Friday, October 15, 2010

My Buttons were pushed!!!

I said I would be busy this week and I am…
But that isn’t what pushed my buttons,
and got me riled…

I called my bank’s 24 hour phone connection
to see if a check had cleared. In that process,
I found out there was a charge against my
account (with others) for $75. So I went in
and checked all my charges against my account.
All of them I had in my registry …but the $75.
So I went back a week to see where I had used
my debit card… still no $75. So I finally broke
down and called the bank to find out where I had
used my debit card and not put it in my registry.


I had not lost my mind, I had not forgot to put the
amount in my registry…. So where did it come from?
It seems when you use your debit card at a gas station,
it charges $75 and then later… it charges the actually
amount. LATER!!!. HOW MUCH LATER? I don’t
know because that doesn’t show up on your statement.
The amount I had put in my gas tank? $32. 69!.. so the
gas station had over charged my account $42.31!!!!!
So if I had only $50 in my account and put the $32.69,
knowing I had enough to cover it… I WOULD BE
OVERDRAWN !!! Then of course adding to
that the overdrawn charge. HOLY COW….

The gal at the bank said most gas stations do that,
the way to get around that is to go inside and pay for
it in there….
The kicker is.. the pump did not give a receipt, so I had to go inside
and get that…. The gal at the bank kind of laughed..
at the ironic part of that… I wasn’t laughing… and
guess I know I will not use my debit card anymore.
Now why is it, it doesn’t do that to the gas credit card?
Or do they? But at least you aren’t overdrawn with fees.


Margie's Musings said...

In this part of the country they just charge a dollar until a day later and then they add the rest. That policy of your station is a real problem....a catastrophe waiting to happen. Many of us don't carry a large balance in our checking account.

Anonymous said...

What the heck gas station does that? I've never heard of that. I know some charge a 0.45 cents fee to use the credit card, but $75.00 !!!!!