Wednesday, March 23, 2016


As I said before, I have never been to a
Democratic caucus before... it was sure

There was good rally together, as the two
groups sat in the middle of the room but
separate... and the Undecided sat slightly
behind.  Letting out howls when their
candidate's name was said.

It was an hour we waited.. after all we got
there early to get a reasonable parking space
as well as a chair... We got both..

Then they started.. naming the rules and
regulations... and talk of having speeches
that would be timed... And we were wishing
they had timed her's.. as she went on for
40 minutes.  Now I realize the rules and etc
take time.. but really.. 40 minutes. Then we
had to turn in our white sheet that we filled
out at the door.  They took those to count..
and then the speeches started.. Another
half hour spent... why they didn't hand out
the ballots, is beyond me...

Then more talk, and more talk... still no ballots.
We are heading to 7:30, as we have to sit thru
two more who state why they think Hillary is
a wonderful candidate and Bernie is a great
candidate... THEN they passed out the ballots.
With in 15 minutes they came and got them.

More waiting and talking.. Why they didn't
have the people talk about Hillary and Bernie
again.. while they counted, is beyond me.
They have them talk again, in case you have
a change of mine. And the uncertain ones,
might change their mind from the first vote.
Then the big news... Hillary 172... and
Bernie.. over 700, couldn't tell you how much
over 700, I don't know, as the yelling and
screaming of joy by the Bernie group, was
so loud and clothes being thrown in the air.

Then the second ballot was getting ready,
as the two talked about their candidate, again..
We are hitting 8:20pm.. they said this will
be faster yet..  AND then we will have
more speeches by the people who are
going to be the delegates who go to Boise.
They collected the second ballot.... you
know there is not going to be much of a
change...except maybe the uncertain picking
one (8:40pm.. still counting.) and talk of the
speeches coming up...

We looked at each other, she has to go 
to work and still a half hour drive home..
Told her.. let's go,  I could care less who
the delegates are going to be, besides
I doubted I even knew the people anyway.

So we went, we listen and listen and listen
and voted.. first ballot, second ballot.. and
feel they were so disorganized. why didn't
they have the white paper turn in when we
were heading to our seats? And give us
the empty ballots (they give all 3 of them to
you at one time).  And while they were tallying
why not have the speakers at that time?
Drew a 2 hour thing out to a 3 hour session
and 4 counting the being there when the
doors open.. 

The Republicans might have it bad, but at
least they have the primary right.. Walk
in, make your mark, read the results the
next day in the paper.. or on line.. Might
not be as much fun, but after awhile the
fun fades to boredom as you wait and wait
and wait...  Only highlight was the crowds
reaction to finding out that Bernie won
by a 7 to 1 vote.   Sad Hillary faces, thrilled

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