Monday, June 30, 2008

Saturday's work

Those are piles of weeds that I pulled on Saturday.

Misty decided to help out by pulling the weeds on her side

But I think the heat got to her, as she found a shaded part and laid down to sleep.

Now these little babies where the ones I was trying to keep. Sure wish they would grow where I wanted them to grow.

As you can see I was busy on Saturday
before the big heat wave hit. Although it
wasn't exactly cool either.

So I decided to do the short piece along the
fence next to the driveway. There are all kind
of wild violet that are growing there this year.
Which is odd as the King had sprayed well,
last year in that area, as we really don't want
anything growing. I put out pots there, but
we don't encourage flowers.

As you can see the violet which I think takes
after cats... does it's own thing. I have tried
over the years to put these in pots, or at least
put them in the flower garden. But they are
persistence about growing where they darn
well, want to. I never know from year to year,
where they are going to pop up or how many.
I have seen just one lonely one in the middle
of the lawn. Or two or three by rocks.. you just
never know.

As I sat on my cow stool... see way at the end. In the first picture..
I thinking about how the King had said ...
"Men's work outside... women's work inside"
remark. Then why was I outside doing the weeding?
Maybe he has had a change of heart about that.
Ever since I told him, if women's work was inside,
then that meant he couldn't use my kitchen. And
that man does love to cook. Guess he has changed
his mind.

Friday, June 27, 2008

I found a new blogger...

Every so often one gets to meet people
thru their blogs. I meet Dogwalking Musing
and Cats of the Piney Woods that way.
Got to meet them in real life too.

This week I got to meet another, but
doubt I will get to see her face to face.
As she lives in Australia. She visited
my blog and left a message for me. So
I went to check hers out.

What a wonderful surprise. First of all,
I am not a fan of poetry. Very rare that
I find them interesting. Toni, who is the
staff for the girls over on Piney Woods Cats,
is one of those. And so is Rinkly Rimes.

So you see there is a new name on my
list of bloggers. She actually has two
blogs. The other is more pictures.
But Rinkly Rimes has wonderful tales
to tell in verse... and she is a very
interesting lady.. So here you are
Senior Stuff:Rinkly Rimes... and music too.

So go, and enjoy.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


We hear that the Saudi's are going to send 200,000
more barrels of oil per day. That has a lot of people
excited. And no, gas hasn't gone down because of it.

My question is... kind of the same if we pump oil out
of Alaska or where ever else we can get it within the
USA, that isn't going to be such a big deal.

Why not you ask? Well, have you heard about how
the guys who work at the refinery, are standing around
waiting for oil to come in so they can process it?
Neither have I.

We have old refineries still working. The oil companies
haven't updated or replaced any of them. Until one blows
up. Doesn't it make sense to build more refineries?

So until the guys are standing around waiting for oil to
come in to be processed... then I guess I won't get too
Now if they talk about how they are going to build more
refineries, then I will be excited. And they better hurry.
It takes years to build and get on line.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Lottery Money

After today, I have decided what I
want to do with my lottery money.
That is, if I ever win. But I have trouble
with that, because I keep forgetting
to buy the tickets. The King does often,
but I think even he is giving up on it.

I have decided that I want to buy a lawn.
You know one of those that they roll on
to the yard. And I also want to have roll on
flower beds. Supposedly they never get weeds.
Because the roll on deal is weed less.

I spent 4 hours today, weed whacking my
yard. And most of it weeding my flower bed.
I should kind of, revise that wording. I was
deflowering my weed bed.

I have found out that if it comes out
easy.... it was my flowers... If it came
out like tug of war, with roots to China,
then it was a weed.

My friend gave me gobs of seeds from her
flower bed last fall. I had the King dig up and
retill it last fall and again this spring. And
then I walked down the row, flowing seeds
like Johnny Appleseed. Luckily you all
have apple trees, he must have done
it better than I. As I only see 8 for sure
flower plants, and 12 maybes. You see they
kind of look like carrot tops to me, but they
aren't carrots. But they weren't blade grass either.

