Monday, September 30, 2013


Oh, it is a long long way from September to May,
(I know the song is May to September).

As we head out to the winter months.. we endure
the Fall.  We will get a couple of days in October to
make us think that fall isn't quite here yet. But we in
Idaho.. Winter time can come at anytime.. and usually
Halloween will tell us how soon.

Halloween has a knack of giving us rain or snow. So
we get a pretty good idea, how soon we will have to
start to hunker down.

So October starts the winterizing your yard... putting
away the hoses and all the other things you have out
there.. Me, it is yard art, that I have gotten over the years.
Putting away the lawn mower and the weed whacking
machine.. Hang up the electric weed whacker... Packing
the garden shed up and locking it up for the winter.
I don't know which is more work.. putting it away... or
the Spring when we have to get all the things back out.

So here we are.... it is a long time from September to

May...  but I do love the 4 seasons.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


In the past, I have gotten caught by the virus garbage.
I call it garbage because it is a horrible way of threaten
people.. Because it isn't the companies and etc that
get caught so much as it is the individual... who let their
guard down. Or the newbie who doesn't know the ins and outs of guarding yourself against spam and viruses.

So every time I hear about another viruses going around,
I almost want to close down my computer until it is over.
But there are so many out there, it is hard not to get hit.
Even those of us who have really good virus protections,
and try to make sure we do everything to protect ourselves, it still is not fail safe.

On the news tonight, there was talk about another one
going around.. where they can rob your files, or you lose them.
Then blackmail you, by telling you that you are in trouble with the government over something you sent over the internet. Or something you downloaded.. and it will cost you $300 or more to get out of it.  Some people even have sent the money in, but the  virus or block was not removed.

It breaks my heart to hear and see this.. because it is bad enough when they do this to companies, who have money to get another machine.. who do back up files on the ones they have... it is bad enough for them...

But what about the ones like me... 73 years old... who has a pretty nice computer.. went the extra mile to get one that will hopefully last my life time... who can't replace this particular type of machine.  If they
did it to me.. and the computer whiz couldn't fix it..  I probably have to give it up...  That is where the damage is.. the ones who are retired.
Who keep up with their kids, and grandkids ... and friends... those are the heart aches.

And there is no recourse... none what so ever... the world looks at it, as just the cost of being on the internet. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Is there such a thing as too much education?
I personally don't think so.

Guess there are quite a few who think not too, as
there are a lot of students in their 30's, 40's, 60's and
even in their 80's.

The big shame is that education is so expensive.
A class can be from $60 to $350 a class. And that
doesn't include the books and etc.  Even the online
classes are these prices.

I have not only grandchildren in college, but also
some of my children...  they are blood and in-laws.
And I have a couple of grandchildren who are adults
with families and they too, are heading back to college
this year.  I am very proud of them all..

What saddens me is the fact that it is expensive. I am not
talking about the 4 year plan to be a lawyer, doctor, although those are outrageously expensive.. more than what my house cost me. ... but talking about the night classes for those who want to get ahead in life.  Especially for those of the low income
bracket.  The minimum wage group. $50 to $350 a class is out of their range. 

When you consider there are some who combine job, classes and family.. it is a hard road to walk... and some have to give up one of them.. and the class is the one to go.

If i were to win the millions lottery, that is what I would 
do with my money.... I would find those with minimum
wage who want to do classes... and pay for them. Every one deserves a chance.    

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Woes is me...

You haven't seen the trouble I have seen..
(to borrow a few words from Sam Cooke song)
 Sometimes I'm up and sometimes I'm down
Oh, yes lord
You know sometimes almost to the ground
Oh, oh yes lord

Still, nobody knows the trouble that I've seen
Nobody, nobody knows my, my sorrow
 You haven't been as sick as me... that is the cry of the male gender...
when they are sick...

At 3am... I am woke out of a sound sleep.. "WHERE IS THE NIGHT QUILL?
No I am not taking that store brand.. I need the REAL stuff... he says thru a nasal voice...    

There is no way, when woken up at 3am.. that it somes
out.. oh, sweetheart, I am so sorry you feel sick.. let me get up and find it for you.. in the cabinet where we keep it".    
More like.. did you look in the dang cabinet, in a voice that sounds like it came from the fog of sleep I was in.
But the thoughts ran a lot deeper and not so nice.

