Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guest or Host ... who chooses?

We have all been on both sides of this coin.
We have been host to friends and family.
And we have been guest of friends and family.

When you are at someone else’s home, do you
chose the television show? Are you offered the
choice?  How about the music that is playing on
the stereo. Or even what is for dinner?

When you are the host… do you give choices?
Do you give the remote to the guest to have them
chose what they want to watch? Or ask what kind of
music they would like to hear on the stereo? What they
would like for dinner?  Or do you put on the music?
Make the dinner and tell the guest .. we are having
this and that for dinner?  Tell them where you are taking
them for dinner, or let them chose the restaurant.

Does it make a difference if it is family? Do you feel
more at ease and make the decisions because you know
them? Or do you have them go get what they want out
of the refrigerator/ have them help make dinner, turn on
the television or stereo? Let them pick the restaurant?

And if you are listening to a nice background music, that
you like, and they say, “don’t you have any other music?”
Or does it depend on how they ask?  Are you offended
If you aren’t given choices if you are the guest?

So who makes the choices when you are a guest.. or
when you are the host?

And with summer coming up… if people just show up
to stay with you.. or call and tell you .. they are on their
way to your house for a visit… are you ok with that? Or
does it upset you, because they didn’t ask a while back?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Fine Print

You see this page in the picture? Can you read it?
I have a heck of a time reading the directions. I have
pretty good glasses.. I can read normal printing… but
really.. what is with the deal of tiny printing.. even the phone
books now have smaller books with smaller print.  Even
people with good eye sight, have problems.

One of the problems is … each item you buy with a booklet
with it.. Manual…. has from 3 to 5 different languages. Now
if they didn’t have that, and only one language in the booklet
they would have enough room to have decent printing.

Maybe they should have the manuals there at the store… and you request your booklet in your language. And they can hand it to you.   Because I don’t know about the Spanish, German, French speaking public, but it seems like their print is small in these booklets also.

I have had this problem twice over the weekend as we are
getting different items ready for the lawn work.

Maybe I should start a protest…. Or a write in to companies.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Now how was that a good idea???

I guess I would be a lousy criminal. I think too much.
My parents taught me that actions have responsible and
consequences.  So I am always thinking … what is the
worse scenario.  This also taught me how to get thru
life’s problems.  If I think of the worse scenario, and what
I am going to do to handle that… then I am ready for what
ever happens. 90% of the time the worse doesn’t happen,
but if it does, I know what I am going to do.

So you have criminals who do actions, and then after you
learn why… and I ask.. how was that a better idea?

Some people go into a store and rob it. Now in Jesse James,
or Bonnie and Clyde days, it was a bad idea.
After all, you were in and out with the money. And  
dodging bullets of the people around.. (after all, all men
And some women had guns in those days)... dead men spend no money. But robbers of the 1960’s had a little more luck.
But as we all know.. rarely did they get away with it. Maybe
D.B. Cooper did… Now days, there are cameras everywhere.
If it isn’t the stores or banks security camera’s.. there are millions of people with phones with cameras.  From the days of Rodney King, it is harder to get away with anything.

Same with the  bombers who have blown up our country areas. Did it for why? To change what? What ever their reason, it never changed what they wanted changed.  Well, maybe not.. after all we have to go thru some mighty inconveniences now because of it. But politics and policies of the government have not changed to what they figure it would. And the cameras caught them either doing the deed, or buying the products of their destruction. The Boston Bombers were followed by cameras on a building across the street from the explosion. I am sure investigation has found them on cameras on another building, without the backpacks after they passed the other camera.  
Now they are either in jail for life or dead… how was that a better idea?
This is where I wish the media would not show pictures of this man that is left behind.(since he has been found). and all the others..and just refer to them as defendant number 1 or defendant number 2…
Show the damage, show the victims but give nothing to the criminal. And for God’s sake don’t call it the worse incident ever.. because that seems to lead to someone who wants to do better. So not liking our country and trying to destroy part of it, killing innocent people, who have nothing to do with your life.. then end up dead or in jail the rest of your life… that is a better idea?  

One guy killed a young woman…. And hid her body. Of
course she was found.    Why did he do this? Well, it seems
he had raped her, and she ran.. SO HE, runs after her and
grabs her and kills her. BECAUSE? HE WAS AFRAID SHE
WOULD GO TO THE POLICE….and he would get arrested
for rape. Now.. really how is killing her… a better idea?
Rape, a couple years in jail… Murder..25 to life. Oh, yea, that was a great idea.

