Saturday, April 28, 2007

Our Earth Angel is gone...

The man stand tall... 6 foot 7 they say.
Then a small tear comes to his eye, and
rolls slowly down his cheek...but then he
stops and smiles...

He kneels down on one knee and puts his
hand thru the clouds. And then slowly
brings it back up towards him, with a
gentle small hand in his. As he starts
to stand, up comes a woman, standing
so tall, all of 5 foot 2. She has a sweet
smile on her face...and says "hello, Darling"
as she kisses his cheek.

Today, our Earth Angel has left us, left us
feeling so empty. We are happy for her, but
we weep.... so hard we weep, for we are left
behind with this huge empty space.

She has become our Heavenly Angel, who
will look down on us from time to time, to see
if we are behaving. And are we carrying on her
unconditional love.

You see, she was my Aunt, on my father's
side. And as I have posted before, she
let me be adopted into her family. No legal
paper you understand... but the love was there.
She and my uncle called me Oldest Daughter,
as I was older than all of their children.

She has two wonderful daughters, who didn't mind
sharing. And three sons, who tolerate me too. And
when the King and I got married, they adopted him
too. I could go on about her family. 5 children, and
7 grandchildren... and I lost count on great grandchildren.

I could fill a weeks of post about the fun times,
the memories, the laughs, and the hugs thru
rough times. The hugs, the hugs, the hugs,
and the phone calls for many hours to all of
us...There isn't enough time or space to tell all.

So I will leave you with an image that has been
in my mind from the past... one that will be there
to the day I die. I have posted about it before.

My uncle and I were doing our daily morning
routine,coffee, kitchen table, and newspapers.
When we saw a vision. I had looked at his face
first. I saw the deepest of love in his eyes, words
just doesn't do it justice...and then a smile...

As I turn to look to see what gave him such
joy, I saw my Mom/aunt .... fresh out of the shower..
in her bra and panties....arms stretched out as far
as they could go, palms turn upward, and as she
hummed a song, she danced..... and danced...
swaying to the music in her head... smiling...
Good night my darling sweet Earth Angel,
may you dance with your Darling in heaven.....

Harriet & Everett
together again

Friday, April 27, 2007

Medical Testing

There are some really neat new
break through in the medical

When the King was in the hospital
I saw this little gadget, and a tubing
coming out, and it look like blood.
It seems that they can now take
your own blood when it seeps out
of a wound and run it thru a purifier
and return it back to your own body.

I heard last week that they can also
do in a small way, the same with our
cells. Pretty amazing stuff. I don't know
how that will play out with the stem
cell bit though.

Also they have new test that have
come forward in the past couple of
years. They have a test that can give
some idea of some diseases that you
might get. Such as Alzheimer's, which
is one of them that comes to mind.

Which makes me wonder who may
want to takes those test. Those that
can tell of a possible disease in the
future. Would you?

Before you jump on the band wagon
of those who want to know. Stop and
think. When you get a results back,
you get that results read to you by
your doctor. That is fine, as you want
him/her on board in case any symptoms
start to appear.

But the next in line to learn of those results
is your insurance company. Will those effect
your rates or will your insurance flat out drop
you because of the possibility?

Sad, when there might be preventive courses
to take, but those who are scare of their
insurance companies, won't do the test.

What about HIPPA you say. You all have
signed a paper at your Doctor's office, that
says that they won't tell anyone unless you
give permission. Not even your family. But
they will tell your insurance company. After
all, your health insurance is paying for the
test and the Dr. office visits.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Plea Bargains

What is with the plea bargain bit?
I was reading in the paper recently
several cases where they do a plea
bargain and the person does a few
months or probation.

I know they need to get the person
to admit their guilt. But at what cost?

We have had one smash a police officers
car, and fought with the officer. He gets

Another one who was a sex
abuser, who put a cloth over a child's
face with drugs in it. They plea bargain that
one and dropped sex abuse. It doesn't take
a rocket scientist to figure out what was going
to be next, if he hadn't been interrupted.

