Thursday, March 31, 2016

I truly don't understand...

I was reading an article in yesterday's paper.
It was an article about the food bank and the
out going head person.

It told how it started and how they get the
food from donations from stores as well as
donations of funds so they can buy food.

One of the stories was about how the
backpack of food for weekends, for the
school kids.  Which I haven't been a fan
of.  But they were explaining why it was
started.  Seems there was a local school
nurse who talked to her and discussed the
fact that a couple of children came to school
on Monday's that were not in the best of shape.
Dizzy and etc..  And the nurse found out that
the children had not eaten since the Friday
afternoon before at lunch time.

As much as I would like to understand that, I
just can't.  What kind of parent lets their child
go from Friday afternoon's lunch to Monday
morning with out a meal.  Sorry, but that has
to be a pretty low base person or persons.

I even mention to a friend of mine. She said
she could understand, as she, in the 1950's
went to school hungry.  That they didn't have
enough to eat. But at least they ate daily.
2 to 3 meals. .maybe small but meals.  
I didn't say anything to my friend.. except I
was sorry that she had to go thru that. 
See I knew her father was in the bars all
the time, as she had talked about it many
times.  And her mother smoked.  Those
are some people who drive me nuts.
Because my kids came FIRST.  And yes, we
had some terrible years..  with lay offs and
strikes.  And yes, I stood in the commodity
lines for cheese, peanut butter, meat in a can
flour and sugar.  The strike gave us $25 a week,
so we had to depend on the commodities.

My second husband while laid off, ran a mechanic
shop, working on local's vehicles.  And we had
a time, when the kids had oatmeal for breakfast
and dinner and he and I ate pop corn. Needless
to say, I started banging on doors of those who
owed us money for repairs. Ended up getting
$600 of the $1, 000+ money on the books.
I then, put up a sign in the shop.. "we have an
agreement with the local bank...we promised
not to do loans on repairs, and they promised
not to work on auto's. so please be prepared to
pay for the repairs when you come to get your
car".    Then I had my husband give me the
keys to the autos when he finished them. And
they came to the house to get the keys. No
money, no keys.. Funny how they could come
up with the money. They called me what sounded
like witch, but I think it was with a B. I didn't

But my point is.. with all our kids.. we never
went with out 3 meals a day. Sure they might
not have been the best of meals.. but it was
something.  I would NEVER EVER let my
kids go without eating for 2 or 3 days. NEVER.
There is food banks, there are neighbors, there
are churches.. and I would swallow my pride
any day, all day.. to make sure my kids ate.

Maybe when the school finds this type of situations
the welfare office should work with the parents.. teach them
how to garden, fish, hunt, and help with
managing their money.  In these days of
Welfare... why should any child go with out
eating over a weekend?
I just don't understand. 


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

As we get older...we lose more...

As we are getting older, and this is just
as true of those of our parents and grandparents,
we lose people...

Our headlines read of the passing of the likes of
Patty Duke... and others.. that we spent our
childhood or young adult life with..

It is like a piece of us dies with them.. A piece of
our childhood.  Singers we sang in our cars with
or saw on American Bandstand.  And some times
those people's deaths come in 3. And it seems
like our childhood times are cracking apart.

But life marches on until the next piece falls off.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Come on Spring...

The weather report says starting Wednesday.
there will be warmer weather, even in the 60's.
I sure hope so... 

As there isn't much going on for now.. we are
in the stagnate area of between Easter and
Memorial Day...

There is the starting of the seeds for those of us
who have green houses.. and with the help of
a heater, they might have a chance of starting.

Seems like the year is started so soon.. this is
the end of March.. and bushes are budding.

I am really looking forward to working outside
as there isn't anything on television...but
Basketball March Madness. and the ship of
fools Republicans...   They keep lowering the
bar... and when you think they can't go any
lower, they seem to find a way to get it lowered.
I guess they didn't have an answers to the questions
of what are you going to do FOR our country and
how are you going to pay for it?

So it is sunshine, warm weather, seeds, boxes,

watering...oh, yes, I am so looking forward to this.  

Monday, March 28, 2016

I know life is not fair....this I know...but still....

I am old enough to know life is not fair.
I know the old saying of, the rich get richer
and the poor get more kids...

