Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Loose Lips Sink Ships.....

Is it live, or is it Memorex?"  Remember that commercial?  That
came to mine today as I was reading a story put out
by Washington Post.

Is it true or is it a lie…  (my words for fake) news…

Seems the Washington Post put out a story about Trump
bragging about knowing so much intel, and then spouting
off some sources and stories of what you and I would call
spy information. Information that is only between the U.S. A.
and one of our partners. Which did not give Trump permission
to share.. never mind to share with RUSSIA.  

Of course the White House sent out the damage control
people who swore that they knew that things were not said.
Yet when they were swearing by… they were talking about
a different subject than what Trump was bragging about.

And of course anything said by the Trump team.. doesn’t
hold water unless you are a die in wool fan of Mr. Trump, himself.
Which there were people who were quick to quote the
Trump team denial.

Oh, and the kicker.. if it is classified.. and not to be repeated?
Well if the President decides it is ok to say it.. it is ok and not
Illegal…..   But you know, if anyone had done the same it
would be a case for treason  
So is it live (lies) or is it Memorex (what ever) 

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