Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Home Remedies

Everyone has them. Something out of
the ordinary, but it works.

My family, it was sugar and water for
hiccups. It was taught to me by my
favorite old Aunt Em. And it worked and
still does. You put a teaspoon of sugar in
our mouth and drink a glass of water fast.

Of course in this day and age with sugar
being a no no, and the principal I would
believe, is that you are holding your breathe
as you drink down the water to get rid of the
sugar, is why it works. So just holding your
breathe would work too. But not as comforting.

Also have tried the Vick for everything. And that
works. Put it on your feet, and you will stop coughing.
Of course we all had it put under our noses as kids.
Or on our noses. But a friends swears by it, and I
can attest to it working on sores as well. Sure cure an
infection I had on my finger. Kind of reminds me of
the father in My Greek Wedding, who used Windex for
everything. But I am telling you, it works.

And I know that eating coconut will stop diarrhea.

Saw a booklet in my mail when is trying to get me to
buy their book, and get 3 free, of cures. Some of them
I really have to laugh at.

Gin soaked raisins cure for aches and pains. Well,
you mix 1 pint of gin with a pound of raisin, heck
yea, you are going to feel better, or no pain anyway.
Nothing else either.

Oh yea, forgot the Russian one... You mix vodka with a
nutrient (you have to send $29.95 to find out which nutrient)
and it will grow hair on your head. Probably you are so drunk
you think you see hair up there.

Then there is the garlic and Cognac cure. For the bird
flu. Well, after that, who cares if you got the flu or not.

My grandfather in the 50's said that Gerital was the
best. It made him feel so much peppier.. Then I read
several years later, it had a great deal of alcohol in it.
So yea, he feel good. lol...Who made these up? Alcoholics

Then there is get rid of warts. You take your old dishrag,
and buried it in your neighbors field and two days later
your warts are gone. That and no headaches with tomatoes
on your feet for 2 days. Got to love those old remedies.

I heard that there are 3 things that will sell easy.
1. was something to grown hair on a bald headed man.
2. something to increase a man's manhood.
3. something that will have you losing weight with in weeks.
Use to be 4.. that one was to make women's breast bigger,
but since implants that ad doesn't do so well.

So what is your family home remedy?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Dating Game after 50

What is the dating game like for
those over 50? Where do you find
a date? I have several friends in that
position. And no, I DO NOT match up
people. It would be a disaster.

Most of the places you use to find
someone, are outdated. If you aren't
a bar fly, you don't want to go to the
bar to find someone. As people just
don't go out dancing anymore.

Which brings dances up, and that there
aren't the old barn dances where every
one went, single and doubles.

You die every time, a friend says, "Oh,
I have just the person for you." As they
are someone who is desperate or is too
embarrassed to tell the friend no, like you.

And dating online seems to be a disaster.
Finding the right guy seems like the chance
you have, at winning the lottery.

And when you think you might have met
Mr. Right or Miss Right, and after 6 months
or so, it just isn't working out, what then?

6 or more months of wine, cooking together,
bike ride (be it motorized or not) walks on
the beach and talking. But you find out, it
isn't to be, for what ever reason... what then?

Do you feel horrible? like a loser? or do you
see some good that came from it. That you
learn to care again. I feel like the old adage
serves in that light. It is better to love and fail,
than to never love at all.

But dating after 50 is a lot harder than it was
when you were younger. Is it because you are
more set in your ways? In a small town, it is
even worse. So I guess you find a hobby you
like and find others who like that hobby too.
Then hope life just happens.

Monday, April 28, 2008


While checking to see if my pictures came
up correctly on Saturday, I decided to do the
match puzzle. Then I checked my answers.
Which this one below came up and I thought it

turgid - Excessively ornate or complex in style
or language. Synonyms: bombastic, bloated, tumid
Usage: Growing impatient with the politician's
turgid prose, she turned off her television. Which kind
of is the way we all feel at this point of the game.

The other thing I notice is a blog ad on MSN.
Blogger: Obama could help self, party by quitting

Now where have we seen those words before with
Clinton's name with it? You really have to laugh at

I personal don't think any of the candidates should
drop out/quit. They owe it to all the people who
have already voted in each state. How would you
feel if you were one of the one's who went out of
your way to vote for a candidate you thought was
going to make a difference, for President.