Then there are the beautiful yellow flowers on
the lawn. And just about every where else too.
No, I am not talking about dandelions. The nice
thing about them is, they come, and then with
in a couple weeks they are gone.

Not these. Now, you got to understand, the
King wanted to kill these, but nooooooooo.
I wanted them. With memories of my
childhood in mind, I protested. Remember.
How do you know if you like butter? Do you
remember that as a kid? Hold the flower
under your chin, if it reflects yellow, you
love butter?

Yes, buttercups, is the flower... the flower/
weed from hell. What started as 2 feet by 2 feet
area, has turn into the fields of buttercups on
our lawns, in our flower beds, heading for the
veggie garden...

You know, I think I will sit under the gazebo
sipping lemonade, as my gardener takes
care of my yard...yes, that does seem a
lot better.... now if I can just train myself
to buy the dang lotto ticket.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Going to the dump....

Remember when you were a kid, and
you and one of your parents would make
a dump run? Usually it was your dad.

My brother and I would always want to go
with dad. See going with Mom, was kind of
boring. We get there, throw out the garbage
and off we go...

But with Dad. Well, he would have loved
garage sales.. because we came back
with about a 1/3rd of a truck full, from
a truck full of what we took down there.
We got to salvage for hours.

My kids loved it to. It was a great source
for bike parts and go carts. Especially the
cart they found that was all together except
for one wheel. Marv fixed that. That cart
was dragged up the Honda hills (Honda
at that time was a small motorcycle so
it was used on these old coal piles). It would
take the kids 15 minutes to drag it up,
and 4 seconds to come down. Kept the
kids busy for hours. I could keep an
eye out for them, from the back door.

Only flaw was the steering wheel would
come off. One time #2 son talked
#1 son into letting him drive down,
and foolishly #1 son decided to
ride to make sure the #2 son didn't
wreck it. Which was almost his demise.

When he was gripping about how the
younger one was driving, the younger one
handed back the steering wheel and told
him, well you steer it. The front wheel hit a
rut, turning the cart sideways and it rolled
the rest of the way down. I made tough kids.

Now days, everything is either recycled or
buried. And we do have our famous
Colburn/Culver Mall. But when wood or metal
come in, in any form... it is not recycled to
people. The King sat there in horror as he watched
a riding lawn mower, he had just started with 3 pulls,
picked up by a claw and smashed and thrown into
the pile of metal. He asked why couldn't he had
purchase it...Nope, policy says... And this past
weekend he saw the same thing happen to 3 large
sheets of plywood.

Make a grown man cry. So many people could have
used both of those. Ah, the good old days, when they
would only burn the dump once a month. All other days
were free for all.. Literally.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Giving and Getting...

This is what it looks like now... (this is only one of the buildings)

This is what it use to look like....

There were so many involved with this project. And everyone agrees... we got

more than we gave... the fun, the laughter, the camaraderie for all.

Like they use to say on the program... A Team... don't you just love it when

the whole plan comes together.

Friday, June 20, 2008

When a Village helps out....

Anyone who has ever did volunteer work,
has found that they get more than they give.

Especially when it is a friend. So when some
one who we all love dearly, who isn't too well,
wished his house was painted this year...
A large group, got together, planned,
organized, and directed the work to be

These couple of days and two more to go, a
bunch of people have been in and out doing
work. Some return everyday, some could
only do a day or two. Some cook food because
they couldn't work, or can't paint and scrape.

There was fun, laughter, and great workmanship
among all. No egos involved. Everyone with the
good of the project in mind only.
And everyone went home each day,tired...
but the smile on the recipient... was worth
every minute of the day.

This is the woman who did the organizing, and the lead man

Part of the crew doing 3 levels of the wall

This is Paul, that smile made it all worthwhile... he was our sidewalk Supervisor

Coming down from painting the 3rd level

Crew of day 1

Crew of day 2
Lunch provided by Margaret and Helen...

