Monday, April 16, 2007

Just Some Concerns

The new email scare is going out about the Real Id that
is government base. There is truth and falsehoods to it.
I check it out on snopes. Even the truth part is scary to me.
No, we aren't going to have a chip put in our hands to know
who we are or where we are... But they are going to put into
force next year the REAL ID ACT. And these are my concerns.

"The federal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) says that
a Real ID compliant driver's license will be required in order to
access a federal facility, board federally-regulated commercial
aircraft, and enter nuclear power plants."

Now at first I wasn't too worried about that paragraph as I won't
be going to a federal facility, or enter a nuclear power plant..
but then the commercial aircraft that is federally-regulated...
well they all are, I think. So that would be a concern to me..
and then I got to thinking about that federal facility part.. does
that mean, if I go into a building that has the Social Security
office in it... I won't be able to enter, if I don't have one of these
"REAL ID's? Now I am getting worried.

"To many citizens the Real ID Act smacks of a National Card
Program, but the DHS maintains that is not so. It says: The
proposed regulations establish common standards for States
to issue licenses. That the Federal Government is not issuing
the license, it is not collecting information about license holders
and is not requiring States to transmit license holders information
to the Federal Government that the Government does not already
have (such as a social Security Numbers)."

Now this kind of made me do some thinking too.
After all... They say, that the States will collect this information..
if I understand it right. And they are telling us, that the Federal
Government will not ask the States for this information. Which I
got to tell you... I am going, yea, right. We all know how the
Government keeps their word, right?

Now my big concern is.... I just got my license. It is good for
4 more years. Did they already REAL ID'd me? And I didn't know it?
Or are they going to tell me that I have to come back next year in
2008 when this all goes into effect? Why do they try to fix something
that isn't broke? And besides, this all came out of the deal with the
19 men who crashed the planes into the buildings... now do you really
think they went and got American license? Don't you think they can
fake all the ID that the States will be wanting?
Well, anyway, you can go read it and see what you think about
this whole thing... the real true part that is... skip the false part.

These quotes that I used, are from this site.

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God's Helper said...

Now this has me really spooked!!