Or the husband who didn’t want to pay child support or alimony, or divide the family finances and property… who kills, or tries to find someone to kill his wife.  So being in jail the rest of your life… that is better than sharing material things? Now that is a good idea?

I guess I just don’t understand that kind of thinking…

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Somehow this doesn't sound right...

We all are becoming aware of the fact that Congress is going to send down a bill for taxes on … online purchases.  They want every business to charge a sales tax on their product. And then send that tax to the state the purchaser is from.  Some how this doesn't quite seem fair..

You see…my question is..... if they are going to collect taxes for online purchases for the state that the buyer lives in....
What about the people who live in bordering states?

We live in Idaho.. we go to Spokane Wa. and buy things. We are charged Wa. tax but not Idaho tax.... So why would it be different for those online?

I could understand if they were going to collect taxes for their own state.. but not ours.. After all each state has their own type of taxes, and they are even talking about the local taxes as well. Sound like a can of worms to me. 

Buying online at a warehouse, or store... isn’t
any different than buying across the state border at a store or warehouse there... 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Can't wrap my head around it...

I have a hard time with people who see facts and still don’t get it.
Birthers are a good example of that. The ones who still believe that Obama wasn't born on USA soil/is a born citizen.  Even with proof that they asked for and received.  I just don’t get it.

Now we have the two brothers who did the bombing in Boston.
There are quite a few who don’t think the boys did it.
Even with pictures of the backpack on their shoulder and their clothing in the video.  The bag placed on the curb by the fence. The color of the items and the items left after the bombing.

They feel it is just a consequence that the same backpack was used in the bombing.  So how do they figure the oldest one had one exactly like it when they cornered them, and he threw it at the police officers?
And they found some of the clothing and things they made the bombs with, in the younger one’s dom apt.?

I have a feeling that even if these people saw a video of the boys stopping and placing it there, they wouldn't believe it.

I just can’t get my head around that kind of thinking. Granted, the US Government has lied to us in the past.. but this is Boston’s finest who is telling us.. it is the building across the street that had the video.
All I can do is shake my head. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

2 post for 1 day


A lot of people make it a big deal about the cameras in
the streets… be it stop lights cameras or whatever.
Invasion of privacy, they say.  You are on a public
street.. everything is out in the open.. what privacy?

And frankly, I don’t mind.. and after this past week, surely
you aren't… because if you still mind… have you realized
what they have found, just because of a little bit of lost of

How about the young girl who was nabbed in an intersection
of a city street? And that is how they caught her killer.

How many crimes.. robberies that were caught due to not only the camera’s in the stores but also the outside cameras of different businesses.

And how long would it be.. before they would have caught the Boston Bombers if it had not been for the cameras outside of businesses? If they would have ever found them?  In less than a week they have both, sadly one blew himself up with his own bomb in the attempt to blow up the police officers. In less than 3 days they knew who they were.

Who knows if there was a couple of neighborhood camera operating we wouldn't have to guess if OJ did it or not.  Who shot JFK?

These are different times, my friends… so, yes, I am comfortable with the cameras of the world… in and out of the stores… as long as they aren't in the dressing rooms.. but when I step out of the dressing room? I am ok with that too.. 

TODAY is EARTH DAY....and ...

Today is the celebration of Earth day… 
43 years ago, they designated this day 
to be Earth day… 

I know for a fact it is 43 years ago, because
 it is also my youngest birthday…
And I did the best I could to help out. I made
her my last one.. out of 8. lol…
As the doctor who sign the paper for me to have 
my tubes tied… after he found out that my husband 
had provided the earth with 14 children
(separately with different spouses) and this 
would be #15… said.. you two have done enough
for the population… where are those papers… 
and he sign it…. Lol..
My daughter gets funny looks when she tells 
people she has 14 brothers
and sisters. 


Thursday, April 18, 2013

This and That

Well, my walking is so so.. I don’t know what it is about it, but I can walk around Walmart from area to area, no problem…not even winded.. yet to walk the streets, seems harder. Maybe because the floor is level and the streets aren’t, so it is different to my legs.  I am doing to the post office and back fine.

