Anytime they ask for access to my page with friends list and photos, I say NO AND CANCEL.   Yet a trip to Hawaii three years ago and pictures I was tagged in, and ones I did.. brought me so much sideline bar ads on Hawaii, even who to vote for in case I moved there within a year. PRIVACY? Don’t make me laugh.

This is not a Democrat issue, this is not a Obama issue.. This has gone on for over 80 years or more. And as electronics get more advanced, the more open we are.  You can’t even walk in to a Walmart or any other store, that they don’t see you. Or walk down the street.  Remember you have seen on the news, criminals spotted thru these.

Can it be changed? I doubt it.. Greed and power always wins. Who can change it or try.. the young.  Surely, not this 73 old woman in Idaho. But if you can find people of fairness.. common sense  Maybe coming up teens, who will forgo power and greed for fairness. But consider how much lack of privacy they do,
I kind of doubt it.  

Kind of like the tea party that put a foot in the door… But they are so over their heads with righteousness.. No, we need those who are not about themselves but about country. But you aren’t going to find them.. the others will see to that.

Privacy?  Is always at the mercy of others.. be it government or friends or family

and even enemies. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sadness of Motherhood...

So many times I have heard people dismiss women who are mothers, because for what ever reason, they let their children live with the father.
Most don’t even know the circumstances.  A few know, but jump to a conclusion.. and have no idea what it is like.

There are a lot of women out there, who have gave up their wants and desires, to give that right to a child… or children.
No one, knows the pain that goes with that. Only one who has been thru it.

Even if the woman brought it on herself, that she lost her child or children, The scars are still there.  There are many reasons why.. some of them, especially in the past 15 years, has to do with drugs.  Before it was alcohol.

90% of the women who gave up their child, did it for the child… Know or hoping that the father or the grandparents can provide a better environment and possibilities for that child.   Sometimes it is the child that convinces the mother,
that things are better on the other side. The greatest love, is doing what is better for the child instead of what she wants.

Single mother’s know their limits. A lot of them stick it out, some out of stubbornness, making sure the father doesn’t get the children.. at any cost.
Some even making up stories of improper parenting of the father. Actually most times in a divorce it works both ways.. Never really thinking about the child and what is best for the child. And those who cut off the child from ever seeing their lost custody parent, have started a new kind of
Hell. They celebrate in winning… when the loser is the child.

(disclaimer: there are some very few parents who should never see their
child again.. such as the father who tried to get out of paying child support,
so set his son on fire…but these are very few)

I applaud those parents who have separated, divorced and still kept it civil for the children’s sake.. and always … have what is right for the child being the major concern.. putting their lives second.

But it always saddens me, to hear others dismiss the mothers who let go. Never understanding the hell they go thru.. questioning did they really do what was best for the child. Even the child themselves, don’t understand.
So those who make judgments, DON’T… until you have walked in those shoes yourself..  

And I hope and pray you never have to.   

Thursday, June 06, 2013


June 6, 2013

The other night, I sat down to watch tv with the King, and said You know, I am craving ice cream… Now I crave ice cream about once a year, if that.. just not real big on ice cream.. unless it is Pistachio, maybe.   He said, you know that does sound good.  Why don’t you go get us some.. I just got out of the shower and have pj’s and slippers on.

I figured, why not.. store is only a mile away.. I’ll go.  Which a mile isn’t far enough. Because on the way over, I had turn the craving from just ice cream to banana split.  Had I a longer way to go, I could have talked myself back down to two tiny ice cream paks.  You know the ones that sell for a $1 and have about the same as one scoop but with
out the cone.

I found 3 half pints of ice cream… a Rocky Road type for the King, and they had my favorite Pistachio and I got a cherry vanilla to round out the banana split.  Got the banana’s, swung around and got the chocolate stuff that stiffens up when it hits cold. Also there was low sugar butterscotch,
AND they had no calorie, no fat, no sugar caramel . (I wonder what is really in it)… and behind me was the refrigerator area.. so got whip cream bottle. Had cherries at home.

I headed to the cashier and put the things on the belt.  As the cashier is running it over the counter, I see just how much I do have. And then it starts to hit, all of the goodies.. and having second thoughts, as the person who is
trying to lose the 10 pounds she gained…. This is not the way to do this.
FINE.. WERE THE HELL was this person 10 minutes ago, as the items were flying in to the cart?    

Then I see another gal putting her things up on the belt…6 bags of chips, 3 dip cans, one 6 pak of beer and one 4 pack of hard cider coolers.
I smiled. I told her, that I thought we were the two worse ones to go get the supplies.  And smiled.
She looked at hers, and then looked at mine as they were bagging it.  I think you are right, she said.. it was suppose to be a bag of chips and a 6 pak of beer.
But they had several good chips and dips..    

Moral of the story…… never send the craver to the store to get the supplies.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

14 and counting...

Today is the King’s and mine 14th anniversary.  So 14 years married.
And 27 years together.  (I had to make sure it was going to last before I jumped into the marriage…lol)

This is a nice picture of him with one of our kids… #1 son… as #2 or #3 or #4, as I don’t use their names here) … which by the way, #1 turns 50 next month… geesh, these kids are getting old.

The King took on, not only a very opinionated woman with a strong head, but also gain 8 kids, and we are up to 22 grandchildren and about 13 great grandchildren now.  All who dearly love him.

I considered myself twice blessed. As my deceased husband was a blessing to me.. and then God was kind enough to find another man who would put up with
me.  A man who puts up with all my being a bitch, when I don’t like me.. yet he still loves me. Who treats me like a Queen, during those times…  He might frustrate me from time to time.. with his practical jokes, and pranks, and putting things off, but I tell you, it has been a great 14 years… and I wouldn't
 trade him for any one else.  I am one lucky gal…
THANKS, KING… may we grow old together gracefully….   

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Stupidity cost money.....

Normally I don’t touch anything in the King’s garage..
Oh, I will get a tool from time to time, but returning it right
away… something about men’s tools brings out the bear,
if it isn't return right to the exact spot it was.. (this does not
apply to women’s things when they borrow them, attested by
drinking glasses, scissors or baster for example)  

But the bigger things, I leave them alone.. that also includes
the big door. I will use the key to open the small door and hit
the pad for the big door to open. But never touch the wireless Key pad. Until Friday. 

I had a wheelbarrow of stuff to take out
of his garage to put into my garage freezer. Rather than go
back to the house and get the key, I figured I would save
myself some steps and just use the keypad. I remember him
saying that sometimes it takes two times of punching out the
numbers. So when it didn't open up, I tried it again. Then I saw a button on top, so figured that was maybe an enter button. So hit that. The door didn't open.. so I did it again… Still nothing. So walked back to the house, got the key, open the door with the wall pad.

The King came home and hit the buttons and nothing… I had screwed up the opener. Seems that I hit the program button, not enter. So got the book out and tried that.. things got  worse.  Door company closed on Friday. 

Today they arrived  when the King got home..  Have to admit, when I loused it up, I did a dandy job of it.. as he had a problem solving it as well. Seems that after 3 tries the automatic theft proof shuts down the computer. 
Long and short of it.. half an hour later, and $30 later, the
problem was solved.  Could have been worse.. if it had taken
an hour it would have been $70!!!!! I had to ask.. did you say $70 like in 7…0? Yep..  Thank you Ralph, for being quick and also teaching the King how to fix it next time.. but I can tell you it won’t be me… who did it.. walking to get the key is so much