Monday, May 22, 2017

HOW SWEET IT IS... 15 years in the making..

In the past couple years, you heard me mention
the truck my husband bought and worked
on.. for what seemed forever.. 
He bought it about 20 years ago..
Then he took it apart 15 years ago. 
He would tinker from time to time. 
but never really got serious until our
son's came up 3 years ago, and painted
it for him. 
Then he worked on it from time to time. 
with more passion and hours. 
Then last year... our grandson Mike
came back from Hawaii... 
Starting about January.. it was serious
working.. Every Saturday. 
Mike has gave up every Saturday since 
And here is the results.. 

the 1947 FORD PICKUP... 

 As Ken and Mike stood around waiting.. in line for the parade to start...
others came up and talked to them... asking question .. admiring it...

Then it was the start of the parade... and he was in the first 25 vehicles...

THERE HE IS... so proud... he and Mike

These pictures came from Mike's Mom.... as you can see.. Mike is just as hyped
as his Poppa...

HOW SWEET IT IS.. FOR SURE.. well worth the trip... we haven't dared to count up the $$$

Now people are asking.. what are these two going to do on Saturdays,   ha ha????
Knowing these two.. there will be another project.. maybe not as long and hard.. but they will be up to something...   if not.. there there is always ...FISHING. after all it is summer..
Again.. thank you sons..... Will, Gil, and Stan... for the push start with the paint job.. and
then the grandfather/grandson.. time.. Mike...

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