Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patrick Day....

So Happy St. Patrick Day to
all those who are Irish, and
to all those who want to be.

And there are a lot of those who
want to be.. even see the shirts,
"I am Italian, but today I am Irish".
or what ever nationality they are.
Some say nothing but enjoy the
joy of beer and partying.
The Irish are a proud group.
And full of laughter. But those
who know Irish history, know
there were a lot of bad times.
Hard times. But they are strong.

I can remember if we did not
wear green in school we got
pinched... something to do with
some King in England.  And
those who were brave enough
to wear orange, really got pinched
hard.  Something about that King
being the King of Orange.. what
ever that meant.  After googling
some of it.. seems his name was
William III also know William of
Orange, as he and wife were the
rulers over Scotland, Ireland as
well as England..  well, you can
go google it as it gets kind of
complicated.. as he was also
known as William, the silent and etc.

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