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Throwback Thursday.. May 6 2005

 MAY 06, 2005

Some of Life's Rewards

Life has many rewards. One usually is looking
for the big ones.. But it is the small ones that
sustain us. They are the ones we over look,
take for granted. Yes, we might, and I do mean
might, relish them at the time. I say might
because a lot of times they happen and we take
it in stride without thinking about it.

Life's rewards are the birds singing as you walk.
A person you see as you go by who is dancing a
jig, or playing with a child, or just has a happy
grin on their faces. All of which make you smile.

It is a Mother's day card from an adult child who
took the time to write a few words. Especially a
son, because wives become their secretaries, so
it has the standard from XXX and OOO and children.
Every wife does it. I did it for many years. But
from time to time, a thoughtful son will take it
upon himself to write a few words in. The ones
that get the Mom's tears to drop are the ones of

Thanks for saying doing my best was good
enough, thanks for squeezing when you hug,
thanks for being tough when it wasn't popular, and
thanks for the adventure that was my childhood.

From the mothers view, it is validation that you did
something right. That your child didn't think you
were just there. All the hard work, the tears, the
laughter, even the moments of anger words, were
worth the ride of parenthood. And you truly wish in
your heart, that your adult child gets to enjoy the
ride as well. And someday your grandchildren will
thank their parents... Thanks, no I really mean it... thanks.

So Happy Mother's day to all of you Mothers,
Grandmothers, stepMothers, adoptive Mothers,
and those who step up to the plate to help a child.
The road is bumpy at best, but the rewards are
overwhelming. Some of them great, and some of
them small.
God Bless all of you.....

And also the unsung heroes, the dad's who make sure that
the Mom's are honored until the children are old enough,
to do it themselves.

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