Thursday, March 03, 2016

I don't have time for this....

I am talking generally and not immediately..
And not talking about politics.. but it could

I heard myself, saying these very words to my
husband a couple of days ago..  and then it really
hit me.. I really meant what I said...

See when you are younger, you think you will
live forever... when you become middle aged,
it flashes by your thoughts, that you are older,
but still have a lifetime to go.

After 60, you start thinking retirement.. pros and
cons... wanting to do the things you haven't gotten
around to, because you felt there is lots of time for

But when you hit 70, it is game change. Because
you know... you know for a fact.. the time is
starting to run out.  You start looking a family
history. Did your grandparents live a long time
for the days they were here.... after all late 50's
and 60's were the norm.  And then their is your
parents.. 60's and 70's was the norm.. are they
gone or are they still alive in their late 80's or
90's?   And of course reading the obits in the
paper gives you a great vastness of ages. 

But when you are heading to 76, and 75 was
a very good year.. you feel healthy.. but in
the back of your mind.. there is the solid facts,
that people died in their 70's.. the 80's and 90's
are the lucky ones.  Even with so many living
to 100...  So you stop thinking of a 20 year
warranty on that product you are buying..
You don't want a 5 year magazine subscription.
You don't want to sign up for any commitment
that your family is going to have to honor.
You find yourself, getting finances in order,...
just in case.  If you are really wise, you will start
that at 55. After all death doesn't always wait
until you are old.

Life comes up to your face and stares at you.
You think of death as a possible 5 years out...
but you know for a fact that, it could be tomorrow
or even today.. But no one has a guarantee, even
the young.. but you know yours is pushing the
But you still don't see any expiration date on your heel...
so you put it out of your mind and live life ....

hopefully to the fullest.

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Mari Meehan said...

You sure know how to cheer up an old lady!