There have been several of these type of cases.
It appears to be lazy prosecuting to me.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Puppy and Me

The Puppy and Me

Free as the wind... puppy and me..
Yesterday was such a nice day.
So I decided to bike to the Post
Office and then I decided I would
take the puppy too.

I put on an extra big sweatshirt
and stuffed her in the shirt with
me. With just her head sticking
out the zipper slot.

There we were zooming down
the road, with her ears in the
breeze. Just puppy and me.
This is going to be a great

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Money, Money, Money

Like Donald Trump's show song.
It is all about the money...

In Idaho there is a man who sold
his boat, excuse me.. his yacht
and its shadow boat which housed
his helicopter. Now you can figure
out how big the yacht is. He sold
these little gems for 90 MILLION
dollars. He is using the money to
build a house in California. The
house has the locals in a twit as he
has done the same as he has done
for years in Idaho. He gets permits, and
then build what he wants and takes
the flack later when people figure it out
and some how never has to tear down
what he has built. Like the rest of us
peon's would have had to do.

90 Million dollars. That is what
he sold the yacht package for. Some
one paid 90 Million dollars.

Now I am just a country girl, but I can
not think what 90 Million dollars is. No,
seriously. 90 Million how much is that.
Living life as I like to live it, maybe a little
better. Meaning having a new vehicle than
I now own. I can not get my mind around
90 million dollars. I couldn't spend that
much in a life time. Now I realize I am on
the shadow side of life, but still. 90 million
for two boats. That's all you get. Yes, they
are pretty. I saw them on the Travel Channel.
But all that money... for two boats. What a

I really have to give it to Bill Gates and his
wife. Who have gave away more money than
I have ever thought of having in my whole entire
life. Not for one item or two. But for man kind.
For health, for education for people who are less
fortunate than they are. Now that kind of money
I admire. There will be people millions folds, that
it will help, change their lives and better it. Now
that is the way to spend money. Not for folly...

Monday, April 23, 2007


I was reading the Sunday paper... the
Parade magazine to be exact. In there
is a small story about our Embassy in
Iraq. They are using one of the palaces.
But this is too small. Look pretty dang big
to me.

They are going to build another one as
they need more room. One that fits on ..
hang on to your hats, taxpayer... 65 acres!!
To the tune, (are you singing taxpayer, yet??)
nearly 1 BILLION dollars!! It has 6 different
apartment buildings. And two office buildings,
residences for the ambassador (you surely
didn't think he was going to be living in the
apartments did you?) and another resident
for his deputy. Also there is a gym, pool,
club, beauty salon, food court, vehicle repair
center, warehouse and an emergency exit.
Plus it has its own power and water.

And the next line in the article had me in
stitches... get this...

"When we build an embassy, we want to be
part of the host country's fabric, said the
retired Maj. Gen. Charles E. Williams."

Now I don't know about you, but when I watch
the news on television...the country's fabric,
didn't sound like the complex he was just
describing. I didn't see a city in a city for
a selected group of people. They looked
like houses made of stone, all open.

This retired Maj. General also said..that
the stories are wrong as it will only take
a mere 600 million, as Congress had
only gave less than the 1.3 BILLION
originally planned.

He mention that the Cambodia
embassy has wedding parties taking
their pictures in front of theirs. Yea,
probably so they can have their picture
taken in front of the most expensive
place in their country.

And he said that they have built 42 new
U.S. embassies in the past 6 years...
So Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, multiply that
42, times the millions or billions that this
one cost...

Are you laughing yet, taxpayer? All this money
and you the taxpayer benefits how? They live
like King and Queens with their own food
supply and etc... while you eat hamburger
at home to pay for this. And we thought
Saddam was living high off the hog at the
expense of his country men. hummmmm.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


......HAPPY 37th BIRTHDAY...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I need a breather

This has been a hellish week.
Actually month.

A 4 year old beaten to
wash her own urine stain
clothes in a tub, and was
made to wear a dog shocking
collar... she is dead.

A horse shot, gutted, to
lay dying... it is dead...

College students shot
in Idaho at two different
colleges.... they are dead.

College students and a
Professor who tried to protect
them... shot... 32 in all ..last
count.. they are dead...

