Tuesday, May 23, 2017

HOLY COW.... 347

On a daily basis… I get about  average…
25 to 35 readers of this blog…

By most standards, that is so little, why bother
You might ask… and to be honest with you.. I
Have asked myself that question a zillion times.

I always said I would keep trudging thru this.. as
Long as it is fun… and 90% of the time, it is still
Fun… But I have narrowed it down to 4 days..

I also said, if I run out of things to say.. and there
Has been a lot of those, where as we say.. we
Called it in..  And when I am thinking seriously
Of quitting.. and take time off.. something always
Comes up.. Something that makes me laugh.. or
Something that ticks me off.. and need my soapbox.

Also I have a silent reader.. she doesn’t add up
In the numbers of views.. because you see.. once a
Month I print up my blog for the month and send it
To her..  She is my most faithful reader of all.. She
Always tells me that I am doing a good job..  So you
See, I got to keep writing for her..  ha..ha… She loves
The blog and has been reading it since the beginning.
And I don’t know if she still does it or not.. but she kept
All the print outs for years in a box.. (must be a huge
So you see… Auntie Jo… this one is for you… (I
Adopted her, and wrote years ago, why)…

But 347 views.. on Saturday....WOW.. OH WOW..  Now before I
Get a big head.. you got to understand.. I did put it
On Facebook… for my friends to see.. who might
Not have had time to go to the parade.. And while
I was at it.. I put it on Sandpoint Forum…for the same reason.

So you can see while it is true numbers.. it is far from the norm. 

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