This was Sunday morning... and I had to get up at the crack of dawn to go on a Cancer walk with my daughter in Coeur d' Alene.. so 3am was not a time for me to be nice. Besides everyone knows.. I am not nice
until have a cup of coffee.

At 6:00am when I did get up, he was in his chair watching television.. and as I walked thru looking for my first cup of coffee, he sniffles, "I have been coughing all night." "I don't feel good" 

Got my cup of coffee, went back to the bathroom, pulled out 3 bottles, of Night Quill and the store brand of such, and Thera-flu or what ever they call it, and Day Quill (2 boxes) and Coldeze tablets... line them up on the counter... And went to the dining room table, got the Airbourne, that I had given him the night before.. Made a tea for him out of it. A few moans... and he drank it.

I got dress, my daughter showed up.. and we were out of dodge...

Afternoon was slightly better.  Made himself some soup... cough, hack, cough, hack.. "I got it bad"... "dang kid at work, who gave this to me." 

Woes is me... no one has been as sick as me.. that is the call of the male.

Women? They get up, fix some tea, take the meds, and start their day. Take a nap around noon, and back up to finish the day...  What a difference.

Thank goodness, he is heading back to work today.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Oh, my aching body

They say the day after is the worse.. I know for horse back riding that is true.. if you haven't ridden for years, you legs will feel like someone used them for a wish bone...

Yesterday, my daughter and I headed to Coeur d' Alene,
45 miles south of us.. at the crack of dawn..  It was a cancer walk that we decided to join.

Signed up last week, and we had to be there early to get
our packet... then we went to the different sponsors to see what was going on with them.  Got some good reading material about cancer and the Kootenai Cancer Center.. and some interesting freebies..  bracelets, scarves, dinner bell (my description) and neat pens.
After walking thru to see everyone's site, we headed to the car to drop off our goody bag.

Met up with friends who were also walking, but they were going for the 5K... being my hip hasn't been doing the best with rain coming and going, we did the 3K. (it is a mile or almost one).  At the tone of whistles
we were off at 10:10... and came across the finish line at 10:25 and some seconds.  I made good time.. and kicked in with fast walking, dashing thru the holes when some people separated enough for us to make
it thru.  I h ave always been a fast walker... never had the patience for strolling along...  So surprised and pleased that I still had it.

After the finish line we headed to the parking lot to get a head start of getting out of the area before the crowd.

Being we were in Coeur d' Alene, we decided we would to some looking shopping.. looking shopping is what you do when you have no or at least very little money... Also we did a quick trip to Costco to pick up some supplies. And hit about 8 stores to check
out some bedding for my daughter.. found some great pillows.

After hitting several stores, lunch at Safeway, and coffee at Starbucks, we headed towards home..

We beat the rain..  I took off my shoes, and relaxed.. haven't done this much walking in a long time.  And I slept like a rock. 

But this morning... my body is sending me a telegraph...  body sore. stop.. ache and pains.. stop.. and don't do this again.. of which of course, I am not paying any attention to it...   any day on the go with my daughter,
is a good day.. Got lots of days coming this winter to ... relax.. and stop..
Also the King is home with a cold.. but that is another post... lol

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Held Hostage once again..

Here we go again... the country and it's tax payers are
being held hostage once again... by the welfare bums of

After all who else who lives in American can decided their own benefit package, their own wages and raises... and live off of the common man, more than your state Congress person we send off to Washington, D.C.

Yet here they are, once again.. holding us hostage to their whims of black mailing their fellow Congress person of the other parties.

Neither party is anything to brag about. One is just as bad as the other.

Is it me, or does it seem like they have done this more in the past 10 years then they have ever done before. Or was I too busy raising kids to know that this is a yearly sport of Congress.

I wish I could blame it on the clowns from California, or Nevada.
But this time of the head clowns who is
in this circus.. is our very own Mr. Labrador of Idaho, who has decided to black mail the Democrats with, he will shut down the government unless Congress will throw out Obama Care.  Talk about ship of fools. 