I need a breather... I need
this weekend... Hope you are
doing better. I know I am as
I started Thursday.

Just how do we protect the children?

I have said for years we should have
classes starting at 3rd grade or at least
4th grade. Class that teach how to solve
problems of dealing with other people. It
would define why people feel they can't
talk to others, that they feel that only
physical arguing solves matters.

This would be a class that is repeated
every other year. And at least twice
in high school where hormones rage.
With maybe a court of peers, where
problems that come up can be heard
out. Where they can be resolved.

Then we have to get serious about
self defense. Instead of teaching kids
how to climb a rope (they still do that
don't they?) and other repeats. They
should have self defense in the years
that are opposite of the problem solving

You say this is over kill? Get real people.
Something HAS to be done. You can not
keep going like it is. Do we arm the kids,
I don't think so. Guns are suppose to be
in the hands of people who can reason
without rage.(the adults aren't doing
well in this range). Sending every kid to a
shooting range before teen years, is
not a good thing.

Do we arm the teachers? Sadly, that
could be one solution. I am sure that
would scare the teacher, but then having
gun persons showing up in your class, is
scarier yet. Next, is where does the teacher
have the gun? In a drawer I would guess
would be the answer. But how do you keep
the kids out of the drawer? Lock it?? Then
how does the teacher get the gun, when a
shooter enters the room. Fine, when there is
an warning ...but for last minute? Not so easy.

What is the answer? I don't know...but some
one better come up with a solution fast. I still
think the life problem solving classes are the
answer. Let's try to take care of the problem
before there is trouble.

What, you don't think it could happen to
your school? You are a fool. Your town
is too small? Yea, right.

We have a very small town here, but
the phone company put in a large boxes
of some kind for the service in this area.
The boxes are side by side. About 5 foot
tall, 3 feet deep, by 3 feet wide. Two days
after they were finish... there was gang
type graffiti on the box... I asked the Sheriff,
who was at the post office, about it. I asked
did we have gangs here or was it just kids.
He said... it was gang want to be's. So far
we did not have them here...but they are

Scary... we have been saying for what,
20 years, we got to do something? So
how many more die before we actually
DO SOMETHING..... a rational solution.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mother's Day Pet Peeve

I got my ad from Hallmark today.
I was disgusted with it. It has the
newest and best of Hallmark for
Mother's Day gifts and cards.

That is where my peeve comes in.
There is Happy Mother's Day cards
.....for sister, daughter, grandmother,
friend and etc.

I am sorry, but I will not send a
Mother's day card to my sister,
nor will I send one to my daughter
nor daughter in laws. My grand
mother has passed so that isn't
an option, but if it was... I wouldn't.
They have children of their own, and
they can recieve them from their children.

I do not want to receive a Mother's
Day card from my husband, my sister,
my friends, or anyone else that I did
not give birth to. I AM NOT THEIR

The only exception to the rule as
far as I am concern, is a special
woman .... who filled in for your
Mother. Be it an Aunt or a special
friend of your mother... or just
an older woman who filled in,
for what ever reason.

I find cards for the others to be nothing
but a blatant commercial endeavor.

So if I am NOT your MOTHER... DO

And for those who I gave birth to..
well, it is up to you, if you think I
deserve one. Send one, but I rather
have a phone call.
End of rant...............................

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Our Children

Just where are our children safe?

We have seen where just about
every place a parent thinks their
children are safe, they aren't.

We also feel that once we send them
to college, the only horrors we feel that
can happen has to do with drugs or drinking.
Yesterday, as well as the Colorado High
School years ago, as changed our view.

Do we have our children armed to go
to college with guns? What are the ways
to protect from mentally ill people? Should
we have classes in school, starting at 4th
grade, self defense classes? Would these
college students been better off, if they
had thought to use a fire extinguisher or chairs
and etc.? Yes, 2 or 3 may have been killed,
but that sure beats 33.

The Nation is in mourning once again.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Just Some Concerns

The new email scare is going out about the Real Id that
is government base. There is truth and falsehoods to it.
I check it out on snopes. Even the truth part is scary to me.
No, we aren't going to have a chip put in our hands to know
who we are or where we are... But they are going to put into
force next year the REAL ID ACT. And these are my concerns.