I was raised knowing I would never be wealthy.
Not even well off... I would be working for the
low end of the scale... and when they talk about
the low income and find out mine isn't even
that much.. for most of my life.
I always lived within my means.. always thinking
can I afford this, if I was on unemployment. If not
then I did without.  

Second hand stores have always been one of
my priority shopping centers.  When I had kids
it was a necessity.  New clothes were for Christmas
for replenishing school clothes.

And I never really minded as it was life and we were
happy. We had ourselves and friends.. the things that
really mattered.  As long as we had a roof over our
head and food for us to eat.. the bills paid.. we were
good.  We enjoyed outdoors, fishing and hunting..
camping out.  We didn't miss going on vacations.
This was life and we figured life was good. Maybe
that is when things got bad twice in the country,
we didn't notice, as we weren't high spenders in
the first place. You can't miss what you never had.

But I got to say, as I watch shows like 60 minutes,
with the towns in Virginia and West Virginia.. and I
know they are far from the only ones...that are so
poor with mines and etc. closing down and etc.
That they have a free clinic motorhome that
travels from town to town, giving free health care
to those who can't afford it.  Not even Obama
care.  They have food banks, that give enough
food to the families for a week. For those who's members
worked in the mines and got laid off a couple years ago. 
They tell how one woman who died since they broadcasted
the show.. and a  young man who died of diabetes
complications.   We know of all the families who
are living homeless in their cars...and the Vets.

So when you read about how Hilary Clinton gives
herself $250,000 salary while she is running for
President.. out of her campaign money (I didn't
know that was legal) and the millions AND
BILLIONS being spend on campaigns by ALL the

Well, it is just hard to understand.. It is hard to
understand, that hundreds of thousands are
spend just to print their name or say their name
on a television ad. Millions each, being spend to try to
get people to change their minds..........

while children go to bed hungry IN THE USA.
How the government.... Congress... demands
you find health insurance some how.. or you
will be fine..... while they sit there in Washington
DC... with the best, finest high ended health insurance
that you and I as tax payers are pay for.

Don't know about you....BUT..that is hard for me..  

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Amazing Trail of Local News...

In the old days, we had to wait for the newspaper
to be delivered to hear the local news..
If it was in the neighborhood, it would be said over
the fence like.... called gossip.

But in this day and age..all you have to do is
go to your computer or your cell phone...and
there is the latest and greatest or not.. news.

Case in point ... yesterday, we had a police
car spin around in the parking lot across the
street from us....with lights going aglow...
heading back out to the highway.
So we turn on the handheld police scanner I
bought about 30 years ago or more..
With the crackling of the air ways, we found
out there was a police chase. and heading
out Highway 95. 

And then the internet came alive.  One of 3
different Facebook pages, came a blow
by blow description of the chase, as it
went thru each neighborhood, down the
highway, with about 17 police cars coming
from everywhere. 

Slowly thru the evening, there was word,
of it being in a certain area.  And for those
who lived there.. to lock their doors.  Word
from posters, warning their friends...and
word of having your vehicles locks.. and
having a cell and your gun near by.

There was the Sandpoint Local Forum,
there was the Sandpoint Yardsale,
which serves as a notice of things going
on as well.. and then there was the
Sandpoint Police Department Facebook
page.  After a couple hours, pictures of
the fugitives, who allegedly stab some
one in Southern Idaho.  It was a couple
they were searching for. 

And then darkness, and the warnings still
staying... and as we all went to bed, no
word of the capture of them..  The area
they chose to run to.. as they left their
car behind... is woods, and mountain

It was amazing the flow of information.
With 99% being true... warning friends,
of the danger... friends asking if their
friends were safe in that area.. and
reassurance that they were.

We do live in a fast times.   

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


As I said before, I have never been to a
Democratic caucus before... it was sure

There was good rally together, as the two
groups sat in the middle of the room but
separate... and the Undecided sat slightly
behind.  Letting out howls when their
candidate's name was said.

It was an hour we waited.. after all we got
there early to get a reasonable parking space
as well as a chair... We got both..

Then they started.. naming the rules and
regulations... and talk of having speeches
that would be timed... And we were wishing
they had timed her's.. as she went on for
40 minutes.  Now I realize the rules and etc
take time.. but really.. 40 minutes. Then we
had to turn in our white sheet that we filled
out at the door.  They took those to count..
and then the speeches started.. Another
half hour spent... why they didn't hand out
the ballots, is beyond me...