We all know the routine.. strutting up in down in front of the camera's and threats to the citizens who can least afford it the most... are left wondering if they get to eat after the first of the month.  Putting the elderly thru anxiety attacks... Which isn't it the 18th Amendment
that is against cruel and unusual punishment. Such punishment as would amount to torture or barbarity, any cruel and degrading punishment not known to the common law. Don't you think this applies to what they

do to the taxpayer each time they pull this crap?  

And of course, at the 11th hour... Congress pulls their heads out of the dirt (you thought I was going to say the other, didn't you) and come to an agreement........... until next time.

So for the next two weeks  we will have to listen to this crap. But I am not...  I will wake up Oct. 2nd and watch the news and see how it went..  And hope my SS check came in on the 1st.. like it is suppose to.  Until then, I guess it is Duck Dynasty with the King.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I watch on television .... while waiting for the news to come on,some of the blurps of a show, and the subject is... Miley what's-her-name.
and her latest show on the MTV, I think, awards show.
To me it is a lot of bs...  First she is NOT Hannah Montana... there was only  a fake person.. on a show by that name.. (I think the show name was that).  So get over it, people... this young lady was an
ACTRESS, portraying Hannah .... AND that was a few years back.
Now she is a 20 something young lady.

I get it that they are horrified of how she acted, and dressed. And this is not the way I would have at her age.. Heck, we were put down if we had skirts above the knee...  But anyway.. she is an entertainer... she
was entertaining the people...  No worse than Brittany, or Lady Gaga, and others of that generation and who are entertainers.  And if this horrifies you... then maybe you should not have been watching MTV.
I don't, because that isn't my type of entertainment.   Those who are horrified because of your daughters, well, I feel bad for you parents,
if the highlight of your child is an entertainer. And not you. By the way, have you ever been to a club that has the 20 something group? The glimpse that I have seen.. is the girls are not dress... as
it would be contrary to say they were dressed, with as little as they can get out of their parent's house, to go.... or as little as they feel they can get  out ... without getting arrested.   Looking at the girls who willingly work in the little coffee shacks with pasties on,
shows where the mentality is for the 20 something.    So those who where shocked by Miley's performance..... get a life.... (and yes, I know her name is Miley Cyrus) (I personally shake my head, and think I fought for women's rights for this?)

The people who are horrified by the Russian President, coming up with an idea of how to handle the Syrian's use of chemical warfare, and that it might be workable... sorry but I am not... I am of the thought,
at least someone has come up with an idea, that the Syrians will even give thought to.. is a good thing.. who cares who came up with the idea.
Good ideas are not just in America only... at least, last I heard we didn't have the corner market on it. So I don't care who gets credit.. just as long as it gets done. And not just two old warriors rattling sabers.
  I just wish the UNTIED NATIONS, that we all pay dearly for... would get a back bone, and have all the countries behind getting the chemicals taken away from all countries.  But fat chance of that...

stepping off soap box... 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Filling out doctor office papers....

Now over the years we have all had to fill out those
papers of who you are, what you have had in your life
time and who is going to pay the bill information.

This is when you go to a new doctor.. Usually the
name, rank, address, and who is going to pay for this,
fills up the first page... then if you are lucky.. what
you have had over the years is a matter of a check list,
on the second page.

Not anymore.. and not necessarily just when you got to
a new doctor. 

Case in point, the King had to go in for his yearly check up. They hand him a clip board and a bunch of papers... which of course, like most men with their wives with them.. hand the clip board to her.  I looked at this.. and then told the gal, you know this is just his yearly check up and the same thing is true this year is the same as last year.  She replies, with no reaction, this is a new form... so please fill it out.

I take it back to the chair where I was sitting and started to fill it out.. Well, I am here to tell you... I ended up marking N/A on a good share of it..

Oh, I filled out the same old, same old.. name, rank and who is going to pay for this... then clicked off the list of what he has had in his life time.. and also what meds he is taking.. Which when you consider the doctor is the one who prescribed them to him.. you would think they would already have that in the records.
Both the King and I carry copies of the papers they give you when you pick up your meds from the pharmacy.. just in case. It has the dose as well as the name and etc.