"The federal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) says that
a Real ID compliant driver's license will be required in order to
access a federal facility, board federally-regulated commercial
aircraft, and enter nuclear power plants."

Now at first I wasn't too worried about that paragraph as I won't
be going to a federal facility, or enter a nuclear power plant..
but then the commercial aircraft that is federally-regulated...
well they all are, I think. So that would be a concern to me..
and then I got to thinking about that federal facility part.. does
that mean, if I go into a building that has the Social Security
office in it... I won't be able to enter, if I don't have one of these
"REAL ID's? Now I am getting worried.

"To many citizens the Real ID Act smacks of a National Card
Program, but the DHS maintains that is not so. It says: The
proposed regulations establish common standards for States
to issue licenses. That the Federal Government is not issuing
the license, it is not collecting information about license holders
and is not requiring States to transmit license holders information
to the Federal Government that the Government does not already
have (such as a social Security Numbers)."

Now this kind of made me do some thinking too.
After all... They say, that the States will collect this information..
if I understand it right. And they are telling us, that the Federal
Government will not ask the States for this information. Which I
got to tell you... I am going, yea, right. We all know how the
Government keeps their word, right?

Now my big concern is.... I just got my license. It is good for
4 more years. Did they already REAL ID'd me? And I didn't know it?
Or are they going to tell me that I have to come back next year in
2008 when this all goes into effect? Why do they try to fix something
that isn't broke? And besides, this all came out of the deal with the
19 men who crashed the planes into the buildings... now do you really
think they went and got American license? Don't you think they can
fake all the ID that the States will be wanting?
Well, anyway, you can go read it and see what you think about
this whole thing... the real true part that is... skip the false part.

These quotes that I used, are from this site.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Shhh, go away, I am hiding here so the birds won't see me.... now go... you will scare them away.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Made it

WHEW!! made it... Friday the 13th are rough on black cats you know...

Friday, April 13, 2007

It is week 5 and counting....

The King and I have been into
this recovery and therapy for 5
weeks now.

I had wondered how it was going
to be, as I had gone thru his
recovery of having his tonsils
removed about 6 years ago.
It was not a fun deal. But I
was also working at that time.
With only the first two days off.
Which turn out to be lucky, as
that was the most difficult time
for him. We found out at that
time he had a low resistance to
pain meds. Which made his recovery

This time I am retired. And it has
gone pretty smoothly. He came
home on crutches, and was turn
to a walker for the first week. We
got a handle on his pain meds
fast, and he ended up dropping
them very soon after he got home.
Trading them for Tylenol.

Second week, he was with a cane,
and into therapy at the office instead
of at home as the first week was.

The therapy has come along well,
he likes his therapist very much.
She and her gals do a great job,
and are very encouraging. I use
to work with her, many years ago,
so knew she was the best.

He had a set back this week, with
one of the parts over the knee. Nothing
big, just a little painful. And he can now
drive a car, short distances. Which help
his moral. He is use to jumping in the
car, when ever he wanted to, and go
where ever. So having to ask me if
we can go somewhere, has been
kind of hard on him.

So I try to think of some fun places
to go to on his off therapy days. He
would love to get rid of the cane, but
that is a while down the road yet.

I know he is getting better, as he has
gotten his back seat driver license and
is using it well. And I have to remind him,
that as much as I would love to
hear how he would have drove, or went on
a different street... that I was still the one
who was driving this horse.

It has been a slow process, but he is taking
it in stride, and luckily we have a great deal
of love for each other, so it has gone smoothly.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Passing of the Days

I am not only late today, but I don't have much
to say... so it should be short... Life has been
busy the past couple of days, and so is the
coming days.

Been saying good bye to old friends, and
watching their families handle the passing.
Have another this weekend to say good bye
to, and hug his wife who has been a long
time friend. And the King regretting not going
for that fishing trip, as promised.

And as I stand on the grass overlooking
the town, and listening to the words of
encouragement.. can't help to wonder
how I want my own to be.