And we are heading out for day

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Pets are funny and fun. We are lucky
that we have a cat named Rokon and
what we jokingly call, a catdog, (Doxie)
named Misty. They have showed up
here on the blog from time to time.
Usually on weekends.

We decided the easiest way to wash
Misty, is to take her in the shower with
us. After all, we are going to get wet one
way or the other.

This is a ritual that we go thru once a
week unless she needs it more. She loves
to roll in some God forsaken odor. So
sometimes it is more.

Usually it is the King who does her. So I
pick her up, take her into the bathroom,
and hand her to him. Well, that is the principal.
As she looks like one of those cartoons of cats,
where all 4 legs are spread, and if she could
catch the sides of the door of the shower, she
would brace herself, not to go in. Being she is
a miniature, she loses and I win.

After the King is ready, I come in with a warm
towel and take her to dry her. Now that part
she likes.

Tonight, I figured I would do Rokon. Now I have
never ventured the shower with Rokon. I usually
do her in the sink. But she has gotten so big, I
figured I would try the shower.

Now you have to be crafter with cats. They aren't
as trusting as dogs are. So I put her in the bathroom
and let her roam around like she usually does.
She likes to pull open the sink's lower cabinets.

After she got comfortable and I got ready for my
shower, I picked her up, which is quite a chore,
now that she has put on about 10 pounds. I jumped
into the shower and closed the door before she knew
what was up. And I put her on the floor of the shower
quick. My mother did not raise any fools.

I turn on the water, and all hell broke loose. Do you
know that a cat can climb a glass wall? Well, Rokon
can. Then came the guttural growls. Which brought
Misty to the door, wondering what demon was in the

Long and short of it, I shampooed and rinse her off.
Well, not quite as quick as that. You know about the
greased pig, well, a soapy wet cat isn't much better.
After I rinsed her off the second time, she was starting
to calm down. I squeezed as much water off as I could
and open the door. She shot out like she was a bullet.
I knocked on the wall, and the King came to see what
Misty was crying about and what I wanted.

He open the door a little, and said, Oh, shit. I told him to
shut the other doors so Rokon couldn't get into the bedroom
and under the bed. And to bring a towel. So he picked
her up with a towel and went off.

Now the strange part. Misty stayed behind and sat by
the shower door. So I open the door to the shower and
SHE WALKED IN. I am not kidding. I couldn't believe it.
This dog who fights showers, walks in. Sits down, and looks
up as if to say, WELL.......
She sat there while I shampooed her, and rinse her,
and then the King brought in a warm towel, and off she
Now she is dry, and terrorizing the cat. She runs back and
forth, the cat up on a chair, swipes at her, and Misty barks,
and her ears flopping, torments the cat. Rokon, looks down
at her, like .. it is all your fault, you fool dog.

Pets... like kids sure are funny.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some people have too much time on their hands

Watched Good Morning America this morning.
Learn that they are doing make overs...
Little red paint here, and there on the limbs.
And the male thinks he is hot stuff...and so
does his lady friends....

Now you are thinking about what male would
stand to having red paint put on himself and
why would he think he was hot stuff and his
lady friends too... well it is the robin. Yes, folks
some one with way too much time on their
hands thought this up. And the male robin,
with non toxic red paint on the tips of his
wings... thinks he is one macho guy... and
his females thinks so...

Please tell me that my tax money did not
go into this experiment.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Get your camera and.....

The King called about half an hour ago... Yelling in the phone,
get your camera and get down to the airport, I have got a story
for you, for your blog...

And this is what I found... Last night about dusk, around 9:30 p.m.
the pilot, Jan and his wife were taxi-ing down the landing strip. When
all a sudden thud... they didn't even see the deer coming at them in the
tall grass.. that is near the strip. The impact spun the plane around and
into the fence.

Luckily they were able to get out and walk away. This morning, Jan
was looking it over, when we arrived.
With it being dusk, he didn't see how damaged it was. It really surprised
him how bad it was. He restores old airplanes, but I think this is going
to be a parts plane now..