Then more talk, and more talk... still no ballots.
We are heading to 7:30, as we have to sit thru
two more who state why they think Hillary is
a wonderful candidate and Bernie is a great
candidate... THEN they passed out the ballots.
With in 15 minutes they came and got them.

More waiting and talking.. Why they didn't
have the people talk about Hillary and Bernie
again.. while they counted, is beyond me.
They have them talk again, in case you have
a change of mine. And the uncertain ones,
might change their mind from the first vote.
Then the big news... Hillary 172... and
Bernie.. over 700, couldn't tell you how much
over 700, I don't know, as the yelling and
screaming of joy by the Bernie group, was
so loud and clothes being thrown in the air.

Then the second ballot was getting ready,
as the two talked about their candidate, again..
We are hitting 8:20pm.. they said this will
be faster yet..  AND then we will have
more speeches by the people who are
going to be the delegates who go to Boise.
They collected the second ballot.... you
know there is not going to be much of a
change...except maybe the uncertain picking
one (8:40pm.. still counting.) and talk of the
speeches coming up...

We looked at each other, she has to go 
to work and still a half hour drive home..
Told her.. let's go,  I could care less who
the delegates are going to be, besides
I doubted I even knew the people anyway.

So we went, we listen and listen and listen
and voted.. first ballot, second ballot.. and
feel they were so disorganized. why didn't
they have the white paper turn in when we
were heading to our seats? And give us
the empty ballots (they give all 3 of them to
you at one time).  And while they were tallying
why not have the speakers at that time?
Drew a 2 hour thing out to a 3 hour session
and 4 counting the being there when the
doors open.. 

The Republicans might have it bad, but at
least they have the primary right.. Walk
in, make your mark, read the results the
next day in the paper.. or on line.. Might
not be as much fun, but after awhile the
fun fades to boredom as you wait and wait
and wait...  Only highlight was the crowds
reaction to finding out that Bernie won
by a 7 to 1 vote.   Sad Hillary faces, thrilled

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Going to the circus tonight.....

Going to do something I have never done before

Today is the Democrat caucus...
I have never been to one before...
My daughter is going, so I figured, why not.

Now neither one of us is a Democrat.
But unlike the Republican party, the Democrats
like us unaffiliated ones... or at least let us

Now this is where it is one of those, you aren't
voting for someone, but against someone, at
least for us.  And we know we are blowing in
the wind...but at least we will feel like we did

I also look at it as a learning curve, to see
just how all this works..  because the Republican's
have a primary... so it is easy, just walk in..tell
them who you are.. (in our state, you have to
sell your soul and sign a paper that you are a
Republican for the day)... and then you go
make your mark.

With a caucus, from what I have been told,
it is kind of like a circus....  you sit or stand
in an area of the candidate you like or the
lesser of the 2 or 3 evils.. they count you..
and if they like the count, you get to go
home..  tale is, you count on a 2 hour deal.

Why do they have to make it so long and
hard... after all in my state.. there aren't
any real Democrats.. as everyone knows
we bleed RED... and they control us.. making
all the rules.. (see how the Republicans
have a closed primary)
So this ought to be interesting..

Monday, March 21, 2016

Storage Sheds....

We went over to check out my sister in laws
storage shed.. to see what we have gotten
ourselves into...  

Heck, easy peasy... it is only a walk in
closet size... we can do this..

Thankfully better heads than ours prevailed.
As we had two couples who volunteered
to help.. who also had pick up trucks.

We put the boxes of papers in ours.. as it
had a cover.. and then started to fill up
the first truck.. I say the first truck as it
ended up.. not only ours.. but BOTH
of the other two trucks..

With one in each truck to stack, and
the other 4 hauling out of the shed to
the truck.. it went fairly fast.. about
25 minutes.. but we all were saying,
how much is in this place anyway...

Then the job of going thru each box
of stuff...not counting the boxes of papers
to be done later... it took us 3 hours..
To decide what was good.. what went
to Goodwill, what was garbage, and
what some of us decided we wanted...
which was darn little.

By the time we got done.. the King
and I felt like we were 90... we hardly
could get out of the truck when we
went to dinner at our daughters...both
of us saying..OH, I AM SO TOO OLD 
FOR THIS... and the King mention something
about how we needed to adopt some kids.. lol...
OH, SO NOT.. at our age..

Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patrick Day....

So Happy St. Patrick Day to
all those who are Irish, and
to all those who want to be.

And there are a lot of those who
want to be.. even see the shirts,
"I am Italian, but today I am Irish".
or what ever nationality they are.
Some say nothing but enjoy the
joy of beer and partying.
The Irish are a proud group.
And full of laughter. But those
who know Irish history, know
there were a lot of bad times.
Hard times. But they are strong.

I can remember if we did not
wear green in school we got
pinched... something to do with
some King in England.  And
those who were brave enough
to wear orange, really got pinched
hard.  Something about that King
being the King of Orange.. what
ever that meant.  After googling
some of it.. seems his name was
William III also know William of
Orange, as he and wife were the
rulers over Scotland, Ireland as
well as England..  well, you can
go google it as it gets kind of
complicated.. as he was also
known as William, the silent and etc.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Guess I didn't want to..

Usually I come up with an idea the night before my post. 
But last night, I had nothing... and some days are like that. 
Guess I could have pulled from the past ... like I did in part
yesterday... But yesterdays was an answer to a question
someone had about my mother's horse, so thought it was
worth of a blog story. 

About a horse that was valued at nothing, and made a great 
deal out of himself in his life. 
Much like some people. 

Anyway, later I put the blog out of my mind, and
so had nothing to put here ... so you open to yesterdays

Some days... you just don't want to.. and guessing
to day is that day, for me.   
So get outside and enjoy the sunshine.. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The tale of HOLY SMOKE....

This post is pulling from another one
about a few years ago... but this time
just about the horse...

In 1950, my mother and a friend
went to a horse auction in New York.
Across came a dark grey tall horse.
17 hands. He was a steeplechase
jumper in Ireland. But he had some
damage done on the way over to
American on the ship. It effected
his breathing. So endurance races
were not going to be his suit anymore.
He went pretty cheap. I think she said
he cost her $100. Pretty low for a horse
of his experience. She was the only bid.
But no one was really interested in him as he was
damaged as they said. Should go to
the slaughter house, they said.. not any
good to anyone.. But my mother thought
other wise.. she was in love.

He was called Holy Smoke. Because
that is what Mom said when she saw him,
just as everyone else had, when they
approached him. My mother would
get up on the chicken coop jump when
she had to get on him by herself.
Otherwise, someone had to boost her on.

There was a 16+ year love affair with
Holy Smoke and Mom. She won
class after class. Year after year.
He did so well, I can remember
having to sleep in the barn before
a few show, with my girlfriend. They
were afraid someone might come
and give Smokey (as we called him)
a shot. Even through the money
was not really big in those day, the
prestige was.

Smokey was a sweetheart, he
could be ridden by a child, he was
so mild. A child could walk under
his tall legs, and never have to
worry about him stomping. He
was a baby. The only flaw that
Smokey had was he could not
eat green grass. Yep, he got
colic in a flash. We spend many
a nights walking him for hours.
Putting on the twist, so we
could get the meds down him.
Which was a dandy trick when
all he had to do is raise his head
and no one could reach him.
We would all take turns walking him
thru the night..

Holy Smoke won New England
Champion Jumper for 5 years
straight. He was a proud horse.
And when he entered the ring,
he came alive. Dancing as he got
ready for the jumps. He flew over
them with such ease.   Yep, for
a horse they thought should go to
the slaughter house, he did pretty

darn good.

Smokey died at the age of 28,
he was retired to Mom and Dad's

new farm.
He had a donkey for a pal. And
he seem to keep the young Hackney's
that the folks switched to in their 50's.
all in line, when they act up. He was the
old man of the new farm. They seem to
respect him.

He and Mom's ashes are buried
together on the farm. 

Monday, March 14, 2016


What is patience?  Some of the words are:
endurance ?  staying power?
lack of complaint ? persistence ?
fortitude? serenity?

Patience is waiting for your child to do a chore,
taking up to a half hour or an hour, to do what you
can do in 5 minutes.  Waiting for them to accomplish
something so hard for them, so easy for you... and
seeing the look of pride on their faces.