Normally, year after year, you let the
chips fall where they may. Because you felt it
doesn't do any good. But this time, this time,
you have a ray of hope that just maybe, things
will be different. And you want your voice/vote to
be heard. You go out and you vote. And then, down
the road after all this time, your candidate quits.

I would be down right ticked off. So no... never
should a candidate quit. They should hold out the
hope for all those people who voted, because for
once they have hope... be it you believe in Hillary
or Obama.

If they don't quit, it will be bad for the party? Is the
party that fragile? It will help the Republicans defeat
the Democrat? Do you really think that? How?
It just means there are two darn good choices out
there for the Democrats to chose from. Two... which
is better than can be said for the Republicans. Their
other guy quit. Their other guy threw in the towel. And the
one remaining, the whole Republican party is having a
hard time unifying behind him. When the curtain falls on
June, the Democrats will unify behind who ever wins the
party vote. Even the one's who will be disappointed that
their guy/gal didn't win.

And when the time comes down for the two to run against
each other after June.... then the dirty tricks will really be
stepped up. No matter who gets the Democratic vote. It
has been in the past. The Republicans are so vicious they
eat their own. Look at Bush with McCain in 2000? And so
many others. And then when it came to the nation to vote,
they brought out every nasty trick out of the woodwork. Using
words about family as well as the candidate themselves.

When it comes to politics, there is no nice guy...Nice guys
finish last, as the saying goes. That is why Obama is having
a hard time of it, right now. He wants to talk issues, not old
personal things that have been hashed out already. That is
how you can see how scare the Republicans are right now.
When the opposition harps on old supposed scandals...
you know they are reaching and they are scare, because they
don't have anything to fight back with,

Right now as I speak, the Republican is turning over every
stone on both of the Democrat candidates and their families
and their friends, so whe ever wins, the party will be ready to
pounce on that person with ever bit of stuff they can find.
Be it true or not.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring day at a time

Well, it has been yard work from 10am on. Now at 2, I am beat.
I have a feeling I will find muscles I haven't used for some time,
by morning...

My arms are bleeding from pruning roses and tying them. But I
am happy. With dirt under my nails, rips in my skin, and sun on
my back..I am a happy camper.

This is one of my climbers and I finally got it under control...
I think...

The bird feeder is full, the spinners are out, and snow still in the mountains.

The patio gazebo made it thru the winter... surprisingly it only was bent in on

area and it can be fixed... Can't wait to get the top on it again. There is the

plane spinner on the deck. And the bike ready to go.

The pond is a mess, but that will have to be another day or weekend...

And the King calling for help? He can't decide... fishing or work on the pickup

frame? Ah, I settled it for him... he is outside thatching the lawns... Don't

feel too bad for him...he got some shore fishing done this morning...

4 o'clock sun..... that is my birthday present from my daughter out there. It is two spinning circle sprinkler...

Been a long day for the pup, she is tired out....

Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring, Where are Thou?

I was talking to my galpal this morning.
And she said to me, "do you know what
you gave me for my birthday last year?

"Told her I didn't have the foggiest idea.
After all, I have slept since then. (it an
inside joke we have for memory lost).

She said "well, what you gave me was
flowers, plants, bulbs." And I said, "oh,
yea, I do remember that, what is the

The point being she said, was that she
went out and planted them the next day.
Her birthday is April 1st. She mention
she still can't plant the ones she got this

May 1st I change the sheets, from flannel
to the regular. Mid May I start getting the
summer clothes ready... and planting in the
King's mini green house..

where oh, where did you go Spring.?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wasted days and Wasted nights....

Well, I sure blew off Wednesday... but
it was the weather's fault. Surely not mine.

Woke up to snow. It was snowing and it
was sticking, kind of... but it was definitely
snowing. Then it was raining. Then the
sun tried to come out and lost, to the clouds.

I went to go to my tai chi class, and that was
cancelled. So came home and did wash. Check
my email and 3 hours went by somewhere. I
don't know how that happen. But I found some
good emails with some good jokes/stories.

Lately they have been so old, and dumb, so it
was nice to get some good ones, and of course
I had to pass them on to my friends who were
suffering from "too long of a winter blues" too.

