Sunday, October 31, 2010


I had the King take me to work on that day...but he wouldn't let me wear the head as
we drove as he didn't want to scare and then he let me out 2 blocks
away from work...

The worse one at work was the year before...on the day that my partner and I (without telling the other) wore clown outfits and makeup.... and we had to sign in a 80+ lady who was going
to live with us for 2 weeks while her family went on vacation. Can you imagine
being in a strange place with strangers, and sitting in the room and in come these
two clowns... who start to ask you questions... lol This was at a nursing home in

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Independent Thinker/the Independent Voter

We, the Independent voter, as we chose the man/woman who we THINK
will be fair and vote for the country and not the party, seem to be gaining ground.
All the graph works you see shows the Independent voter area larger than before.

But are we the silent majority and if we are…are we sitting here not caring for either side,
are we complaining and not voting or haphazardly voting? Well, if that is the case…don’t whine come November 7th (takes a few days for the fur to settle) or beyond? No vote, no rights of complaints is my theory. In fact it is my first question when someone complains. If the answer is no… end of conversation as far as I am concern.. I have no time to listen to someone who didn’t take the time to vote. No excuses.. There are the absentee ballots.

These parties that we have here, are like raising children. The Democrats who tend to
let the child run wild and giving everything to that child. Don’t want to kill their spirit.
The Republicans, are like the old time minister, who keeps that child close. No partying, no music, no dancing no jewelry, nose to the grindstone… close to the shoulder and the answer is always NO.

My fellow independent voter like the pendulum effect of the common sense middle.
I raised my children like that, I live my life like that. Extremes to the
either side doesn’t seem right to me. I have talked about belonging to the Cafeteria
Party, where we walk down the aisle each election, picking from each side. But this year the pickings are thin. We are on the midterms diet. But vote we must. There are local policies to vote on as well as candidates. We need to wade thru the cesspool of ads,
and try to figure out who is best, even if it is the best of the two evils. And try to
understand the policies they want to make or change… if you still don’t understand,
then vote no, at least you won’t be kicking yourself later because you voted yes, and
that was against everything you believe.

I don’t want our country to have a free range, but I don’t want it shut up in the closet either. If we don’t vote, we have no rights to complain… and we deserve what we get, what we didn’t chose to make a decision about.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


While I was away from the blog, One of
the things that sicken me was the news.

Not the political ads, even tho they were
nauseating.. but the death of children.
Not by accident, but by lack of concern,
anger, frustration, by men and women.

What is wrong with people? Why oh, why
does a woman date, live with, leave their
children with these men? When I was
single mother between marriages, I never
even let the men who I was dating, meet my
kids. And I sure the heck would not have them
live with me. Are women that needy? We sure
have come a long way ,baby.

As I have written before years ago…CHILDREN.
ARE. NOT. DISPOSABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yet in our area… meaning Spokane, Coeur d Alene,
And surrounding areas…has had 5… 5 !!!!… beaten
and some killed in a matter of 3 weeks.
One of which was just a day or two after one had made
I could not watch the news… made me sick. Both with
the piece of work, who did the deed, but with the women
who let them be with their children.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's in your bathroom?

On a television show years ago, I saw
where one of the actors was in a friends
bathroom. That actor looked thru the
medience cabinet !!! Have you ever done that?

I haven’t. Never even thought of it, before the show.
Makes me shudder to even think of it now, and
EVEN MORE, the thought that someone would do that
in my bathroom. I have a boring cabinet, but still.

What is in your bathroom cabinet? Have you ever
looked in someone else’s… and if you do, would you
be ok with someone looking in yours?

And, if you are in your friend’s bathroom. You are on
the throne…there is a magazine on the counter across
from you… So do you read it? If you do… do you put it
back on the counter EXACTLY how it was sitting before?
So no one would know you read it, Or do you just place it
back up on the counter with out thinking what position it was in before?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Women with no names....

I was going thru a lot of papers and books.
Among them was one from a church. I took
it for granted it was a cookbook like churches
put out annually.

But this one wasn’t. It was mostly ads and names,
for a Bazaar that was going to be going on.
It had the people it was dedicated to, which was
my Great Aunt May and Uncle Bill. And then there
was a list of committees and who was on each
of these committees. The booklet was from
the 1960’s …1961 I believe.

Do you know what I learn from that booklet?
I learn that women did not have first names
in the 1960’s. Not unless they were single.
As all the rest of the women only had a name
of “MRS.” Not one single first name. Unless
it was started with “Miss”. Men had first names.
Mr. And Mrs. Wm. Smith…Mr. And Mrs. John Doe.

Wonder what year women started to have first names.

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Time is just about up....

I have been busy for the past 10 days or so,
with many projects and I have just about all
of my goals done. All but one scratched out
and today finishing that one off..

The King has been hunting, in the ELK CAMP.
Which is 8 men and two women. One is a wife and
one is an 18 yr. old daughter who has hunted with
her dad for many years. And the ages range from 18
to 87. So the old men of the group, which the King
is one of them, kind of keep a lid on the partying of
the younger ones. But one thing they all agree on is
the hunt is the reason why they are there, year after year.
Filling the freezer is the main goal.

