Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Amazing Trail of Local News...

In the old days, we had to wait for the newspaper
to be delivered to hear the local news..
If it was in the neighborhood, it would be said over
the fence like.... called gossip.

But in this day and age..all you have to do is
go to your computer or your cell phone...and
there is the latest and greatest or not.. news.

Case in point ... yesterday, we had a police
car spin around in the parking lot across the
street from us....with lights going aglow...
heading back out to the highway.
So we turn on the handheld police scanner I
bought about 30 years ago or more..
With the crackling of the air ways, we found
out there was a police chase. and heading
out Highway 95. 

And then the internet came alive.  One of 3
different Facebook pages, came a blow
by blow description of the chase, as it
went thru each neighborhood, down the
highway, with about 17 police cars coming
from everywhere. 

Slowly thru the evening, there was word,
of it being in a certain area.  And for those
who lived there.. to lock their doors.  Word
from posters, warning their friends...and
word of having your vehicles locks.. and
having a cell and your gun near by.

There was the Sandpoint Local Forum,
there was the Sandpoint Yardsale,
which serves as a notice of things going
on as well.. and then there was the
Sandpoint Police Department Facebook
page.  After a couple hours, pictures of
the fugitives, who allegedly stab some
one in Southern Idaho.  It was a couple
they were searching for. 

And then darkness, and the warnings still
staying... and as we all went to bed, no
word of the capture of them..  The area
they chose to run to.. as they left their
car behind... is woods, and mountain

It was amazing the flow of information.
With 99% being true... warning friends,
of the danger... friends asking if their
friends were safe in that area.. and
reassurance that they were.

We do live in a fast times.   

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Marianne Love said...

I haven't yet gotten to my social media news sources this morning to find out if the police caught them, but my sisters had a front-row seat in watching the activity last night. Racetrack road is directly across the highway from their home on Center Valley Road.

Through cell phone magic, etc. we (Annie in Seattle and I in our house) talked Debbie into her house (Mother's) last night when she came home from a meeting. At one time Barbara was talking from their house, Debbie on her phone, Annie on her phone and I on our home phone AND cell phone.

Crazy stuff. Hope they caught 'em. This morning going to the barns out this way might be kinda scary.