Hopefully the airport will mow the hay that is next to the air strip.
But with the city and county arguing over who has district over it,
it may take a while.

Listening to political talk shows

Over the years, I have been more aware, politically.
And this time around with the Presidential choices,
I have really been aware... I have read more articles
on the different candidates when they got down to
the last two on each side.

I have been listening to national radio talk shows
as well some television shows. So far I have not
been able to find one that comes in local here,
that is of the Democratic persuasion. There sure
are a lot of Republican ones though.

And I don't mind listening to them. Because I
want to hear all sides, not just the side I seem
to have chosen this time around. I want to see
if they can change my mind... or at least give
me something to really think about.

But all I hear is anger. Making mountains out
of molehills. Even using bywords like the middle
name of Barack. That has been so old and beaten
down, you would think they would come up with
something better. They seem to like to beat the
same old rug. Nothing new..And definitely rarely
about the real issues. All surface stuff.

So I have gave up on them, they haven't changed
my mind with their ranting. Their chicken little
attitude. They don't seem to like their own
candidate very well either. I wonder what they
are afraid of? One usually gets angry when one
doesn't understand or fears the issue.

Also maybe they could use a little advice. The
same I tell the King when he starts yelling at
the grandson. When you start yelling, no one
is listening.. You get way further and keep the
attention of the people, if you just state the
facts, without raising your voice.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sometimes we forget to look around....

You know we complain a lot...
about everything. We complain about
the weather, we complain about politicians.
Which the last one is kind of ironic.. as
we are the ones who put them in. Well,
(smile) you all do... I vote for the losers,
I guess.

But today, was Father's day. And we
went to church. Being we live near our
church, we walked. It was a nice walk.
One of our neighbors goes to our church
so we walked with her and her two children.

But as the King and I walked back home, I
looked around. The trees are a wonderful
deep green. The sky was so made
the clouds, that were few and far between,
look starch white. The mountains looked
green with trees and grey with stone,
with white tops...

You know, we are lucky to live in such a
wonderful place. Not just the state, but
this town as well... Sometimes we forget
that in our griping about our lives.

Gas is high, so no travelling, products are
high because of transportation, our money
supply is low...but we have our health, we
have each other, and life is good.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the young and
old of men.

Fathers have changed a lot since I had a
dad. My Dad was a great dad for the times.
And I was a Daddy's girl.

But fathers of today... at least 85% or more
are greatly involved with their children. From
just taking care of them, to changing diapers,
to being stay at home dads. I find this wonderful.

Because my father's generation and my husband's
generation, that was not true at all. They figured for
the most part, that if they were hard workers, paid
for everything the family needed, was sitting at the
table each night... that was a good father. And
maybe, an occasional trip.

But I am glad to see that is no longer true. Dad's
are very much involved. It is not unusual to see
a dad with kids at the store, even with a stroller.

Unfortunately, Dad's get a bad press because the
one's who get in the press are low life scum. The
one's who beat their children, or sexual abuse.

But for every one of them, there are 10 great ones
out there, that Father's day is the only day they
seem to get the credit they so richly deserve.

The father who go the extra mile. The fathers who
are left behind to raise the children, left behind by
wives of cancer or some other death. And these
men step up to the plate very majorly. Not handing
off to grandmother's and aunt's like the ones of the
past. It was rare that the father kept the kids.

So Happy Father's Day to the fathers who stayed
for the long haul. The faithfully man who is both
mom and dad. The man who loves his wife and
children more than his job. And doesn't mind one
bit doing his fair share of the raising of the kids.
And the step dad, that you can't tell is a step dad.

Happy Father's Day, guy!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I must be crazy...

I write this blog daily. Well, almost.
I write it Monday thru Friday. I do
take off holidays and the weekends.

And once in a blue moon I will take a
fishing day off. After all, anyday fishing
is better than other days. Even if you
don't catch anything. Most people,
non fishing people, don't get that.

But the beauty of the lakes, streams,
rivers, and the surrounding trees, and
mountains can smooth out any stress
you have.