Also there is the written code is, no one leaves camp until
all have gotten their elk. The ones who have gotten their elk
and deer become drivers for the others. Which the King has
become, as he got his last week. So now he drives the hunter
to the top of the ridge, and then goes down to the bottom and
waits for the hunter to come out and give him/her a ride back
to camp. And if the hunter gets his, then the King finds a way
to get as close as he can to the kill and help bring the animal
to camp.

The King has the hunter who is 87. Who he admires his
stamina, as this man handles the trails like a 20 year old.

So the King has had the best time of his life… and after 3
years of dry runs in the elk department, it is wonderful he
not only drew a moose tag, but was able to fill out his moose
tag, elk tag, and deer tag… Our freezer will be full and that
will help our budget greatly.

So next week back to normal, what ever that is… and blogging..And turning the remote back over to the King… ;-(

Friday, October 15, 2010

My Buttons were pushed!!!

I said I would be busy this week and I am…
But that isn’t what pushed my buttons,
and got me riled…

I called my bank’s 24 hour phone connection
to see if a check had cleared. In that process,
I found out there was a charge against my
account (with others) for $75. So I went in
and checked all my charges against my account.
All of them I had in my registry …but the $75.
So I went back a week to see where I had used
my debit card… still no $75. So I finally broke
down and called the bank to find out where I had
used my debit card and not put it in my registry.


I had not lost my mind, I had not forgot to put the
amount in my registry…. So where did it come from?
It seems when you use your debit card at a gas station,
it charges $75 and then later… it charges the actually
amount. LATER!!!. HOW MUCH LATER? I don’t
know because that doesn’t show up on your statement.
The amount I had put in my gas tank? $32. 69!.. so the
gas station had over charged my account $42.31!!!!!
So if I had only $50 in my account and put the $32.69,
knowing I had enough to cover it… I WOULD BE
OVERDRAWN !!! Then of course adding to
that the overdrawn charge. HOLY COW….

The gal at the bank said most gas stations do that,
the way to get around that is to go inside and pay for
it in there….
The kicker is.. the pump did not give a receipt, so I had to go inside
and get that…. The gal at the bank kind of laughed..
at the ironic part of that… I wasn’t laughing… and
guess I know I will not use my debit card anymore.
Now why is it, it doesn’t do that to the gas credit card?
Or do they? But at least you aren’t overdrawn with fees.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This was on Facebook, and for those who don’t do Facebook
There is a status slot to fill in your thoughts. And a lot of times you see
someone else’s status and you are asked to copy and paste it to
your profile status slot if you also believe it to be true…. So I did that
yesterday. A fellow blogger named Thom has posted it on his status.
And today, there was a comment. A great answer to the statement.
So below this statement you will find an comment from my guest author.

1 of every 10 people born is gay. That means 1 of every 10 people is instantly put down, given bad labels, left alone, put in a minority, andso much else. All for something they didn't ask for. Many gay teens arecommitting suicide as a way of escaping. If you want to tell them life will get better, and you respect them for who they are, copy and paste this.

"As someone who was born gay and someone who has and is going threw the prejudice and ignorance of not only people but a former employer. I am fighting to make things better to let these kids know that life will get better and to hopefully make things better so the next generation does not have to go threw the things I have. Do not let being gay define who you are as it is not a death sentence, let what type of human being you are define you. I always say that I am not proud of being gay, but I am not ashamed of being gay either, as it is not a matter of pride or shame it is just the way that Grandfather made me. I do not usually speak out about being gay especially in public forums, but felt it was important to do it this time if even one kid listens to what I have to say and it helps them. I am 45 years young and I went through 9 years of counseling to deal with the effects of my childhood abuse and before I came to grips with being gay at age 38. Because of a prejudice father, society, and a church I was lead to believe that I had a demon in me and that there was something mentally wrong with me because of how I felt so I buried my feelings at a very young age. This caused more damage then the physical abuse I endured as a child. I consider myself very lucky in the fact that Grandfather, the lessons of my Mom and Dad and yes even the things I endured as a child made me very strong and the fact that when I did come to grips with being gay, that all the shame, fear, and guilt went out the window. I give credit to myself first and foremost for surviving, to my counselor Carolyn of 9 years who had to of been sent by Grandfather to help me, and the acceptance of my Grandmother, mother, sister and my true friends. People who will not accept you because you are gay is no different then if they didn’t accept you because you liked the color blue instead of green, they are very shallow people who are not worth your time and the effort. I feel sorry for them, as it seems the ones I have delta with are so miserable in there own lives that they can only feel better by making those around them as miserable as they are, don’t give them the satisfaction or time of day. Surround yourself with positive people who love you for who you are not what you are. Do not hide or be ashamed of yourself, have strength and most importantly self respect and let no one take it away from you as that is your biggest asset. My counselor taught me that no one can make you do or feel anything you don’t allow them to make you do or feel. They act and you have a choice of how you will or will not react. Self respect, self Love, and self protection is some of the hardest things to obtain and keep, think of the person that you most love in your life and in any situation think of how you would feel if it where happening to them and let that be the guide for yourself. Only by being LIVING proof can we make a difference in prejudice and ignorance, weather we are women, man, black, native, or gay. So please I beg of you to hang in there kids, find and surround yourself with supportive people who love you for who you are, a beautiful and loving spirit that deserves love and respect, not what they think or want you to be.

