Monday, March 21, 2016

Storage Sheds....

We went over to check out my sister in laws
storage shed.. to see what we have gotten
ourselves into...  

Heck, easy peasy... it is only a walk in
closet size... we can do this..

Thankfully better heads than ours prevailed.
As we had two couples who volunteered
to help.. who also had pick up trucks.

We put the boxes of papers in ours.. as it
had a cover.. and then started to fill up
the first truck.. I say the first truck as it
ended up.. not only ours.. but BOTH
of the other two trucks..

With one in each truck to stack, and
the other 4 hauling out of the shed to
the truck.. it went fairly fast.. about
25 minutes.. but we all were saying,
how much is in this place anyway...

Then the job of going thru each box
of stuff...not counting the boxes of papers
to be done later... it took us 3 hours..
To decide what was good.. what went
to Goodwill, what was garbage, and
what some of us decided we wanted...
which was darn little.

By the time we got done.. the King
and I felt like we were 90... we hardly
could get out of the truck when we
went to dinner at our daughters...both
of us saying..OH, I AM SO TOO OLD 
FOR THIS... and the King mention something
about how we needed to adopt some kids.. lol...
OH, SO NOT.. at our age..

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