Went to get the wash finished and then check
back to see if I could find a site I wanted. And
I will be darn, but 2 more hours were gone.

Thankfully I could be saved by the call to go
grocery shopping. Even the King had trouble
getting his act together. We both had things to
do. But ended up, not accomplishing much of

You know like the kid who is bored.. and
says he has nothing to do...yet when the
parent says different chores... well that isn't
the answer... Kind of how the day went.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Older and Happier....

There is a survey going around saying that
we, the older generation, are happier than the rest.

My answer to that? Duh?

Are you a grandparent? Is it easier than
when you were a parent? Have the kids
for a while, a day or a week? Still easier?

Of course it is... because you don't have the
responsibility that you had when it was your
own kids. Oh, you act responsible, of course.
But in the long run (unless you are one of
the grandparents who is raising your own
grandchildren, then all bets are off). it is

And life after 60 is pretty much the same.
You still have responsibilities, but you don't
have to beat out the other guy to get a raise
anymore. Your job, is what it is. Rarely gets
any better after 60. You hang in there for the
next 5 to 6 years. And you retire.

So as long as you are healthy, and can do
things you like.. or if you get to retire, and
do things... heck yea, we are happier.

We just sit back and watch the next generation
try to handle things. And laugh as they do..
been there, did that, already found out, things
will work out. No stress. no problem.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

April 22, 1970 was the beginning of Earth Day.
I don't know where it started or who started it.
I don't know who celebrated it first.

You see I was pretty busy doing labor myself.
I was almost having fun, when a nurse said I
had to be serious, and took away the gas, that
made me giggle. I don't know what the hurry was,
as the doctor was asleep in the other room. But
being she said I had to be serious, I was ... in
moments at 6am when I was finished, my husband
and I had a beautiful little girl, which the nurse caught.
Then woke the doctor.

Being she was the 8th child... I jokingly have
said, she almost ended up with the middle name
of THE END.. as 3 days later I had the part removed
that processed all that.

So happy birthday, JC.

Monday, April 21, 2008

I can't even start to understand

As I watched the television with the
pictures of the complex in Texas,
I think of Waco. While this is not
as bad as Waco, there are no fires,
I still... wonder. And then there are
the James Jones situation. Again,
this is nowhere near that kind of
thing. But all three have children,
innocent children involved in adults
plan. Being swayed and herded by
adults, to no fault of their own.

These type of communes are so much
against anything that I understand. I won't
even try to explain my understanding,
because I don't understand.

The state of Texas has removed 400+
children from a complex. Separating
the children from their mothers. These
women give off the Stepford Wives vibes.
All uniformly in dress and hairdos.

But what about the children. And this
is where a pendulum effect comes into
play. These children have no idea of why
they are where they are. No idea of why
they can't be with their mothers. And now,
the state is going to put them in to foster
homes. Just what kind of homes are these?
Is it similar to their own religion? Their own
ideals? No television, no video games and
etc.? I surely hope so. Because who are
we, or the state to throw these children
into a culture shock? Maybe homes of
the Amish or the Mennonites? At least
the culture is similar, without being a cult.

This has been against the law from the get go..
why did they wait for 3 generations of this going on?
Why no actions or very little, before... that kept it
from happening for 3 generations?

Friday, April 18, 2008

4 Questions...

I did a post on bitterness a couple of days ago,
that may have lead others to believe that I was

And the answer to that is, no. What I meant
by my post was, that there is bitterness out
there and with good reason. The political
stories and comments were as if Obama
was trying to stir up something that wasn't there.
It is ... and that is my point.

Myself, at this point of the game. At this age.
Have decided to look at the positives in my life.
And not dwell on the negatives. And not let
others bring me down with theirs. Because as
you know, it happens all the time. Especially in
the work force.

While working, I had decided that our Noc crew,
would not add to, or take part in the gossip mill.
When we were sitting one night, waiting to go
on, I mention how stressful our job is, and how
we can add to that stress by participating in
the gossip. That if we were to not do it. Not
listen in on the other shifts (day shift was the
worse for it) then we could do our job and be
happier. Would the others like to try it for a
month? They were all for it. And it worked.
I even heard one of the girls, who was talking
to a gal who stayed over to help us because
we were short handed, that our shift didn't
listen or pass gossip. So please don't tell me
that stuff.

