Monday, March 28, 2016

I know life is not fair....this I know...but still....

I am old enough to know life is not fair.
I know the old saying of, the rich get richer
and the poor get more kids...

I was raised knowing I would never be wealthy.
Not even well off... I would be working for the
low end of the scale... and when they talk about
the low income and find out mine isn't even
that much.. for most of my life.
I always lived within my means.. always thinking
can I afford this, if I was on unemployment. If not
then I did without.  

Second hand stores have always been one of
my priority shopping centers.  When I had kids
it was a necessity.  New clothes were for Christmas
for replenishing school clothes.

And I never really minded as it was life and we were
happy. We had ourselves and friends.. the things that
really mattered.  As long as we had a roof over our
head and food for us to eat.. the bills paid.. we were
good.  We enjoyed outdoors, fishing and hunting..
camping out.  We didn't miss going on vacations.
This was life and we figured life was good. Maybe
that is when things got bad twice in the country,
we didn't notice, as we weren't high spenders in
the first place. You can't miss what you never had.

But I got to say, as I watch shows like 60 minutes,
with the towns in Virginia and West Virginia.. and I
know they are far from the only ones...that are so
poor with mines and etc. closing down and etc.
That they have a free clinic motorhome that
travels from town to town, giving free health care
to those who can't afford it.  Not even Obama
care.  They have food banks, that give enough
food to the families for a week. For those who's members
worked in the mines and got laid off a couple years ago. 
They tell how one woman who died since they broadcasted
the show.. and a  young man who died of diabetes
complications.   We know of all the families who
are living homeless in their cars...and the Vets.

So when you read about how Hilary Clinton gives
herself $250,000 salary while she is running for
President.. out of her campaign money (I didn't
know that was legal) and the millions AND
BILLIONS being spend on campaigns by ALL the

Well, it is just hard to understand.. It is hard to
understand, that hundreds of thousands are
spend just to print their name or say their name
on a television ad. Millions each, being spend to try to
get people to change their minds..........

while children go to bed hungry IN THE USA.
How the government.... Congress... demands
you find health insurance some how.. or you
will be fine..... while they sit there in Washington
DC... with the best, finest high ended health insurance
that you and I as tax payers are pay for.

Don't know about you....BUT..that is hard for me..  

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