One time many years ago, when I was
working.. I was suppose to do at least
2 hours of inservices. On different subjects.
Doing at least 24 hours a year. One time
they had one on stress. And I got into
trouble because I didn't show up for the
only one they were going to do on STRESS!.
I told them I went fishing, and that took care
of any stress they could hand out in that
building. And it did and does.

So why do I think I am crazy? Because I
blog, I post 5 days a week... I feel the pull
to do it, even when I couldn't think of a
thing to write. And why do I do this?

This is the crazy part. I do this each day,
for no pay, and very little readership. I have
probably 20 fairly steady readers. On a good
day I can get up to 30.

So isn't that insane? No pay, small readership,
and no high praises. Even the comments are few
and far between.. So why do I do this?

For the fun of it..... and I have said many times before,
when the fun goes out of it.... I will close shop and
go fishing forever. Fly fishing anyone?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tell me, but don't tell me.....

I really get frustrated with people
when they argue about candidates.
When they talk about issues, I am
fine. But when they use names, it
gets to me.

Tell me that you don't like my candidate
because he is not going to do well with
the economy. And why you think that is
so. Not just because.

Tell me he hasn't had enough experience,
because he is too young. And who was
similar and did not do a good job because
he was also inexperienced. And what ones
who had a lot of experience and did it right.

And I will tell you of others who had
a lot of experience and were horrible.
And I promise you, I won't tell you that
yours isn't going to do a good job because
he is too old.

Tell me that you don't think he will be able
to handle foreign polices and why you don't
think he will.

And remember there are cabinet department
heads that (yours and mine) will chose and
they will be advisors as well as handling such

BUT please don't tell me, you won't vote for
the one I will vote for because you don't like
his name. Does that mean if your's middle
name is Adolf, you will not vote for him, even
if according to you, he is the best all around
person to be President?

Please do not tell me that you won't vote
for him, because he is a MUSLIN. Even
though, you have seen it over and over and
over that he is a Baptist. His ex-minister has
been on television enough times. And his church
has been mention enough times.

Please don't tell me because his father was
a Muslin that you aren't going to vote for him.
How many German ancestors have we had in
different Presidents and not once was it mention
that Hitler was their leader.

Please don't tell me you won't vote for him,
because he isn't patriotic enough, because
he doesn't wear a flag on his suit or clothing
all the time. Because, then I will have to ask
you where is your flag on your clothing. Because
99% of the people who I have heard say that lame
excuse...did not have a flag on their clothing at the

Please don't tell me these things, because it
just weakens my thoughts of your argument.
And I can't take you seriously enough.
It almost makes me think that you are a
subconsciously a racist. Because these are
so lame of excuses. Why else would you list

So tell me the real reason why you can't vote
for the guy I like. And I will tell you the reason
why I won't vote for yours. And it will not be
because he is older, it is not because I think
when he stumbled over words, I thought he
was heading for dementia.

So if you tell me good reasons of issues
of why yours is so much better than mine,
I will listen....who knows, you might even
change my mind. Or I might change yours.

And to be quite honest with you, both
of these men are good men. Just I don't like
the policies of one of them.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lovely Weather we are having....

Aren't you loving this weather? I
am. It is wonderful.

Ah, you say, she has finally lost it.
The windy wet weather has warped
her mind.

But on the set of mind of, the glass
is half full, instead of half empty, you
got to admit, our weather here is

Still not convinced? Ok. So would
you trade this wet, windy and colder
weather (44 degrees nights and 55
days) for say... the tornadoes of the
mid-west? I thought not.

How about trading it for the 100 to
110 degrees of the East Coast?
You might have waivered there for
a second....but memories of last
July of 99 degrees here... should
convince you, no, you really don't want
to trade. After all we thought we had
gone literally to hell last summer as
we all baked and hid in our shades
pulled, air conditioners going full
blast, homes.

So now, as I was saying, isn't it
lovely out? Rain for our garden,
that we finally got to put in. Windy,
so we aren't having flooding lawns.
And cold, so we can put another
sweater on. Because come summer
there is just so much you can take
off. At least to be decent about it, that is.

