Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Senior citizen's social time and taxi service.....

May 24, 2017
Senior citizen’s social hour and taxi service..

My aunt told me years ago.. that once you past 70
your social time consist of dr. dentist, and other dr.

And it is starting to be that way for us.. between
the King, my granddaughter and her son, and now
me.. that is our social time.

Yesterday it was 8 am for the granddaughter to take
her son (our great grandson) to the dentist.. Yes, he
is only 10 months old..This was his meet and greet
appointment, so he won’t be terrified later. lol

Also the King had a doctor appt. at 8:30am… So
dropped off the kids at the dentist, took the King to
the dr. office, … made sure all the paper work was

And then headed back to the dentist to pick up the
kids.. and back the to Dr. office to pick up the King.
Luckily for me.. only a 10 minute wait for her. And 15
minute wait for him.

Next week it is a yearly wellness dr. appt for me..

The following  week, it is back to the Dr
for the granddaughter check up.. and the next day
to the doctor appt. for my eye doctor.

Are we having fun yet? 

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