Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Our Children

Just where are our children safe?

We have seen where just about
every place a parent thinks their
children are safe, they aren't.

We also feel that once we send them
to college, the only horrors we feel that
can happen has to do with drugs or drinking.
Yesterday, as well as the Colorado High
School years ago, as changed our view.

Do we have our children armed to go
to college with guns? What are the ways
to protect from mentally ill people? Should
we have classes in school, starting at 4th
grade, self defense classes? Would these
college students been better off, if they
had thought to use a fire extinguisher or chairs
and etc.? Yes, 2 or 3 may have been killed,
but that sure beats 33.

The Nation is in mourning once again.

1 comment:

LucilleNT said...

It hurts so bad to hear of our young people dying in a war where they are armed and can fight back, but this here at home in our university. When does it all end. I agree with you I would have picked up anything to stop him. May God take them in his loving arms and help heal their familys.