So quit your whining... We whined last
summer because it was so hot, we thought
we were in hell. Then we whined because
there was so much snow and it snowed
so long into the season... and now we
are whining because it is wet, windy and

Ok, ok, so I regret putting my winter pj's
away for the summer and I am wearing
my winter coat when I go outside...but
still...It is lovely weather

Monday, June 09, 2008

Time in a bottle....

I was watching Andy Rooney on television and
he did a piece on watches... and how many
we gather.

I have to agree that we do collect. I know some
where in my drawers there is a Mickey Mouse
watch with a leather band. And there is a watch
that my grandson gave me years ago...when you
push the button, it says... a baby gotta do, what
a baby gotta do. It is blue. Some where there
is one with an American flag, and then there are
the usual ones. I think, I also have in my jewelry box
a watch that belonged to my grandmother. That
one has jewels in it. But it doesn't work anymore.

Since retiring I have used the house clocks,
television (there is a time thing at the bottom
of the screen sometimes) on ABC. Clocks in
the car. But I don't wear a watch anymore.
And none of the say the same time.

I had to wear one, when I was working, as that was part
of my equipment. Need it to take pulse and etc.
Funny, how we don't really need a wrist watch
anymore. Always make it to the appt. I make.
Just that it is morning, or night, the rest takes
care of itself anymore. There always seems
to be a clock some where.

Friday, June 06, 2008

As the Pendulum Swings

Remember I said while the President has
power, but it isn't anywhere as much as
your local Congressman? That we should
fear what we are getting in our Congress?

You already heard about the Polar Bear being
put on the list of endangered species. Not because
they are lowering in population, but because they
COULD if the global warming continues. Even when
some didn't see it that way, it still went thru. With
the help of our ex Governor, who is in Washington,Dc.
as a Cabinet member or something. He is the guy
who stuck us with the ugly quarter to represent our

Anyway, have you heard of the Cap and Trade Bill?*&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&um=1&hl=en&sa=X&oi=news_group&resnum=1&ct=title
Will give you a little bit to think about... a bill that was almost
under the radar. But as the public became more aware of it
in the past week or so... it ended up, pulled. Pulled means
they will take it back and refine it so it is more palatable.
It is also called the 2008 Climate Security Act. I underlined
Security, because that seems to be the buzz word to scare
the daylights out of us, so we will want things.

Because they are throwing all kinds of things up to scare us
into wanting these things, it sends up my radar that I developed
30 years ago, after reading the book called "Looking out for #1.
Who is coming up with this? Who has money gains by this?
Who is the committee and what real facts do they have? And
don't tell me it is some movie star. I am not saying movie stars
are dumb. Some are very intelligent, but they are not scientist.
And besides it is hard to believe them as they run around in
their SUV's and jet planes and etc.

Bush was going to veto this bill, by the way. I don't know why?
Is it because it is against his oil companies? Or maybe, just
maybe, someone told him the truth of the bill.

So, watch your congress person. After all, they already passed
a bill with the price tag of over a trillion dollars for global warming.
I hope they can't find the money to spend on it, just like they
didn't find the money to spend on No child left behind. And a
few others.

Every time they come up with a chicken little attitude it makes
me wonder... what is behind the story..

Thursday, June 05, 2008

more Bits and Pieces

I was watching the news. It seems that
Ed McMahon is facing what others are facing,
foreclosure of his home. The difference is, the
other home owners weren't worth over 4 million
dollars. And they aren't asking 6 million for their
homes. I don't care if it was worth it in the
beginning.. but when you are over $600,000
in arrears, it is time to get real. He has been
trying to sell it for 2 years. And yes, Brittney
lives there too.. well he is getting free advertising
now.. Sorry, as nice as Mr. McMahon is.. I have
a hard time feeling bad.

Last night for some reason CBS came thru
on the antenna, enough to watch. So we
were watching one of the CSI's program.
Now we haven't watched CBS for almost
2 years. So what are the odds? As it was
a repeat, AND it was one we saw before.

