Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Once again, Idaho in the headlines...

On Sunday, there was a shooting in the town 43 miles
south of us.  It was a Pastor.  Luckily for him, none of
the 6 gun shots were life threatening... And he will

Then on Tuesday night, word got to all of us, that
the man was caught.  And in all places.. Washington,
D.C. at the White House fence.   Throwing stuff
over the fence.

So once again, Idaho will make head lines..
How did this young man, drive
to Boise and boarded a plane to fly to Washington,
D.C.?  I bet some heads will roll in that airport. As
there was an all point bulletin out for him and his
car.   So the ball was dropped there, big time.

But the real story here, is once again.. it is a
mentally ill young man with a gun.  I don't know
if there was anything to flag this guy as a problem,
so he probably came across the gun legally.

One of the things said is, he was in the service,
but he was an airplane mechanic.. so did not see
combat.  And has been out of the service for 5 years.
So I don't see the service being a reason.. but there
is definitely a problem there.. and hopefully he
will get the help he so needs. 

And prayers for his family... The Pastor has a
whole load of people praying for him and his
family.... hopefully some of those prayers spill
over to the man's parents.. and even the
young man who is so tortured to think the

Pastor was an Martian.  

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