In life itself, we tend to worry about other people,
and take on their problems. Giving advice and if
you are an enabler or a caretaker personality, you
want to fix it for others. It is easy to slip into that.
And get upset when they don't do what we told them,
or remarked to them about their problems.

So about a year or more ago, I came up with the
4 questions. And it has worked out well for me. And
even have the King using them. Since thing, in
conversation, I have mention them to friends and
family. And they seem to like them too.

So here they are, in case you would like them.

The 4 questions you have to ask yourself.

1. Am I responsible for this?
90% of the time the answer is no.

2. Am I financially responsible for this?
90% of the time the answer is no.

3. Do I want to be responsible for this?
99% of the time, the answer is no. Because it
isn't your business. And most people resent you
telling them how to fix their problems.

4. Do I want to be financially responsible for it?
99.9% the answer is no. Because when you give
money to others, you are not helping them find
answers to their problems. And you end up acting
like a crutch for them. Which is no help at all.

You can be understanding, you can be sympathetic,
but it is not your job to fix things for others.
And believe it or not, two things happen. They fix
their own problems. And you have let a big load off
of your own shoulders. After all, you have enough
just taking care of yourself and spouse. These
people will survive. They will most likely make a
different choice then you would, but it is their life.
Just because you have an idea how to run things,
doesn't make it right choice for them. So give them
and yourself a break.

Now, look at life. There is so much out there, and it
is free to enjoy. You have hikes, you have the lakes,
you have the sky, the mountains, the love of your
children, your spouse. you have hobbies. What more
do you want? It is out there if you look.

My lesson last summer was... downsizing was good
for us. We do less, but we do more. We don't need
all the toys, bells and whistles, yet we are having fun
and we are happy.

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with
the intention of arrivingsafely in an attractive and

well preserved body.
But rather to skid insideways, chocolate in hand,

a glass in the other...
body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and

screaming "WOO HOO What a Ride!"

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What is IT?????

Can you figure out what this is? It was suppose to be a product
of the future.

No fool like an old fool, they say.
But I was in my 20's. So maybe
I was naive.

The ad read in the magazine....
"Make money from your own home"
"Be a Customer Product Tester".
"Send in $10 to join our members, now."

And with 3 kids, I figured this was some way
I could have some extra money. And I could
test new products. How cool will that be... to see new
products before they hit the market.


A fool and their money are soon parted.
As this is what arrived 2 weeks later.

What you don't recognize it? This was suppose to
be a product of the future. And that was 40 years
ago. You mean you don't have this in your home?

I looked at the package it came in.. and read the instructions.
I was not happy about this product. And my first thought, was
this a joke? That should have been my first clue. But, I did as
they instructed.
Well, that isn't quite correct. As there were two of
these. I only used one. Filled out the paper, honestly and
sent in the form. And waited for my money for doing the trial test.

And I waited.... ..... and waited.... and waited...
Nothing. Not even another product to test.
Wrote to the company, and if you haven't guess it yet... Nothing.

The magazine must have gotten some complaints, as they ran a
short item where the ads were... and told the people who had
used the company to contact this office.

I wrote and a letter came back from a Consumer office of some
kind, telling how the company was not in business and had

Well, if you are still with me, and are wondering what this product was...
It was a Personal Rectum Cleanser.
A classy name for an ass hole cleaner.

And you are wondering why I have kept it for 40 years?
Well, it sits in an envelope that I have marked.......
"Stupidity at it's finest".... so I never forget how dumb
a 20 year old can be. And you wonder why I am such
a cynic.
But I also learned, you shouldn't laugh at others, if you
can't laugh at yourself.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bitter? Darn Right!!

With all the talk about layoffs, loyalty to one's employer
and employers loyalty to their employee's... it made me
think of how it use to be.

When I was young, it was a matter of pride to work and
be loyal to your employer. Be it civil service, like my Dad,
or in the private sector.

Even when I started out working it was still the same.
When I went to work for the Naval Exchange (also civil service)
most of the employees were there 18 years to 30 years.
And in fact my girl friend and I had gotten our jobs because
of the fact that others had retired after 30 years.
I didn't fair as well, as I was one to question things that didn't
seem fair. I wasn't good at the office politics.