But yesterday, I added an extra block.. which didn’t work out
so great. But I think it had to do with my shoes.. I wore my sneakers instead of my Joe Palooka boots that I am use to.  I had decided to use my sneakers because I figure they were lighter..  So tomorrow it is back to the boots. I also have to learn to slow it down a bit. See when I walk … I walk like someone with a mission. There is no slow and smell the roses…

I have always been a fast walker. Even the King says I walk too fast and when we are in the store, he has given up with keeping up with me..  Just I am one of those gals who knows what I came for. So I go from item to item, putting them in the basket and to the cashier I go.  No nonsense of dilly dallying.   

Also, yesterday, I took my gift certificate for a massage, and headed to the studio. (or whatever they call it) My gal pal decided I need to do the girly thing. She said it would be good for me.. and relax me.
I am here to tell you, having a stranger rub and pound on your body is not my way of relaxing. At least that was my thoughts as I drove down. But I have to admit, that after it was over.. my back did feel better… Noticed I said after it was over…

It took a little bit to get over having a stranger touch my body. But as she got going, I wasn’t thinking about a stranger touching my body …it was more of …HOLY COW.. the rubbing and pushing and pressure…. Pushing skin this way and that way. Bones, here and there… After half an hour of it.. it was over. And as I got back up and dressed, I felt a little light headed. (she did warn me and told me to 
get up slowly)

She was a very nice young lady. Very caring and explaining as she went.  It was a quiet time with soft music as she went about pushing this old body around.  About half an hour later, I have to admit I felt relaxed and no aches and pains.   So anyone who has ache and pains or stress, it is a good thing to do.. will I go again?
Well, I have to think about that… Still have issues about a stranger touching me… but… at least I didn’t fart..  

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Difference in bombing...

We are starting to bend with the flow with the bombings in USA..
World Trade Center… first one and second one… Okla.
Boston Marathon

We, once again, look on in horror of it all.. We have actually been very lucky over the years… After all you consider all the rest of the countries… neighborhoods blowing up weekly and some daily.

During a conversation with my English friend, Mel… she reminded me of what they have lived thru for almost a century. They had the bombing of London during World War II, they had the bombing from the IRA’S.  (Irish Republican Army, for those who forgot)…
And it seems to me
they had one in 2005…. three bombs exploded within 50 seconds of each other on three London Underground trains. A fourth bomb exploded on a bus in a Square. The bombings led to a severe, day-long disruption of the city's transport and mobile telecommunications infrastructure.

She said that the Boston bombing brought back memories of the 1970’s and 80’s with the IRA….who would bomb shopping centers and pubs.
Never knowing, always looking everywhere at everyone.

As tragic as this is… we, Americans have been very lucky compared to other countries… sadly I think there is more to come.  And Homeland Security is not the answer.  Homeland Security has over reacted in the wrong areas and slovenly in the important areas. It seems
like since it came in force under Bush… the American citizens seem to be the ones who are dissected like an ant, while foreign people run thru the country with little to no notice.  

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How did Bill Cosby do it?

Bill Cosby is one of my favorite comedians. I have seen many of his movies and his shows. I have seen his one man shows. I have bought his books and records in the past. The man is funny.

But I got to ask you… how many times have you watch Bill? Be it at a talk show or his own shows and laughed. Not only laughed but laughed hearty.

He pulled it off without one cuss word or nasty remarks about anyone. Unless You count his brother Russell… lol..

He told us stories of life. About his family, about his friends… who can forget Fat Albert….Weird Harold … Now days they would probably jump all over him for being insensitive with those names. People tend to jump over the smallest things.

I still enjoy Bill. Be it his humor or his common sense. One of his saying is a favorite of my daughters.  
I often find that people swear when they can't think of an intelligent  response.”

Why is it the comedians of today.. find it has to have at least 5 cuss words, in a joke or story? 
Guess I am getting old…

Monday, April 15, 2013

Who is at fault?

Recently there were some students who went to a Know Your Government conference in Boise. There are several hundred students thru out the state
that are chosen to go.

As I read the article in the Daily Bee, written very well by one of the students named Madelyn Nordby, for the Bee.  I thought what a great program.
They not only get to meet and talk to their own local Senators and House Representative, but have breakfast with them as well. There were several units of the government they got to participate in. One of which was the Judicial workshop.

They got to watch a mock court case, which 6 of them,  got to be the jury.
Which is one of my interest. I don’t know why, but I have only been picked one time for the juror list. Even then, out of the list of 24 to be narrowed down, I wasn't chosen. The rest of the time, was just listening.

