Thursday, March 31, 2016

I truly don't understand...

I was reading an article in yesterday's paper.
It was an article about the food bank and the
out going head person.

It told how it started and how they get the
food from donations from stores as well as
donations of funds so they can buy food.

One of the stories was about how the
backpack of food for weekends, for the
school kids.  Which I haven't been a fan
of.  But they were explaining why it was
started.  Seems there was a local school
nurse who talked to her and discussed the
fact that a couple of children came to school
on Monday's that were not in the best of shape.
Dizzy and etc..  And the nurse found out that
the children had not eaten since the Friday
afternoon before at lunch time.

As much as I would like to understand that, I
just can't.  What kind of parent lets their child
go from Friday afternoon's lunch to Monday
morning with out a meal.  Sorry, but that has
to be a pretty low base person or persons.

I even mention to a friend of mine. She said
she could understand, as she, in the 1950's
went to school hungry.  That they didn't have
enough to eat. But at least they ate daily.
2 to 3 meals. .maybe small but meals.  
I didn't say anything to my friend.. except I
was sorry that she had to go thru that. 
See I knew her father was in the bars all
the time, as she had talked about it many
times.  And her mother smoked.  Those
are some people who drive me nuts.
Because my kids came FIRST.  And yes, we
had some terrible years..  with lay offs and
strikes.  And yes, I stood in the commodity
lines for cheese, peanut butter, meat in a can
flour and sugar.  The strike gave us $25 a week,
so we had to depend on the commodities.

My second husband while laid off, ran a mechanic
shop, working on local's vehicles.  And we had
a time, when the kids had oatmeal for breakfast
and dinner and he and I ate pop corn. Needless
to say, I started banging on doors of those who
owed us money for repairs. Ended up getting
$600 of the $1, 000+ money on the books.
I then, put up a sign in the shop.. "we have an
agreement with the local bank...we promised
not to do loans on repairs, and they promised
not to work on auto's. so please be prepared to
pay for the repairs when you come to get your
car".    Then I had my husband give me the
keys to the autos when he finished them. And
they came to the house to get the keys. No
money, no keys.. Funny how they could come
up with the money. They called me what sounded
like witch, but I think it was with a B. I didn't

But my point is.. with all our kids.. we never
went with out 3 meals a day. Sure they might
not have been the best of meals.. but it was
something.  I would NEVER EVER let my
kids go without eating for 2 or 3 days. NEVER.
There is food banks, there are neighbors, there
are churches.. and I would swallow my pride
any day, all day.. to make sure my kids ate.

Maybe when the school finds this type of situations
the welfare office should work with the parents.. teach them
how to garden, fish, hunt, and help with
managing their money.  In these days of
Welfare... why should any child go with out
eating over a weekend?
I just don't understand. 


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