But if one had more than 3 jobs in a ten year time or less, you
were thought to be a failure. And not really a good hire for a new
employee who saw your record. Meant you weren't reliable, not
good at committing.

I guess I kind of instilled that into my kids, as most of them have
had their jobs for over 10 years. Which is a rarity now days.
Even I worked for 17+ years before retiring. Even when things were
bad with the Administration, I still stuck it out. I was loyal to my
residents, I guess, as I cared.

But today, employers are few and far between who are loyal to
their employees.
There are a couple here in the Bonner County area. Luckily, my
daughter works for just a company. But there are a few employers
here who lay off, send the jobs to another state.

Even kids who work for the food industry learn quickly, it is the
bottom dollar that controls the company they work for. A good
worker, who doesn't call off, still will find his/her hours cut because
a new person has been hired. And they rather keep a bunch of
temporary workers. More to pull from? No bennies? I don't know.
But it sure doesn't tell the teen to depend on or be loyal to the
company. And only those who are strong enough to speak up,
or leave to the next food industry job. Fast food, fast change
of jobs.

But over all, lots of companies have left, not only their states, but
the countries. Leaving behind, employees who thought they would
have a life time job. Employee's who stuck with their companies for 10,15
and 20 years, only to see them walk out on the employee's. Lots of
companies have had CEO's who walked with the retirements
of those employee's with no recourse for the employee.
So are they bitter? You bet.

Even in the changing of jobs, some have taken their IRA's and etc.
on to the next company. But see it go down the drain after investing for
5, 10 or even 15 years. Bitter, oh, yea. You would be too. And when it
is a big company in a small town, they not only take the employees
down the lane, but the town with them. Stores, services, and such, all lose.
Bitter you bet.

So who comes to the rescue? Who do the people talk to? Their fellow workers
who sit in the coffee shops living on umemployment until it runs out?
Their Pastor for guidance, as they look at their families?
Bitter, yes, Mr. Obama, that is true.

And those who make fun of him, and his wording.
Until you walk in those shoes, of those who lost their jobs, and close to
or have already lost their homes?
Shame on you...because you are out
of touch.

When you read how CEO's get hundred of thousands, even millions for bonuses,
yet you also hear that the company are rising up their prices, so they can afford
to update their companies, When you see people who get millions while the blue
collars are barely making it, and getting laid off to save money, and they are all
working at the same company.
Bitter yes...

When gas prices gets higher and higher, and you don't worry about if you will get
to travel for vacation, you wonder if you are going to be able to afford to get to work.
Or afford the groceries with the hikes in fuel charges added in.
Bitter, hell yes.

And don't give me the "them and us" jealousy bit, or the if only you had gone to
college bit,..... folks we are in this together. So if you are making over $140,000
a year, you just won't understand. But you will, if your company decides to have
you be one of their downsizing persons. Then you will understand what it is to
live on $20,000 or less a year.
Bitter, that will be you... and then you will understand.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Guess who came for landing?

As I was talking to my daughter on the phone, I
walked by my backyard window. And I saw
something hit the water that has taken over
our yard in the past 2 days. I ran to the other
window to get a better look.

It was these two, swimming and then walking
between our garage and our deck.

I ran to get the camera, but by the time I got
there to take their pictures, they had gone across
our driveway to our neighbors yard.

No one local has ducks here, so have no idea
where they came from. But it is pretty astounding
to learn your backyard is mistaken for a pond.


Monday, April 14, 2008

The Toilet Paper Roll Effect

Many years ago, a person told me
that as you get older, that life gets
to be like a toilet paper un
wraps, getting smaller and smaller,
faster and faster.

I thought that was a rather foolish
theory, but as I get older I am inclined
to believe it to be so.

Case in point, that even with a LOOOOONG
winter, it still seem like it was only yesterday,
that it was Christmas just getting over and
heading to New Years. Valentine's day flew
by, and Easter was here so fast, I forgot to
send out cards until 2 days before. I know
it came early this year, but still.. And St.
Patrick's day, that was a flash in a pan.

Even last year, it started out with summer
and I was barely getting to the enjoyment
part, and it was over. I was going to do so
much more.

You don't think time flies by? Just think of
what is coming up next in your life. Some one
wedding, your birthday, 4th of July. Before you
know it ... it will be here and gone.