Because I believe when divorced, the children should live where they feel the most comfortable, Cheyenne moved back and forth between my ex and myself. Something’s you don’t learn until a child is older. So when she mentions Father, that was her birth father. When she refers to Dad, that was my second husband. Who she dearly loved and chose to take his name when she became an adult. Reference to Grandfather, is to her belief in the Native American side of her…
I am proud to say, Cheyenne is my daughter…

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Hunter is gone...

The King is gone hunting... and I am trying to get organized.
He left Friday for Elk Camp and I started different projects,
but have gone yo yoing back and forth between 3.
Well, it is Monday, I have settle down and do one at a time.
I did redo the curtain situation over at the big window. Almost
did myself in on that one.. I got the supplies at Home Depot.
I strolled out to the car and then it dawn on me... I had a
mere problem. I had just bought a 10 foot board. With a
car inside of 6 maybe 7 feet. No problem I thought, just
open the passenger side window and run it thru to the back
on the other side... except I still had 3 feet hanging outside.
So I snuck home and taking the back road when possible.
So today I have one small project. And then another bigger one.
I have a break in the day as I get together with the Manor Gals
for lunch.
So depending on how things go.. if I blog or not... got lots to do.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

NON... (fill in the blank) ....

Do they still ask, smoking or non smoking
anymore in the restaurants? Or is it you
can’t smoke in any…any where. That they

When they use to ask, I would tell them
Non children section. I figured if I was going
To spend big buck for a dinner, I wanted it
In peace and quiet. Not with a little sweetheart
Kicking my booth back or a seal squeals at
The table next to me.

I never took my children to restaurants.
They went to the mom and pop drive up and we
ate at picnic tables or took it home. It was for the
other customers as well as my own. My kids were
in their teens before they saw the inside of a restaurant.

But now, I want to say, NON Cell phones. Why is it
people think that other people want to know about
their conversations… and is the cell phone side effect
deafness? Because everyone of them are talking loud.
Be it in the restaurants or bathrooms, street corners.
I thought it was because they wanted everyone to know
They have a cell phone. But with just about everyone
having one, I get it.. YOU have a cell phone. Actually
you have a cockroach sticking out of your ear, in some

If you want to eat dinner in peace and quiet, I guess you
stay home and eat your own food.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Hunting Fever

As you have read, the King got his moose, but
hunting is far from over… now it is time to get
ready for “ELK CAMP”.

It is actually fun to watch him, as he gets ready.
First up goes the camper on the truck… then
check to see if everything is working from last time.
Then there is the packing and getting the propane filled.

There is the groceries, the clothes. He flies by as
he just figured out he forgot his underwear. I told him, I
thought guys wore them for 3 days and then turn them
inside out… he was not laughing… Guess because he
knows from the laundry, I know he changes his daily.
Also there isn’t much humor, as he is very intense with
his scurrying from the camper to the house to the garage
and back thru again. Saws, bags, tarps, in and out he goes
from the camper like a bird stuffing a nest.

Only 2 more days and he pulls out. He and his friends have
the moose all butchered, and in the freezer. All of this while
he is getting everything ready…

So for the next two weeks he will be hunting twice..early
mornings, for elk, during the day for a winter job and back
out for the late day hunt… Oh, yea, a stop at home for
clean clothes and a shower… while he loves to camp
out, he still doesn’t like the camp shower bit…

And me? Well, I will be busy. I have two small projects to
start on Monday. So will be taking a vacation from blogging
unless something pushes my buttons and have the need to
write something.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

28 More Days

28 more days before some sanity will start.

Well, at least the campaign ads will be over.
The Democrats hate the Republicans and
the Republicans hate the Democrats.
And Tea Party hates everyone
and everyone hates the Tea Party.

The lies they spin, first one and then the other.
You need a score card to keep up with the stories.
And of course with less than 30 days left, desperate
times calls for desperate ads…

We live near the border of our next state, and our
television stations are from there, so therefore we
get both states ads.

All I can hope for, that after all the voting is done, that
there is winners and losers… not recounts, and more recounts.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Liar, Liar, pants on Fire

We teach our children not to lie…
My own children will tell you that two
things that were not acceptable were
lying and stealing.. Thru their childhood,
it was common for me to get right up in
their faces about lying..

I taught them that telling the truth was a lot
easier, even if it was embarrassing or meant
they were in trouble. Because lying was a long
process. Remembering the lies was the hardest of
the parts, being stuck with a lie to the point of
no return. And then the broken trust that the lie
would bring to your relationship with who ever
you told the lie to.

So how does the parents who teach this, who
live by it, themselves… justify the lies that the
child hears on television especially from our
so called leaders? Lying seems to be acceptable
now with elections especially. It is said to be just
the person understanding of something, even tho
the liar knows full well, that the ad they produced was a lie.