Monday, April 23, 2007


I was reading the Sunday paper... the
Parade magazine to be exact. In there
is a small story about our Embassy in
Iraq. They are using one of the palaces.
But this is too small. Look pretty dang big
to me.

They are going to build another one as
they need more room. One that fits on ..
hang on to your hats, taxpayer... 65 acres!!
To the tune, (are you singing taxpayer, yet??)
nearly 1 BILLION dollars!! It has 6 different
apartment buildings. And two office buildings,
residences for the ambassador (you surely
didn't think he was going to be living in the
apartments did you?) and another resident
for his deputy. Also there is a gym, pool,
club, beauty salon, food court, vehicle repair
center, warehouse and an emergency exit.
Plus it has its own power and water.

And the next line in the article had me in
stitches... get this...

"When we build an embassy, we want to be
part of the host country's fabric, said the
retired Maj. Gen. Charles E. Williams."

Now I don't know about you, but when I watch
the news on television...the country's fabric,
didn't sound like the complex he was just
describing. I didn't see a city in a city for
a selected group of people. They looked
like houses made of stone, all open.

This retired Maj. General also said..that
the stories are wrong as it will only take
a mere 600 million, as Congress had
only gave less than the 1.3 BILLION
originally planned.

He mention that the Cambodia
embassy has wedding parties taking
their pictures in front of theirs. Yea,
probably so they can have their picture
taken in front of the most expensive
place in their country.

And he said that they have built 42 new
U.S. embassies in the past 6 years...
So Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, multiply that
42, times the millions or billions that this
one cost...

Are you laughing yet, taxpayer? All this money
and you the taxpayer benefits how? They live
like King and Queens with their own food
supply and etc... while you eat hamburger
at home to pay for this. And we thought
Saddam was living high off the hog at the
expense of his country men. hummmmm.

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