Now I don't know if it is because I am having
so much fun being retired or what. But I don't
have enough time to get things done.

It is the toilet paper roll effect.....

Life should NOT be a journey
to the grave with the intention of
arriving safely in an attractive and
well preserved body. But rather to
skid insideways, chocolate in hand,
a glass in the other... body thoroughly
used up, totally worn out and screaming
"WOO HOO What a Ride!"

Friday, April 11, 2008

Weather, Whether...

We all know the weather person is not always
right. In fact we make fun of them because they
are wrong so often...

And sometimes you wonder in the winter..
it is going to snow, or it going to rain. After all it
is just a matter of temps of which one it will do.
Summer when we hit the 90's.. it is pretty much
the same. Warm in the morning..HOT in the afternoon
and has the funny sun faces. How hard is that?

But this year, with it still snowing off and on. Even
this morning.... more snow. Yes, we are down to the
spitting of snow..but snow, nevertheless.

But the weather person, I feel is treating us like donkeys.
And they throw out the temperature carrot on the stick.
Because every Monday we see, low temps, and then on
Thurs, Fri, and Sat we see sun, and higher temps.
Come Wed, it is just Fri. and Sat. By Friday night
forget about it.. it is going to rain or snow again.

We have had 3 or 4 weeks of this.. So when I saw
this morning.. it is suppose to change ..Friday 68.
And Saturday could get to be 70. Does that mean
we will get sun with winds that can carry you away?
And if you are in a slot between buildings, with the
sun on you... it will be 70? And it will be 55 in the

Because I am tried of chasing that carrot of
warm weather. I have a yard to do. I have pulled
some stuff off, and I need to get it off the lawn.
And I don't want to be doing it in my heavy
winter coat.

Spring, Spring, where art thou?

Found this on my old emails., I use to use it as a
signature..... I needed this today....
Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the
intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well
preserved body. But rather to skid insideways, chocolate

in hand, a glass in the other...
body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and

screaming "WOO HOO What a Ride!"

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Life's little pleasures...

Life's little pleasures..

or a subtitle..when you think you
might have done it right....

In life, one wonders if they have done a
good job with their children. Did you teach
them the right and wrong? Did you teach
them manners? Did you teach them fairness
and honesty.

One doesn't get to really know,until the children
are grown... and then you hope it came out right.
As the children become adults and raise their own,
you wish them well, with their own children.

And some times, a lot of times... each child will
do something extra special for you. I never think of
my kids giving me a present. My present from them
as far as I am concern, is living a good honest life.
And hopefully raising their own like wise.

I have been very blessed in that department.
But from time to time, my kids surprise me.
My youngest took me for a ride for a cup of
coffee a few years ago, when they had the
movie I Walk the Line. And she swung in,
jumped out of the car, and said let's go, Mom.
It is going to start in 5 minutes. Shocked I
followed her. After it was over I cried at her

Today, Wednesday, I was about to head out
to Tai Chi class, when there was the door bell
ringing. FedEx driver brings into the house a
huge white Styrofoam box... in it.. Oh, MY GOD!!.

2 ears of corn, 2 red potatoes, 2 sacks of clams,
a box of chowder, a box of shrimp, bibs and pickers,
and two great big LOBSTERS... This, folks, is called
a Maine Clambake dinner.

While my #3 daughter (use the number as reference to
position in family) had called two nights ago, to forewarn
me of a pending package and it was from Maine, and she
said she wanted to give me a taste of home.... and yes, I
guess it right.. but to see this BOX... to see those huge
LOBSTERS... well, I wasn't excited... oh, no I wasn't...
As I was talking to her best half, telling her that it had
arrived... I was talking a mile a minute and telling her
what was in the box (like she didn't know) with such
excitement, she surely must have thought I lost it.
Excited???? HELL,YES!!... I thanked her profusely.

I have the table set in my Lighthouse plates, I have
my cut glass for water, I have my liqueur glasses ready,
and the water is boiling...
It was sooooooooooooo good...
And we are so spoiled.
Not only by these two, but
several of our other kids...
We consider ourselves blessed.