But now.. they want to know..... do you own a gun?  What is you sex life is like... to the embarrassing point of how often and etc.
N/A..... N/A..... N/A.... N/A... are you thinking of suicide?
No, and HELL NO. 

I had heard that they were doing this for the service men.. and I can kind of understand with the new vets... with suicide being a daily happening... but the common man?  And even if ... just saying..
even if the person who is suppose to be filling out these papers, is he or she really going to admit, they have sex rarely? and why?and are they going to admit they are thinking of suicide? Last I heard they are the last one to admit it... and then lastly....
DO YOU OWN A GUN.. what person.... especially a man who
lives in Idaho... does NOT own a gun...   ok, ok, there are the rare ones.. but i think we can safely say 85% or more of the men do. And in this day and age... who is going to admit it...

Remember the doctor probably only reads about half of this stuff, and if you are a long time patient... he rarely does... he asked you, so what is new?   But the office staff does read it... and the insurance people do... and frankly.. it is none of THEIR business about my
husband's sex life and if he owns a gun...  he is only here because he needs his meds updated..  And none of these things have anything to do with what he has.  And if there is more.. he will talk to the doctor
about it, not write it down.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Pity party....

I woke up Thursday morning...dragging myself out of bed, with no ambition.. and starting a pity party for myself...

I was bummed because I couldn't figure out my computer...
and I couldn't multi-task anymore...
It seem like every time, I had more than a few things in the works, it would mess up and scramble with my molecules...

So I dragged my pity party butt out... and then I think my
A.A.D.D.(Adult Attention Deficiency Disease) must have kicked in... 

I was fixing my breakfast, and saw all those tomatoes that I needed to do something with.  I had looked up the recipe the night before on how to make marinara sauce.   I got the onions out and the peppers, and the garlic with olive oil and started to cook them... got out the Vita Mix and ran the tomatoes thru that... Got my roasting pan out... added my Italian seasoning to the onion mix... dumped it all in the roasting pan, mixed and put it in the oven.. for 4 hours... at the same time, while waiting for the onions to sauté.. I stripped my bed. put on new sheets. Ate breakfast, put the roaster in the oven, started up the washer for the sheets I took off...

Sat down while things were cooking, and washing.. fiddled with the computer.. restoring and etc. until someone from higher above took piety on me and had the computer magically fix itself when I made the correct click on... to which I have no clue what I did, so can't do it again.. if it happens again.

With that done, I turn to the sauce to see how it was tasted kind of bland.. so added some dried onions, more seasoning... and put it back.

Got the mail from my neighbor to mail, got the other mail..ran to the bank and got things done there... came back and tasted the sauce.. EXCELLENT.

Which brings me to the problem of did I make the sauce taste as good?  Because I don't know how much I put of each in it. so won't be able to duplicate it.  Kind of like a meat loaf I made some time ago... it was the best, the most moist, tasting meat loaf I have every made.. for the life of me, I don't know what I did different. But
I have not be able to do it again

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Some where over night, my computer decided to change its pages to from Microsoft Word to something else in the Microsoft Office..
So everything I have in my documents and my blog file.. I can't get in to.
I have no clue how to change it back...

I hate it when the computer decides for me... what it is going to have with out even asking me..  Luckily, I still have Ms Word on my desktop and my last use was in it.. but all my files that I have had, changed.

So I know what I am going to be doing all day.. trying to figure out how to get it changed back.  Which frustrates the hell out of me..
I never do well with changes in the first place.. 

So this is going to be a short post today... got to go figure out
how to undo it.. as this is driving me nuts...

I got it fixed... but I don't know how I did it.. so hopefully it doesn't
happen again.. I was going thru things.. restore didn't do it.. re-entered
my office program.. didn't do it.. saw this ...clicked on it and hope and
pray... which took me to second two and click on one with fingers crossed.
WA...LA... fixed.. how did I get that far... don't have a clue...but it is not for

me to question why... it is for me to do or die..  Thank God, that is done. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Everyone who reads my blog know the name I use to
refer to my husband is THE KING…

This is a name he has gave himself… which I am beginning
to figure out that a lot of husbands have used the name to
refer to themselves.. in their household…   That is the key
part…. In their household.