So, kind readers, this is short as I head out
to help our daughter, and see if we can find
out what is wrong with her rig, while she is
at work.
Enjoy the beautiful sunshine....

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Visting Old Stomping Grounds

Being the King was getting a little
stir crazy, sitting home again... I
decided to treat him to a ride.

So I started out of town, and down
Highway 200. It would be a good ride
for him as he will get to look around
more. He looks around as he drives
and this is one of our bones we chew
when we go some where.

But today was to be his treat. He could
look at the farmer's fields for equipment
without the wrath of my voice. Which he
did. He got to see the growth of Hwy 200.

It is amazing how many homes are still
going in. We stopped in at Laclede to
see across the river. There was a house
that a friend of his use to own by the
Thama Ferry area. We could see the
old house but not the newer of the
two. The trees that have grown since
1988 was amazing. The change of
the old house was amazing too.
Complete overhaul.

We got to see many Osprey on our
way down the highway. Our next stop
was on the other side of Priest River at a
gas station. And we found gas $2.73.
I told the young lady there...thank you..
That we were paying 10 cents more up
our way. And we let the puppy out so
she could exercise her legs.

The whole town of Priest River was
pretty much the same. A few new
houses and businesses. We came
back and drove thru the town, and then
headed over the bridge. To our surprise
the gas station and restaurant that sat
on the river was totally removed.
Nothing but weeds. Which was
sad especially for me. As there
had a nice little room that sat above
the river. I use to go down there to
have coffee, when the kids were
driving me nuts. Sit there in the
quiet of the night and drink coffee
and think of how I could go back to
being super mom and get rid of
bitch mom. Also they had the best
pizza's there. Gone... flat... weeds.

As we went across the bridge and
saw the old Merritt's mill which now
takes up the head of the bridge, so
you have to go left or right. We went to
the left to head to Vay. Where we both
lived before we got together.

We didn't see as many houses as we
thought. But there were new ones. They
were huge. 3 stories, almost as wide as
a block.

We went by my old place, and drove down
the drive way we had, which is now a road.
And there is a gate across the unused drive
way we called home. The trees had grown so
much, I couldn't tell if the garage we built was still
standing or not. There was a great deal of
houses in the field, that was empty when I
lived there.

As we went up and down several of the old
roads, there wasn't much going on. A house
or two, not many. We went by the old Vay
Store, turning down the road that the King
use to live..still pretty much the same..
so we headed down to the Dufort road again.

That is where we noticed the growth. All
along Dufort road, there were new homes.
In what was once farmers fields...Huge
homes. Why do people have homes so
big? These homes, my present home
would fit in a wing of theirs. One after
the other. 3 stores high a lot of them.
Mansions in our eyes... And we wondered
why our county is crying poor, and the
roads are still bad. These homes must
start at $400,000 and many of them
more than that. So more taxes or the

It was a nice ride, and we were amazed
and sadden by it. Fun times, and places,
are long gone, and only in our memories.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Things I don't Understand

Manatees are on the endangered
species list. Well, they are so far.

See the Fish and Game decided
with the group in Florida, that the
Manatees don't need to be on it
anymore. They seem to think
that they are growing in population,
so don't meet the standards. They
aren't quite sure yet. They are going
to decide in a week or two. A committee

The part I don't understand, and
granted, I do tend to think logically
rather than the way most people think.

But they say there are 3,200 Manatees.
And last year in 2006, 416 died because
of boats. Now those numbers don't sound
good to me. If left at the 3,200 at 416 a
year dying... that is 7 years worth. But
there is new births each year, so say there
are about 600 new ones. (after all some of
those 3,200 are males and don't give birth).

But add into the mix, the growth of human
moving to Florida in the very places these
Manatees live. Which means more boats,
more waterfront growth.

I don't think the numbers are going to
add up quite right in the Manatee's favor.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Planting Early

Friday and Saturday were beautiful days.
So I spent both of them, digging holes.
Cutting back roses, cleaning up weeds.

For my birthday, several people gave me
plants. Checking out the months on them,
I planted all the April plants.