The Three Stooges

Judas Priest...
I am sorry, but I am watching the
news. I wanted to see if they
highlighted the two General's
speeches or answers to the

And there I see ... these 3 stooges
who call themselves candidates,
using it for a platform for their own

If there was a grading for today,
for the 3... they all 3 got F from me.
F..for frustration
F. for what the F... were they thinking.

Surely they didn't think they were
impressing the public? It was a
questioning of the Generals to see
where we stand. The look on the
General's face said it all.

The Generals deserved better and so
did we, the public.
A friend sent me this... and I would give credit if I
knew where it came from... so if you are the one..
Thank you for a great picture to describe how I feel.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

As the Pendulum Swings

General Petraeus is back in Washington D.C.
to explain Iraqi to the Congress..

I sure hope he can explain to the country, what
is really going on. Congress won't get it no matter
what he says, as they have their own agenda.

I am not going to argue the point of us going to
Iraq. Why we went is a dead issue for the most part.
We are there... that is the important part. And what
is our goal, how close are we to reaching that goal,
and how much have we done? Have we started to
pay attention to the culture of Iraq, instead of our
own culture forced down them?

The far left tells us we haven't done enough and it will
never be what we went to do. The far right says, we
have done so much and only have to keep with the
program going. And the media of all sorts, be it TV,
newspapers, blogs, and etc... covers the grey area
in between with their own agenda in force.

TV and newspapers, mostly it is about the bottom line of
profit for themselves. What sells papers and air space.
When in reality, what would really sell both would be the
real true. An even report of what is really happening. With
perhaps a map of Iraq. Green, for the parts that progress is
being made... Brown, where there is little progress, and Red,
where there is a lot left to do, and is still very much unstable.
A honest map, not one with someone's agenda in mind.

Why do we give the Iraqi's money free and clear? Why don't
we buy their oil, that way it helps both of us. We can guard
the oil fields to keep the terrorist out. We get the oil, at a
decent price. They get money... and the agreement is once
they have their country back, we walk from the field with their
people who work there, taking over.

Because when you watch the different reports you wonder.
Is it like American television? Chicago, L.A. riots, down south
civil rights beatings.. and Kansas it is sunny all day? Nevada,
has gambling and partying? Sunny San Diego, and the beach
is good? In other words, our media could show which ever section
of the country to show what they want to show, of the mood of the
people. If you want feel good, you show middle America. Iowa, Kansas,
Nebraska, and such. If you want to have battles, then you show Pittsburg,
Chicago, L.A., down in New Orleans where Katrina hit, Mississippi, same
situation.. Each area shows its own mood.

The good thing about being of the Cafeteria Party, is that you can
be displease with one or both parties. I don't like the Democrat's idea...
let's get out of Iraq now. Within one year or more... we should be completely
gone. I don't want to see another Vietnam helicopters on roof tops, getting
people out under fire. But I also don't like the Republican idea that we
can stay there for 100 years.. (I know, or at least I hope, it is an exaggeration)
I think there should be a plan. I don't think the details should be told to the
public. I think they can give a general plan...but when you give
are giving to the enemy as well. Loose lips ...sink ships...

So let's get to the middle of the pendulum... There are non serving Vets
for the war.. there are non serving Vets against the war...There are politicians
for and against. I don't want to hear anymore of chicken little the sky is falling.
I want the real truth. How much was under fire 5 years ago, 4 years ago, 3, years
ago, and how much have we gain since then. The truth would be has to
be somewhere in the middle of this mayhem.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Good bye Mr. Heston

It was 1956... Summer theater in Newport, R.I.

The play was Mr. Roberts
... and they needed a goat.
3 of us showed and Mr. Heston had to
chose which goat.
Thus with Heidi's 15 seconds of fame.

Mr. Heston was very nice to us all...
and my family got free tickets to the show.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

God, I wish I knew......

Going to take some time off..
Heading out of town really early
Friday, and today I am getting
my stuff together...

I was going to say something on
Tuesday, but thought maybe some
might think it was an April Fool's joke.

But my last couple weeks of posting
on my blog .... well, not too crazy about.
Too forced... phoned to speak..
And as you can see from Monday's, it
came to a head.

The phase from BrokeBack Mountain
comes to mind.
"God, I wish I knew how to quit ya."
As I said.. I started thinking this
around the time I hit my 3rd anniverary.
Maybe it is time to call it to an end.
I was really serious Tuesday after I
finish writing about galpal's birthday.

