Monday, May 08, 2017

A bucket list

mother natures benchs... rest of the pictures are below

It didn’t start out as a bucket list items.. In fact I don’t
have a bucket list.. Couldn’t think of anything I really
;ike to do, except maybe ride my bike on the Bypass

I had the day to myself… Can’t remember when I had
one so totally to me..  So I figured I would head out with
camera in hand.. maybe take pictures of all the fisherman
fishing for the big fish for the K-K Derby that is in our
area.   But after a trip almost to Clark Fork… on highway
200… there was not one fisherman, not one boat.. Must
be down the other end of the lake.

So I headed back to Sandpoint..went down the Bypass and
entered Sandpoint going to the beach area.  Just before
you enter the beach area… there is two roads. One takes
you to the depot for the train… the other takes you to the
Water Treatment Plant.  That is the one I chose.  Because
you see there is a walking trail.. Pend Oreille Trail. It is
fairly new.. about 3 years.  What I like, just as you go to the first
bend is the mill ruins. There is cement foundation where the
mill use to be.  There is a lot of graffiti on the land side. But
out towards the water, there are forms that you can walk
among and even under. In the winter they are totally exposed.
But with the rains, the water has come up some what. So I
took picture of the ruins… and some of the newer graffiti.

As I stood there taking the pictures, I looked down the
Trail. I have never walked it.  I took a picture of the
beginning… and thought.. that would be a good bucket
list item.  Maybe when my daughter and I do a day
together we could do that. 

Then I saw a table and bench area just beyond the beginning
of that trail, just over a tiny hill. So I figured I would
walk down there and take some more pictures.  And do
it another day..   But then I thought why not try to go
down more.. I walked about 1/3 of a mile to a stack of
rocks that had people’s names on it as they did donations
to the trail. After taking a bunch of pictures.. I thought..
why not go a little further.. maybe go enough until I
could go back, if I was getting tired or hurting. I came
across a woman and a man.. I asked him, how far was
it down to the end.. that I had never walked it before. He
told me.. that the path was 1 and half miles…and I had
gone about a little more than a third.  We bide our good
bye’s after I told them, I thought I would go a little further,
but would wait until my daughter could join me.. At 77,
you never know if you are going to get into trouble. They
said to enjoy myself.  And off I went.. Totally thinking
I would go a little further..

I walked and took pictures from different views. Across
the lake, rocks, logs, and etc. And the benches with also
natures benches of cut logs.  I took a long shot, and thought.
do this… So off I kept walking. Taking pictures of babbling
water coming off the hill…. Of the train going by, with the
sign on the trail telling all of us, not to go any further, as it
Was railroad property with the rail above.. Do not enter.

I must be at least half way if not more.. And then said.. I can
do this…
After walking for quite some time and still feeling good,
I came across a sign…  it said…YOU ARE HERE!!...
Showing the map of where I was.. with about 100 feet
from the end.  YAHOO.. YAHOO.. I was thrilled. I walked
to the gate that said it was private property .. do not enter.
I HAD MADE IT… YAHOOL… so then I came up with
the great idea… take a ROCKY jump picture.. so I got my
camera out to find the timer… so I could put it on the
rock.. As much as I could go thru it.. I couldn’t find it.
Then I saw one that said format.. maybe that one.. Well
It was not that one.. as when I went to get out of it.. it clicked.
EVERY SINGLE ONE!!  Saying NO IMAGES..  my heart
sank.. Why is it when I do erase my pictures it ask me..
Do you want to erase these… it doesn’t not do it in the
Format area? 

So I stood up… and figured.. I did this.. I walked the mile
and half.. and I feel good, and I am going to walk it back
to the car… another mile and half.. I am not going to let
this get me down.  So I took pictures of everything I
could remember what I had taken before… And later
arrived back to the car… Still feeling good.  Still feeling
great that at the age of 77, I still could do it. See I use
to walk a lot. Always have since I was a kid. But the past
two years I haven’t walk hardly at all.. except in a mall
or store.   SO I was PROUD OF MYSELF… I DID IT.
Thank you God, for keeping this old body going.

So after this long post, here are some pictures. Hope
you enjoy them as much as I did taking them. And
walking.. Next time I go, I want to go on a clear day.
So I can get all the mountains, that you can’t see well
here in the clouds.

This bucket list item…. DONE…. 

 the I CAN DO THIS... moment 

 this is the Mill ruins water side
 the old mill ruins... land side... with graffitii  which changes from time to time. 

 the is the graffitti on the upper ruins... the one below looks like a skull 

 looking across the lake
 At the end.. telling about the old mill and etc..
 at the end of the trail...
 looking back at Sandpoint with zoom lens

 this is the sign that brought me joy.... this is 100 feet from the end.. stating you are here....
 this is the sign at the beginning of the path.. showing where you are at the start..and where you end

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Marianne Love said...

Good job, Cis. We amaze ourselves at times, especially as we get older, discovering that we can achieve a whole lot more than we think we can do. Proud moment for you, along with some nice pictures!