In this mock trial, they had the scenario of two sisters, for a sister night out. While Kelly (the sister driving) looked down to text on her phone, she collided with Jamie (the driver of the other car).. The collision was bad enough to eject Kelly’s sister out of the car and she was pronounced dead.
It was found that Jamie had a alcohol blood level higher than legal. Jamie had been at a party before, but no one could testify if in fact he had been drinking at the party.. BUT
he did have illegal amount of alcohol in his system.

The mock jury of 6 had to decide if Jamie was guilty of vehicular manslaughter was fair, or should they blame Kelly because she was texting, not having her full attention on the road?   Having Jamie found not guilty. The group was split… 3 voted to find Jamie guilty. 3 found him innocent.

What would you have decided?

Myself, with the limited information.. I would have found both drivers at fault. Both were guilty of not being 100% aware.  His by alcohol (they didn’t say how much he was over the limit), hers by not having her eyes on the road.
They have had test where they say that a person texting is just as bad as a person who has been drinking.  So for me.. they would be equal. Had he not been drinking it would not have happen… if she had not be texting it would not have happen.

So for me to decide I would have had to know the rest of the story. Was this at an intersection, so each one got to the point at the same time? Did on blow a stop sign, or right of way…
Or did one of them cross the line into the other’s traffic?  And the other question I would wonder, is why wasn't the sister arrested and taken to court as well.
It would be a sad affair in deed, but.. had these two been just friends and the driver went off the road, and crashed with the passenger being killed.. The law would have found the driver at fault, if it was found that driver was texting.
So the blame is equal…

So who would you have found guilty? And if you find Jamie at fault, I got to ask… are you a texter? And would that color your choice?  And why do you feel the way you do?

I think this would be a great class for high school.. it might be good in many folds..  the law itself... for the students to see what happens when you are at fault... and judging others, will show it isn't as easy as it looks. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Itchy, scratchy.....

I bet I can have you scratching and itching (maybe that isn’t the correct usage) well, you know what I mean.. I bet, within 5 minutes or less.  Look at your watch… start now..

Ticks… fleas….. (are you starting?) and then the dredge of all parents and teachers… LICE….  Are you scratching yet? No?
give yourself a minute of two… of thinking about them..

I have stood tall, thinking…. No no.. I am ok.. but before I walk away, there I am .,. scratch scratch, here and there… My head starts.. even if it is just fleas we talk about.  Well, I just started so, did you?

What is it about those 3 varmints, that you have that reaction, even though you know you have none of them on you?  Just the subject gets you.. and God forbid if someone near you shows you one on them..  You will be scratching for at least an hour off and on..Is it nerves or is it the bug? It
will drive you nuts...for an hour or so, it will take that long to get it out of your head.  

And tick and flea season is around the corner.. or may have
already started with fleas…because we had such a mild winter. I don’t think we had it cold enough to …just a minute..(scratch,scratch) to have the fleas killed or dormant still.  

Sorry, got to go, (scratch, scratch) got to go find my back scratcher.
Then go to the store and get Misty and Rokon flea collars.. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What happen to honestly in schools?

I find it sad when you learn that there is cheating in schools. What happens, is the person is cheating themselves more than they are gaining, by cheating.

While cheating has been in schools since probably the beginning of time.. this time.. the news is again about the cheating by the teachers and the Administrators  

I had heard of it happening about a year ago, I think in Mississippi or near there. I thought it was a one time thing. But now it comes out that there are a lot of cities that have it happening. New York, Chicago, Houston, Washington DC. and Atlanta was in the news this week.   They are blaming it on the “No child left behind” and “Race to the Top” programs.  Sorry but that doesn’t hold water for me.

What kind of message are we sending to the kids? That you don’t have to try and if you fail, you try again.. no.. it is better to cheat and get it over with. Or cheat and you can get money for it (government bonuses for performance).  What kind of pride is that?

Also they are blaming the teachers.. I have a little trouble believing that. Administrators, yes.  As I can’t believe that the teachers would decide on this by themselves. But I can see the Administrators telling the teachers that is what they want.  What is the teacher to do, say no? And maybe
lose their job? As I am sure the Administrators wouldn’t say, oh, ok, Jim, you don’t have to, the others will.  Of course if all of the teachers at the school said no, then maybe.

