Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Who Killed May DAy???

As a child, at school… we had a May pole… even in
kindergarten, I remember singing with others and dancing
around the pole.  I think it was a teeter pole in his normal
days.  There were colorful ribbons attached to the top, and   
we each had the ends, as we danced around the pole,
weaving back and forth, as instructed by our teacher, until
we were close to the pole at the end.. which we dropped
our end…  We would look at our fine art of a pole of
many colors.   I have not heard of children doing this for
years… I think my kids did it at an early age, like maybe
Ii the first or second grade.

And along with this tradition, we had May Day flowers..
That we delivered to doorsteps, rang the bell and then
we ran.  I kept this tradition in my own family with my
kids… even had my grandson do this for a neighbor
about 15 years ago… She was so thrilled as she remember
doing it as a child. 

There were many versions of that tradition… I am sure
if you google it, you will find all kinds of types and place
where they did it.. I don’t know how it got started.
The giving of flowers in secrecy and the May Pole.
But I had the kids put the flowers, tied with a ribbon,
on the porch of the elderly….
And if we were lucky and hid enough but
still could see the wonderment of their faces, as there
was no one there, and then spotted the flowers and
the smile on their faces, of days gone by.

So who killed MAY DAY? It was an innocent enough
celebration… a tradition… of century old… what reason
Is there to let it go.. Especially in this day and age.

we need traditions and celebrations of joy. 

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