Friday, April 13, 2007

It is week 5 and counting....

The King and I have been into
this recovery and therapy for 5
weeks now.

I had wondered how it was going
to be, as I had gone thru his
recovery of having his tonsils
removed about 6 years ago.
It was not a fun deal. But I
was also working at that time.
With only the first two days off.
Which turn out to be lucky, as
that was the most difficult time
for him. We found out at that
time he had a low resistance to
pain meds. Which made his recovery

This time I am retired. And it has
gone pretty smoothly. He came
home on crutches, and was turn
to a walker for the first week. We
got a handle on his pain meds
fast, and he ended up dropping
them very soon after he got home.
Trading them for Tylenol.

Second week, he was with a cane,
and into therapy at the office instead
of at home as the first week was.

The therapy has come along well,
he likes his therapist very much.
She and her gals do a great job,
and are very encouraging. I use
to work with her, many years ago,
so knew she was the best.

He had a set back this week, with
one of the parts over the knee. Nothing
big, just a little painful. And he can now
drive a car, short distances. Which help
his moral. He is use to jumping in the
car, when ever he wanted to, and go
where ever. So having to ask me if
we can go somewhere, has been
kind of hard on him.

So I try to think of some fun places
to go to on his off therapy days. He
would love to get rid of the cane, but
that is a while down the road yet.

I know he is getting better, as he has
gotten his back seat driver license and
is using it well. And I have to remind him,
that as much as I would love to
hear how he would have drove, or went on
a different street... that I was still the one
who was driving this horse.

It has been a slow process, but he is taking
it in stride, and luckily we have a great deal
of love for each other, so it has gone smoothly.

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God's Helper said...

Glad to hear the King is getting along. Of course we all knew he was a fighter and would recover. Big hugs, and how about an extra smooch for the King??