I put in Trumpet Vine (gosh that is
a spiney looking thing). Rose, and
several flowers that fit together in
bunches. In rows of 3. So about 20 in all.

Now we will see if God take a
piety on my folly of early planting.
For I am of the Black Thumb Society

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Plow Sign

One of the first usages of the Love Natural products.

Friday, April 06, 2007


In life, one collects friends like
flowers in a field. Some remain
for a lifetime... and others come
and go.

A good friend is hard to find some
times. But I have been very lucky
to have some of the greatest of
friends, who have remained with me
for many years. Some of them 20,
40, and 50 years.

But in life, there are some friends
who are not who we expect them
to be. Some of them are not
strong enough to stand the test.
Some of them outright betray us.

And today, we are in memorial
of such friends...who betray, and
who could not stand up for the test.

Good Friday

May you all have a Blessed Easter Sunday

Thursday, April 05, 2007

And then she was 67....

When I was 21... I thought I
had it great. Married, 1 and half
children......Live was good.

When I was 31, I now became
one of those that couldn't be trusted.
As the saying was, "don't trust anyone
over 30."

When I turn 40, I walked the same island
I did as a kid. But only 3 miles of it. And
thought ... what kind of fool was I.

When I turn 50, it was hardly a blip on
my life radar. Didn't seem to be such a
a big deal.

When I turn 60, it was a joyous day, shared
on a sunny Spring day, and shared with 6
of my 8 children, and so many grandchildren.
And I felt young.

And today, I turn 67. It is just another day,
yet, lurking in the back of my mind, I wonder.
I renewed my driver's license for 4 years, yet
as I walked out the door, I wondered.... will I
still be able to drive at 71.

Someone once told me, that life is like a roll
of toilet paper, the more you use, the faster
the years go by. But me... I will live every day
as if it is the first one. With wonderment and
hopefully God's blessing.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Today is the day

Today is the King's birthday...
April 4, is his day.....
God Bless the King and may he
Reign for many years to come…

And 26 working days from retirement
So he is a happy King.
Seems there are a lot of April births.
My mother, my grandmother, my
uncle, my daughter and grandson,
and a good share of my friends...
July must have been a very friendly month.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Rest of the Story.....

"When you come to the edge of all the light you know,
and you are about to step off in the darkness of the unknown,
faith is knowing one of two things will happen:
There will be something solid to stand on,
or you will be taught how to fly"
by Patrick Overton

What a wonderful saying. I have had this
saying printed out with a flower with no
title. It is taped to my computer room door.

It was sent to me about 3 years ago.
It has brought me a lot of peace of mind.
At the time I got it ... it was given credit to
a woman. So when I passed it on, I, too
added the woman's name.

Today, thru another blog, where they had
used it, because I had passed it on to them,
a commenter gave the rest of the story.

It seems that this poem has been passed on
for several years, giving credit to the woman.
I won't say her name, as I don't want to add to
it. But the commenter did contact the woman,
who did tell of the mistake. And what an
embarrassment, it has been to her. So after
getting the correct name, I went to his site and
thanked him for the many years of peace he
has given with the poem. And that I will correct
my passing the wrong name on, like others.

Also I got to see several other books and things
he has to offer. Very nice site. Here is the

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Monday, April 02, 2007

New Licenses.....

So our wonderful Governor Otter
has decided that kayaks, canoes,
and other such should be licensed.

His thoughts are that it is needed
for facilities maintenance, rescue
operations, rules compliance,
parking and access.

I hate to tell the Gov. that most of
these people don't use the facilities,
and parking and access.

Most of these people park along side
road, and carry these water flotation's,
to the water on their shoulders.

And as far as facilities maintenance
and rescues... well, does he plan on
licensing men, women, and children as
well? After all don't the swimmers at the
beach and etc. use the facilities? And
aren't they also rescued?

Maybe I shouldn't say that. We might just
ended up with license tags on our bodies.
Oh, just for the record, I don't have a kayak,
I do own a canoe, but don't like to go any
where out of the yard with it. If I am going
to ride in something, it has to be just short
of the Queen Mary. lol..