I believe my brother in law says something to the fact of
“THE KING HAS SPOKEN”… and I think my son in law,
says something to the fact… “IT IS GOOD TO BE KING”.

Any one who has come to our house and sits in our living
room, this picture is familiar. It is or at least it was the largest
recliner they sold at the time.. I think it was referred to as the
Mustang.  And normal size people… two could sit in it… maybe
a little squished, but it is doable.  The King loves this chair…
Maybe I should say his throne… lol..

Now look at that chair… and see the surrounding? Do you see
something? That would clear up any doubt that this chair belong

This week, my daughter was at a store and came across a
sign.. Of course, she had to buy two… after all there are two in
these two households...

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


There are 4 fingers on most people’s hands…
Yes there is the thumb too.. but that is different.

There is the first finger…. The pointer finger…

Then there is the second finger….it is finger salute finger
Not nice..but a salute to let some one know, they are number

Then there is the 3rd finger… Now I never paid much
attention to the 3rd finger.. it usually is thought to be the
ring finger… and is the case for most. But other than holding
the ring, I never gave it much thought.

UNTIL last Friday.  At the hour of 1pm.. just a mere two hours
before I was to leave for a weekend trip.. A DAMN YELLOW
JACKET… decided to make my life miserable.  It stung me
on my 3rd finger.  I immediately removed my ring…
This also happens to be my right hand… and I am right handed.

I grabbed the tobacco stub that my son left in my firepit. Spit on it and put it on my finger tip where miserable yellow jacket stung me.  Being I had one sting m e just a mere 7 days before on my arm I was prepared… The good old stand by.. tobacco and spit. It worked on my arm… took the sting out and just left me with a itchy arm for 3 wonderful (NOT) days.. but at least no pain.

Well, I don’t know what this yellow jacket had to eat that day, but not only did my finger swell up, but the second one was looking like it was going to join it. Got my rings off fast…

We left an hour later, and my finger is not getting better. And now my hand is itchy  I put on cortisone 10 to get rid of the itch…
By night fall the back of the hand was swollen up….
Looking like a bad boxer’s fist.  I  had already tried ever home remedy…
copper penny.. did not work.
Vinegar and baking soda… did not work.    
My sister in law had gave me some Benedril and pour some stuff on it.. It helped a little and the pill made me sleepy…

I woke up the next morning…with not only a hellachious (is that a word?) swollen hand, and two fingers.. but it also was so tight, it formed a blood blister on the side of the finger.  And a start of another in the crease of the joint.  NOT GOOD. 
So off to a clinic.. immediate care type one. Very nice young lady gave me a prescription for two types of pills and gave pacific directions… Also mention that in their area.. Tri-cities, there has been a few yellow jackets and hornets that are carrying MERSA with their venom…  NOT GOOD…  mine did not.. thankfully.

So here we are 3 days later… the swelling is down… on my hand and 2nd finger…and mostly down on my 3rd finger… but still have the blood blister, trying to shrink… but at least I can sleep without help.

I also figured out that the 3rd finger has several important jobs.. like the rest area for holding a coffee cup while the others fingers hold it. And typing… a stiff finger doesn’t not type well… also do you know that the pen lays across the 3rd finger and you just thought the thumb and first two fingers did all the work.. And then gripping a medicine bottle to open it… not good.. painful actually…
I found out, because I could do none of these.. or at least with great difficulties.

But it is days like this.. that a shot of something to drink… seems in order.
At least a glass of wine.. but not with these pills.

So watch out …..out there… oh, by the way, I did not do anything to this darn miserable bug to deserve this.. it just landed on my finger and before I could react… it stung me… and went on his way.

Be very careful out there… they also are putting their nest in the ground.

And the King found out from a friend, a remedy for these little sweet hearts. A quarter cup of raw hamburger… same size tuna fish… and 2 Frontline, or an equal product… drops that you put on the back of your large dogs neck…
Mix well… place where no animal can get it…. Supposedly the yellow jackets/ hornet will eat it.. take it back to their nest and it will kill all of them..

Myself.. seeing is believing..  we are going to try it tomorrow.. as my traps are filling up fast… and there is still plenty out there.