Thursday, May 25, 2017

Throw back Thursday..May 27, 2005..Memorial Day Weekend

Also known for the beginning of summer.
Usually the first picnic or b-b-que. Family
and friends get together. While I am one of
those who use to do this and some time still
do. I am ashamed to admit, that I, in the past, 
have like thousands forget the real reason for
this holiday.

Now that I am older I honor this day, but
sometimes not thinking about the real reason
it was started.

It is a day, Memorial Day, to honor all the
service men who gave up their lives so we have
the freedom we all enjoy today. We also use it
for honoring our own family and some times
friends by placing flowers on their graves. Which
is what I do now that I am older. Maybe because
when I was younger, I didn't have anyone
who had passed away. So therefore, did not
think about what the holiday is really for.
When you are young you don't think about death.

This year, as I go with my husband out to the
cemetery, I will also keep in mind our young
men who gave up their lives this year and in
the past. Just so I have the privilege to complain
about how the government runs our lives, so
I can retire and take my daily life for granted,
so I have a roof over my head and food for my
belly and for my well-being...mental and physical.

All because some young person fought for all of us. Lest, we not forget.

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