Monday, May 15, 2017

The blame game still goes on....

Here we are, 6 months after the election was done.
And yet, the blame game still goes on…

I always thought the Republican party people
were the most vicious.. heck,  the Democrats put
them to shame..

You lost.. fair and square.. well as fair and square
as politics get.  So get over yourself.. Stop making
others miserable with your protest and stopping

It isn’t like Trump won against… say Lincoln or
Roosevelt or Kennedy..  it was Hilary, for cripe sake.

No, I didn’t vote for her over the FBI … email
stuff.. I didn’t vote for her because she was a LOUSY
CHOICE..  You all lost because you ran a crappy
candidate.. One with so much baggage, that she
would have sunk a battleship. Even against a clown.
So if you Democrats are going to blame anyone… look
in the mirror… In 2020 you darn well better have some
one ready… and stop playing the blaming game.
That goes for 2018 as well…

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