Well, the cat is knocking on the door, and
the sunshine is calling... hope you all have
a good day...

20 years together, 9 years married today.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What is up next?

It is all over but the shouting,
I mean, the concession.

But now we head into the really
dirty politics. Not only the
Republican party itself, has shown
over the years, how dirty politics
can be...... But John McCain has
been the butt of that dirty politics
and has learn well. So if he remembers
half of the mud slinged at him, this
will be bloody.

As you know I was and not a Hillary fan.
But I have to give her ...her due. She fought
a long and hard battle. She never folded,
as much as the good old boy system would
have liked.

Even now she is having a hard
time of saying the words. And if she had
left Bill in the closet, (with the public's
love/hate relationship of him, it wasn't
good to have him involved) and really showed
that she had the class that Obama had, with
no low blows, she might have pulled it off.
If she had shown it was for the country and
not her, that it wasn't just for the 30 year old
plan that she and Bill had, she might have
pulled it off.

Now what happens to her? A VP? I surely
hope not. Obama doesn't need two VP's,
and she has showed that Bill comes with
the package, no matter how she protest.
A Cabinet position? Yes, that would be
good, if it was the health department.
Let's see how she can make good of her
promise of better health coverage for all
of us, of all ages.

But if I was Hillary, I would want to stay
where I am. To me, the job of a Senator
is far more powerful than the face jobs
of the Administration. Names like
Sam Rayburn, Johnson, Tip O'Neil, Kennedy,
and so many before them... the backroom
politics of the pass, was far more powerful,
for far more years (some as long as 30)
than a 4 to 8 year President. If power
is where you want to be... then Congress
is your game.

So hang on to your hats, Ladies and Gentlemen,
the next 5 months are going to be hell in the
political game. And we will see if nice guys do
end up last? Because so far, Obama has showed
class. Even being a gentleman, of Teddy's Roosevelt's
iron hand with velvet glove thoughts.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Are you a Team Player

With the new book out by the press corp.
of the White House... people are wondering
why he didn't blow the whistle earlier. If he was
so disturbed by things, why didn't he step up
to the plate. Even one of his bosses said the
said the same. I can tell you why... the word
is team player.

Administration in no matter what business, be
it government or any other kind of business,
the buzz word is Team Player.

When ever they want to praise someone of
corporate, just tell them how wonderful of a
job they are doing, and how much of a "team
player" they are.

Want to bring in a questionable employee?
Just tell them how disappointed you are in
them. That they just aren't a "team player".

Team player, no one wants to be told they
aren't a team player. Especially in the
back biting world, of stepping on others,
corporate companies. Be you the sales
person with a district, department head of
any office that you want to advance in,

Sorry, Bob, but we put Bill in that position
because we feel he is a "team player".
Meaning he kissed enough rears, gave enough
gifts, had a wife who was a team player, and never
ever question company policies... and
etc. And Bob wasn't

Were you a "TEAM PLAYER"? I am afraid
I wasn't, as I did ask questions when things
didn't seem right. Even got fired for it.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Is it me?

Is it me or are the movies getting more violent?
I can't hardly look at the commercials for them.

I can recall reading somewhere, that the more
violent the movies are, the happier people are..
and the more comical they are, the sadder we
are, as a public.

I can't buy into that. First of all, movies are run by
movie makers, not the public. And they are filmed
a year or so before we get to see them. I understand
the deal that, Hollywood makes more of what we
go to the theater to see, or buy DVD's, but still.

Is it me, am I too old fashion? But what about some
of these shows on television. The one about truth.
Why would anyone in their right mind go on and be
asked questions (they are told they could be asked
this questions) to embarrass themselves and tick off
their spouse or parent? It can't be worth that kind
of money. Same with Wife Swap and now the new
show called Swingers. Swingers was a disgusting
group of people in the 70's, why in heavens name,
would anyone want to watch it on television.

Thank goodness, for Netflix and us being the
people who can chose what to watch.