But then an idea hit me.. and part of the
reason I do this, is my soap box stand.
So do I quit? Do I cut down? I guess that
is one of the things I will be thinking about
over the weekend.

Happy Birthday, Susan...

So see ya, Monday.. you all be good now.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Basis Math and Entitlement

I guess I am just an old broad who just doesn't get it.
I get how one can lose a home, I read the public notices
in the paper and think about how hard it must be,
for one to dream about owning a home and losing

But what happen to common sense and basis math?
I have been involve in a purchase of 5 different houses
in my adult life time.

First one in 1971 in Roslyn, my husband Marv and I
bought a two bedroom house for $3,000. $400 down and
$50 a month payments.
We sold that house 5 years later, for $5,000 and took
that money and used it for a down payment on a cabin
and land in Ellensburg that we added on to. It cost $22,000. And
payments of $150.00 a month.
Then we moved to R.I. and bought a house there, for
$42,000 using our sale of the house in Ellensburg, for
$28,000. With payments of $280 a month.
Then moving back to this area, we bought property for
$13,000 and a $3,000 trailer, and all the cost that come
with electric coming on the property and telephone and
drilling for water. With payments of $345 a month.
And finally selling that.. at a lost..and later buying what
we have now.. for $72,000 and payments of $455.

What my point is... we always keep it small. Always
with the thought in mind that we should not be paying
more than what we would be paying for rent, or less.
So if we lost our jobs, we still could afford it..

So with the housing mortgage crashing around the
ankles of the banking companies, I have to ask..
what were you thinking? Why would anyone want
a floating interest. Prices NEVER EVER go down.
Why would you buy a place paying that much, if you
don't have cash for it.. or a heck of a down payment...
why, oh, why would you buy a place for $400,000 or
$600,000? Why? What were you thinking?

Should everyone be able to owe the American dream,
by owning a home? Yes, but common sense sure
does play a big thing. Is there a time when you
should be told, no you can't afford it by reasonable
bankers. Yes, we were told one time we could only
afford a place for $44,000. It was right to be told no.
We are not entitled just because we want it.

To find out that mortgage companies fudge some of
the financial reports to get a person into a $200,000
to $400,000 home, with little to no down crazy.

These people should be given a new loan of a fixed interest,
and keep the home... Yes, it might take them 40 years to pay
for it. But they shouldn't be let out of it... until they find some one
who will buy out their contract. Either take over the payment, or
out right sell it. What your house is only worth $400,000 now
instead of the $678,000?... too bad.. you bought it. You are respondible
for it. No bankruptcy, foreclosures... pay the monthly payment. With
a 5% interest rate you should be able to make the payments until
you can sell it. It is not the government fault that you over did
yourself. Buck it up, and be responsible for the consequences for
your actions. It is called adulthood.

People get to jump out of respondible like jumping out of
marriages, just because they don't like it anymore...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


or as some came to call her last summer
Ms. Cannonball..

Gal Pal is 60 years young today and that is no April
Fool joke.

This is one of the loving, caringist (is that
a word?) people that I know. Always
careful not to hurt others feelings.

She is an excellent nurses aide. She goes the
extra mile for her people. She is doing home
health now and has for about 3 years.

We worked together at the same place. She jumped
out shortly after I did. And those who have hired
her for their love ones have praised her. She does
the extras that she isn't paid for. A trip around to
see the snow, or the leaves in the fall and etc.

She can make just about anything when it comes
to crafts... and also she swings a mean hammer.
She built last Spring, a porch for her back door.
She is Lucy to my Ethel, or Shirl to my
Laverne, depending on how old we feel that day.

We have gathered moss in the woods, scouted out
places that have good plants, crawled up rock slides
to pick out rocks for our gardens and even scouted out
wood piles left behind from contractors. That is what
she made her porch out of..that is before she broke
her leg... so our trips have been cut down since then.

Can't tell you where we find these piles...
after all, it is like having a private mushroom
patch. But these are the left over's that
they usually burn. And we have become quite accomplish
at hauling wood uphill and finding a way to get it
in which ever vehicle to take home.
She has done home improvements out of little to
nothing. Always figuring out how to make due.
Her self-accomplishments put me in awe...