Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Love my flag

This might seem like a day late and a dollar short…
But then again, that is how my life rolls most of the time.

I love my flag.. it flows with the wind, in my front yard.
Those who are on my Facebook list, see it often.. I have
had at least 6 of them over the years as they get tattered
and torn in the winds we have.
We have it up 24/7/365…. And yes, there is a light on it at night.

I come from a family who loves their flag…I had an Uncle who
would go out each morning and raise his flag…and salute it.
And in the evening he would go back out.. salute it and then
take it down.  When he got sick, the neighbor came over after not seeing the flag raised for 3 days… and asked why. When he was told my Uncle was sick…he asked if he and his daughters could raise the flag for my Uncle….and they did, until the day he died.  I don’t know how long after they did it.

American’s love their flag… and that is why we get upset when people burn it…or some ask for us to put it away, as it might offend some people.  My thought is.. those people came to this country, for a reason.. to be safe and earn money. That Flag is what got them to be able to stay.  If it offends them, then maybe they should go back to their own country. Where they won’t be offended by it. Because you are in my country… 
and to be offended by our flag… well, you are offending me. 

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Also happy 53 to jgw. 

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Kay Dennison said...

I like our flag, too. My neighbor and I both fly our flags daily.