Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hero or Traitor

I don’t know the answer of what Edward Snowden is.
What I don’t understand is, how he had the job?

How did a man 29, who dropped out of high school...
Who did a class in computers at a community college.
Get the jobs he did.. he worked for Dell and then the CIA.
Doesn't say what he did for either. I just can’t believe that either one of them could have been a big job. Especially the
CIA.  Yet what ever he put in his resume, was enough to
get him into a job for a company that works with NSA.
And that is only the past year. Don’t they do background checks?

NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY… somehow, something seems wrong with this picture… that his young man was given access to such high priority Information with so little seniority……or did he steal it? Of course he stole it, to get it out of the building and to Hong Kong..
But I refer to stealing it as in, he never should have had access to that information and that much of it in the first place………something here just doesn't add up.  

The other thing is, I don’t understand the big surprise of the citizen that there is that kind of surveillance.  We have had wiretapping for almost a century. This is just more modern electronic wiretapping.

Also I have referred to a program before, put on by CBS 60 Minutes about 10 or 15 years ago… about the huge satellites in England, run by France, England and our country.. and I think German was the 4th one. This was way before I had a computer.. so before 1992? CBS reported about how the computers worked there. How they could listen to all of the telephones and other communications in the WORLD.. not just the USA… and the computer would pick up certain words.. .like bomb, terrorist, explosives and 
other key words.
So this is not big news that governments.. (not just ours) have been listen to us all for years.    

Have you ever watched the CBS program called Person of Interest?
If you haven’t …you should… of course it might scare the crap out of you… because if they have it on the show… and all the cameras we already know that are out there… don’t you think there is an ounce of truth to that show?

Now if they would only find out who calls me with 
"OUT OF AREA" on my caller id... since last November.
And I have no recourse unless I want to have the police
put a tap on my phone line (but this person doesn't 
say anything, so can't claim threaten call) or change my
number.. which I am not going to do... so it is just an
annoyance, like a fly buzzing around.. and with caller id
we just don't answer it. Now why can't they trace them.. lol

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