Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Money, Money, Money

Like Donald Trump's show song.
It is all about the money...

In Idaho there is a man who sold
his boat, excuse me.. his yacht
and its shadow boat which housed
his helicopter. Now you can figure
out how big the yacht is. He sold
these little gems for 90 MILLION
dollars. He is using the money to
build a house in California. The
house has the locals in a twit as he
has done the same as he has done
for years in Idaho. He gets permits, and
then build what he wants and takes
the flack later when people figure it out
and some how never has to tear down
what he has built. Like the rest of us
peon's would have had to do.

90 Million dollars. That is what
he sold the yacht package for. Some
one paid 90 Million dollars.

Now I am just a country girl, but I can
not think what 90 Million dollars is. No,
seriously. 90 Million how much is that.
Living life as I like to live it, maybe a little
better. Meaning having a new vehicle than
I now own. I can not get my mind around
90 million dollars. I couldn't spend that
much in a life time. Now I realize I am on
the shadow side of life, but still. 90 million
for two boats. That's all you get. Yes, they
are pretty. I saw them on the Travel Channel.
But all that money... for two boats. What a

I really have to give it to Bill Gates and his
wife. Who have gave away more money than
I have ever thought of having in my whole entire
life. Not for one item or two. But for man kind.
For health, for education for people who are less
fortunate than they are. Now that kind of money
I admire. There will be people millions folds, that
it will help, change their lives and better it. Now
that is the way to spend money. Not for folly...


Dogwalkmusings said...

Good point Cis. Does the Hagadone Corporation or family have any charity they support or foundation they endow for the betterment of anyone other than themselves? If they do I would like to know.

Wondering said...

Actually 90 million is what the yacht originally cost. He sold to an Itallian chap it for more! The man who bought the yacht had discovered he had terminal cancer and wanted to take his family for a special holiday. He did and then he died.

Wondering said...

I don't know about an endowment, but DFO always screams and rants about how DH treats employees. In point of fact, normally in such a sale, the ships crew goes with the ship. Since the Italian chap already had his own crew, DH gave his crew 18 months pay. Not too shabby!