Monday, October 11, 2010

The Hunter is gone...

The King is gone hunting... and I am trying to get organized.
He left Friday for Elk Camp and I started different projects,
but have gone yo yoing back and forth between 3.
Well, it is Monday, I have settle down and do one at a time.
I did redo the curtain situation over at the big window. Almost
did myself in on that one.. I got the supplies at Home Depot.
I strolled out to the car and then it dawn on me... I had a
mere problem. I had just bought a 10 foot board. With a
car inside of 6 maybe 7 feet. No problem I thought, just
open the passenger side window and run it thru to the back
on the other side... except I still had 3 feet hanging outside.
So I snuck home and taking the back road when possible.
So today I have one small project. And then another bigger one.
I have a break in the day as I get together with the Manor Gals
for lunch.
So depending on how things go.. if I blog or not... got lots to do.

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MarmiteToasty said...

while the cats away you are suppose to put your feet up and do nuffin :)