Monday, April 02, 2007

New Licenses.....

So our wonderful Governor Otter
has decided that kayaks, canoes,
and other such should be licensed.

His thoughts are that it is needed
for facilities maintenance, rescue
operations, rules compliance,
parking and access.

I hate to tell the Gov. that most of
these people don't use the facilities,
and parking and access.

Most of these people park along side
road, and carry these water flotation's,
to the water on their shoulders.

And as far as facilities maintenance
and rescues... well, does he plan on
licensing men, women, and children as
well? After all don't the swimmers at the
beach and etc. use the facilities? And
aren't they also rescued?

Maybe I shouldn't say that. We might just
ended up with license tags on our bodies.
Oh, just for the record, I don't have a kayak,
I do own a canoe, but don't like to go any
where out of the yard with it. If I am going
to ride in something, it has to be just short
of the Queen Mary. lol..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They want to tag your livesotck and other farm animals so we can be taxed on those, too!

I would be nice it they had some decent public access for the people who don't use the marinas to moore their boats. Cocolalla has only one that I know of. I would love to hoist a canoe on my shoulders and trot to the lake but that's not gonna happen at my age!