Thursday, June 27, 2013

Soft Thursday....

It is after midnight...and I can't sleep... don't know why.. didn't drink coffee all day.. just in the morning..  So figured for today's blog.. I would do a soft one... Pictures around the
yard... The rain has everything blooming like crazy.. Kind of scares me.. because it is all blooming now.. what is going to be there for the rest of the summer. But the yard looks good.. And I have been mowing every 3 days.. Weed whacking every other mowing day.. Keeps me busy. Hope you enjoy the soft day... 

my daughter found this sign and bought it for me.... I thought
it was fitting to put it here..
 The baskets are doing well.... the King did them.
 The clematis is doing well.. there are 3 of them there. The red on the left, the big
light purple in the middle and the dark purple is starting on the right.
 here is the red up close
 This is how big this purple one is.. see my thumb.
 In the top picture, I bet you didn't see the hummingbird feeder in the vines. you might
have to click on the picture to make it bigger to see it.
 couple of my backyard signs I found at yard sales..You might have to enlarge them to
see what they say..
 the little girl, I found at a yard sale and she was grey stone.. the King painted her for me.
the pot was a surprise.. as I didn't know what was in it..but it had a few green leaves this
spring, so I water it. It was left over from last year... I had about 20 some odd baskets, so
didn't remember what it was.  Turn out great.
 Here are my other two girls.. I call the one in the corner my Portuguese gal.. and the other
is from my brother and sister in law.. she holds butterflies.. but she got beaten around
by the weather last year.. so she has lost her butterflies.  Have to find her some and glue them on
 The is the other clematis that we put by the house..(others are on garage) and also
two new ones on the left.. that are starting to take off.. one is a deep purple and the
other is suppose to be white.. we will see. The first years are weak..but next year should
be good for them.
 These are our start of privacy bushes.. they are 3 years old.. suppose to be 4 feet high
and wide.
 Up close of my Joseph's Coat Rose.. this is the young one.. they are climbers. Start out
with peach, and as it opens it turns pink and then red.
 My mother in law's favorite rose color.. pastel purple.. with my two yard art geese from
a yard sale.
 These are surprise.. because I planted my Easter lilies last year ... and these came up
this year.. sure don't look white to me.. but I love the color. .
 Surprisingly the driveway planters are surviving.. the weather usually beats them to death.
between the wind and the rain.. it is a 50/50 deal.. so far.. so good. Also the heat raises
cain with them too... no matter how much I water them.
 This is one of those tiny roses they sell at Mother Day time.. and usually die.. at least
for me they have in the past.. but this one has hung on for 5 years now.. I take it in the
garage in this pot for the winter and bring it back out in late spring.. and there it has a bud
 Most people call these weeds.. Johnny Jump ups... I love them.. and there is a few
buttercups mixed in there.. that I left for color.. I use to love butter cups.. until they took
over my WHOLE front lawn... and trying to take over my back yard too.
 There is Mr. and Mrs. Scarecrow, that I got at a yard sale for a buck..for the two.
 our fence and gate.. you have to enlarge the picture to see what the sign says.
Well, hope I didn't bore you.. like I said..this is a soft Thursday. 

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Rebecca Foster said...

I was searching for soft Thursday and what it meant and I found your blog post and your sign Nana's garden caught my eye because I am a soap maker and one of my soaps is called Nana's Garden. My email is SweetPeasoaps at so contact me and I'll send you a bar. Sincerely Rebecca