Thursday, September 12, 2013


Some where over night, my computer decided to change its pages to from Microsoft Word to something else in the Microsoft Office..
So everything I have in my documents and my blog file.. I can't get in to.
I have no clue how to change it back...

I hate it when the computer decides for me... what it is going to have with out even asking me..  Luckily, I still have Ms Word on my desktop and my last use was in it.. but all my files that I have had, changed.

So I know what I am going to be doing all day.. trying to figure out how to get it changed back.  Which frustrates the hell out of me..
I never do well with changes in the first place.. 

So this is going to be a short post today... got to go figure out
how to undo it.. as this is driving me nuts...

I got it fixed... but I don't know how I did it.. so hopefully it doesn't
happen again.. I was going thru things.. restore didn't do it.. re-entered
my office program.. didn't do it.. saw this ...clicked on it and hope and
pray... which took me to second two and click on one with fingers crossed.
WA...LA... fixed.. how did I get that far... don't have a clue...but it is not for

me to question why... it is for me to do or die..  Thank God, that is done. 

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