Thursday, May 25, 2017



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Throw back Thursday..May 27, 2005..Memorial Day Weekend

Also known for the beginning of summer.
Usually the first picnic or b-b-que. Family
and friends get together. While I am one of
those who use to do this and some time still
do. I am ashamed to admit, that I, in the past, 
have like thousands forget the real reason for
this holiday.

Now that I am older I honor this day, but
sometimes not thinking about the real reason
it was started.

It is a day, Memorial Day, to honor all the
service men who gave up their lives so we have
the freedom we all enjoy today. We also use it
for honoring our own family and some times
friends by placing flowers on their graves. Which
is what I do now that I am older. Maybe because
when I was younger, I didn't have anyone
who had passed away. So therefore, did not
think about what the holiday is really for.
When you are young you don't think about death.

This year, as I go with my husband out to the
cemetery, I will also keep in mind our young
men who gave up their lives this year and in
the past. Just so I have the privilege to complain
about how the government runs our lives, so
I can retire and take my daily life for granted,
so I have a roof over my head and food for my
belly and for my well-being...mental and physical.

All because some young person fought for all of us. Lest, we not forget.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Senior citizen's social time and taxi service.....

May 24, 2017
Senior citizen’s social hour and taxi service..

My aunt told me years ago.. that once you past 70
your social time consist of dr. dentist, and other dr.

And it is starting to be that way for us.. between
the King, my granddaughter and her son, and now
me.. that is our social time.

Yesterday it was 8 am for the granddaughter to take
her son (our great grandson) to the dentist.. Yes, he
is only 10 months old..This was his meet and greet
appointment, so he won’t be terrified later. lol

Also the King had a doctor appt. at 8:30am… So
dropped off the kids at the dentist, took the King to
the dr. office, … made sure all the paper work was

And then headed back to the dentist to pick up the
kids.. and back the to Dr. office to pick up the King.
Luckily for me.. only a 10 minute wait for her. And 15
minute wait for him.

Next week it is a yearly wellness dr. appt for me..

The following  week, it is back to the Dr
for the granddaughter check up.. and the next day
to the doctor appt. for my eye doctor.

Are we having fun yet? 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

HOLY COW.... 347

On a daily basis… I get about  average…
25 to 35 readers of this blog…

By most standards, that is so little, why bother
You might ask… and to be honest with you.. I
Have asked myself that question a zillion times.

I always said I would keep trudging thru this.. as
Long as it is fun… and 90% of the time, it is still
Fun… But I have narrowed it down to 4 days..

I also said, if I run out of things to say.. and there
Has been a lot of those, where as we say.. we
Called it in..  And when I am thinking seriously
Of quitting.. and take time off.. something always
Comes up.. Something that makes me laugh.. or
Something that ticks me off.. and need my soapbox.

Also I have a silent reader.. she doesn’t add up
In the numbers of views.. because you see.. once a
Month I print up my blog for the month and send it
To her..  She is my most faithful reader of all.. She
Always tells me that I am doing a good job..  So you
See, I got to keep writing for her..  ha..ha… She loves
The blog and has been reading it since the beginning.
And I don’t know if she still does it or not.. but she kept
All the print outs for years in a box.. (must be a huge
So you see… Auntie Jo… this one is for you… (I
Adopted her, and wrote years ago, why)…

But 347 views.. on Saturday....WOW.. OH WOW..  Now before I
Get a big head.. you got to understand.. I did put it
On Facebook… for my friends to see.. who might
Not have had time to go to the parade.. And while
I was at it.. I put it on Sandpoint Forum…for the same reason.

So you can see while it is true numbers.. it is far from the norm. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

HOW SWEET IT IS... 15 years in the making..

In the past couple years, you heard me mention
the truck my husband bought and worked
on.. for what seemed forever.. 
He bought it about 20 years ago..
Then he took it apart 15 years ago. 
He would tinker from time to time. 
but never really got serious until our
son's came up 3 years ago, and painted
it for him. 
Then he worked on it from time to time. 
with more passion and hours. 
Then last year... our grandson Mike
came back from Hawaii... 
Starting about January.. it was serious
working.. Every Saturday. 
Mike has gave up every Saturday since 
And here is the results.. 

the 1947 FORD PICKUP... 

 As Ken and Mike stood around waiting.. in line for the parade to start...
others came up and talked to them... asking question .. admiring it...

Then it was the start of the parade... and he was in the first 25 vehicles...

THERE HE IS... so proud... he and Mike

These pictures came from Mike's Mom.... as you can see.. Mike is just as hyped
as his Poppa...

HOW SWEET IT IS.. FOR SURE.. well worth the trip... we haven't dared to count up the $$$

Now people are asking.. what are these two going to do on Saturdays,   ha ha????
Knowing these two.. there will be another project.. maybe not as long and hard.. but they will be up to something...   if not.. there there is always ...FISHING. after all it is summer..
Again.. thank you sons..... Will, Gil, and Stan... for the push start with the paint job.. and
then the grandfather/grandson.. time.. Mike...

Friday, May 19, 2017

Lost in the 50's 2017... just a few of the beauty's

The Lost in the 50's would not be complete with out Auto Hause's car...