Monday, May 01, 2017

Do we pay any attention to good....

In  church they were passing out slips of paper with

Which got me to thinking, as we walk thru life, dealing
with other people, do we seek to find the good in them
or a situation?

Surely if you are a reader of Facebook the answer to
that is NO… HELL NO..  When I first started on Facebook
it was to see the pictures that my own children and then
grandchildren post. So I keep up with the family news.
Most of the time good, but sometimes not so good.

I started out with a lot of friends,  “FRIENDS” in the land
of Facebook can be just about any body who knows your
name.  Kind of like the bar Cheers.   But over time and
especially this past election, I ended up defriending quite
a few..And unfollowing family, and friends (meaning I can
go see on their page how they are doing, without reading
their rants of the day).

But be it Facebook, which now seems like it is spilling over
into life itself.. there is so many who jump to the bad side of
things and people. You heard it no matter where you go.
Well, maybe not at church.. but any event, or general talking.

Why is it we as humans seem to enjoy the bad side of things
or people. Judge how people look, how they act? Maybe, just
maybe there is a reason why some people are like they are.
If we walked in their shoes, would we feel the same….

I know I keep reminding myself, to not assume something
until I know that is the absolutely the way it is.
So for the week I am making a real effort to understand
more and look for the good in people and situations.. and

hopefully it will become second nature.. 

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