Patience is waiting for your elderly parent, putting
on a jacket, or their shoes, while you wait for them
to go with you, and not doing it for them. Making
sure you don't take their independence away from

Patience is waiting for a new clerk to get your order
done, when you know you are in a hurry, but
remembering your first day on a job.

Patience is remembering not every day is a good
day for everyone...and having the patience to get
thru the foul disposition of a worker who is waiting
on you.

And having patience with a situation, when you
want to scream.. PATIENCE BE DAMN, I WANT


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Family History....

It is amazing what you can find out on line...
There are several sites that you can go to., of course is the most famous
one.. That one has a fee...   but there are
others that have information, for free...  and
then there is the census. And even gravesites.

Thru the census, I learn that my grandfather
at the age of 36 was the President of the
company he worked for. While I knew that he
worked for them and started as a timekeeper,
later in life got to be the CEO... but didn't
know that at the age of 36 he was already
there.... I figured when he was 50 or more.

I also learn a few more relatives... and then
about several of the women who traveled
by themselves to England and such.

And the census also told of some of the trades
of the men...   women were 99% housewives.
One did own her own furniture store at the
turn of the century, in St. Louis, Mo. 

It was some pretty cool stuff there.. and believe
it or not.. there was not one horse thief there.
Although there was a horse trader.. nothing
about the honesty or not of him.  haha..

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Once again, Idaho in the headlines...

On Sunday, there was a shooting in the town 43 miles
south of us.  It was a Pastor.  Luckily for him, none of
the 6 gun shots were life threatening... And he will

Then on Tuesday night, word got to all of us, that
the man was caught.  And in all places.. Washington,
D.C. at the White House fence.   Throwing stuff
over the fence.

So once again, Idaho will make head lines..
How did this young man, drive
to Boise and boarded a plane to fly to Washington,
D.C.?  I bet some heads will roll in that airport. As
there was an all point bulletin out for him and his
car.   So the ball was dropped there, big time.

But the real story here, is once again.. it is a
mentally ill young man with a gun.  I don't know
if there was anything to flag this guy as a problem,
so he probably came across the gun legally.

One of the things said is, he was in the service,
but he was an airplane mechanic.. so did not see
combat.  And has been out of the service for 5 years.
So I don't see the service being a reason.. but there
is definitely a problem there.. and hopefully he
will get the help he so needs. 

And prayers for his family... The Pastor has a
whole load of people praying for him and his
family.... hopefully some of those prayers spill
over to the man's parents.. and even the
young man who is so tortured to think the

Pastor was an Martian.  

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Civility.....what happen to it?


synonym = same as
Civility = Politeness, Courtesy, Good manners, Graciousness,    Consideration, Respect

Oppose of civility is... rudeness    

One thing that these debates have showed us, is how low the bar
can go.... especially on the Republican side... Democrat side
Hillary is the one who will walk over the top of Bernie talking.
If it turns out to be Trump and Hillary at the national debate.. we
are in trouble. as it will be a yelling fest.   I personally think
the moderator or someone off stage.. should be able to cut the
sound to the mike of the aggressor..

What these people have showed us.. who ever speaks the
loudest, gets the most attention...... and bad attention is
good in their book.  Me.. I have always thought, who
ever it is.. national or in my own family, when one starts
to yell over the top of the other.. it means they are losing
the battle, and if they are louder, they will take back the
discussion that is turning into the shouting match. Which
louder does not mean more truth .

And God help us, when the person who gathers enough
electoral, goes over seas and doesn't like what the foreign
representative says. 

And the saying, I will be more Presidential when I win,
well if you keep sounding like you are in a bar brawl, you
just might not be in the office, if people find their common
sense again.  

What happen to subjects like, foreign policies, the economy
and how you plan to get more jobs here?  
When did we lower the bar to the candidates body parts?  Gag reflex. 

Monday, March 07, 2016

Here we are again... 11 years later...

This is how it all started out...

Funny has the 5th fell on a Saturday when i started this. 

March 5, 2005

Going to try this out... I am just a word tosser... but a lazy one... don't know if I have enough in my mind to do a daily blog. So don't expect much

First picture posted...   

and the rest was and is history....  

And the continuing question thru the years.. will I continue
for another year... I keep wondering if I have it in me.. yet
when I cut back or take off some time.. it seems something
comes up and I am back blogging again..  So we will see

if we make it to year 12..