This is sad on so many levels… no wonder there are so many parent’s who are homeschooling. Not to say they couldn’t do it too.  

Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Yesterday, I got ready to go to the post office. (we are so small we don’t
have door to door mail service).  I figure I would work this into my walking
plan goal.. So got the coat harness for Misty, as we usually go together.
BUT she headed in the bedroom and under the bed. She was having no
part of this walking with the weather. Not that she is a big fan of the walk
in the first place.  And last time she was out, about an hour before, it was
raining.. surely not her favorite weather.

So I took that as maybe I shouldn’t walk, but be a good day to ride my
bike to get the mail. (we are talking … what 8 blocks round trip.) to built
up more lung power..

As I head down the road and around the corner at the speed of slow lightening.
I am hit by a wind gust.  Everything is blowing everywhere.  And while
the streets of Kootenai look flat….. they are not. Each one rises up as
you approach the intersection. (maybe so you don’t slide thru in the winter?)
I arrive at the post office within 2 minutes of start off.

Got my mail which was a piece of advertising for the phone company that
I dumped last fall… No I don’t want to come back… A bit of chit chat with
the gals who were waiting for the SPOT BUS… and off I go to head home.

As my legs pedal to give my butt a free ride …. I think of what I must look
like. I have a sweat shirt jacket on with a hood.  Which I have up, as the
wind is blowing like crazy and making this 40 degree day feel like 30.
The vision I have is the old lady riding the bike in the Wizard of Oz.
You know, pedaling as fast as she can in the wind…

Not a vision I like to think about…but on the other hand.. I am thankful
that my legs still work well at this age…

Monday, April 08, 2013

Sermon listening, wandering mind....

Sometimes when in church and they start the sermon,( it depends on the subject and who is doing the sermon) … my mind wanders… this Sunday was one of those such days…

Now as you read this, I don’t want to hear about how insulted you are..
If you are insulted easily, then maybe you should just go on to the next Blog… Those of you who aren't sure.. Remember God has a heck of a sense of humor…. After all, look at some of his creatures, like the Aardvark… God has a sense of humor… look at some of the things he sees us do. Or he slips up for us mere humans to fall thru.

With that in mind…. I was sitting there minding my own business.. which is not what you are suppose to be doing while in church. You are suppose to be paying attention and leaving your business at the door, unless you are
repenting for some transgression… be it big or small.

There was a picture of Jesus up on the screen .. taken from the back..As I stared at this and the words being said was turning to blah, blah, yada yada… and etc… My mind wander..

Surely there were people who were artist in Jesus’s day. Yet, I have never seen a picture of Jesus… only the one we all see in different books. Drawings by mere humans who printed the book called the bible in what… 1500? Or so.
Don’t ever recall seeing a drawing stating it was over 1,970 years ago. Or so.

So what if Jesus was not the handsome dude we see in the pictures of now?
What if he was an ugly guy? Maybe he wasn’t real easy on the eyes. I know, we also have been told he was modeled after God, his father. Yet no one has ever seen God, except for Jesus.  So that isn't a good reference either. I figured
the humans of those days, figured he was perfect as God wouldn't send any one who was not perfect.  But perfection is in the eye of the beholder.. especially when it comes to looks.

Then I noticed the sermon was still progressing.. and now there was a group picture of Jesus with his disciples, of which were all men. Which lead my mind to wander and wondering in this day and age, why the gay community hasn't latch on to that.
After all this was before the Catholic religion, and as far as I know, they are the only one who don’t let their leaders  marry.  So why wasn't there a woman
in Jesus’s life?  
Or hasn’t God forgiven women since Eve? 

Friday, April 05, 2013

And then I was 73....

April is a busy month… I think all good people are born in
April. But that is just my humble opinion… being I am one
of them.

Let’s see… April 1st.. is my bf called, gal pal… she turn 65.
April 3, 2013… is my grandson and the King’s bff.
April 4, is my older sister and the King’s.
Today the 5th, is mine..
April 8th is a niece in law…
April 13, is 2 friend’s as well as my mother’s
April 14 is my twin cousins and a niece
April 16 is a good friends..
April 17 is a blogger friend
April 20 is an long time friend
April 22 is a friend and my youngest daughter’s (also she was born on EARTH
DAY, so know when that started..43 years ago)
April 26 was my uncle’s…
April 28th was my grandmother’s

Then if we throw in Marianne’s family, they cover what mind don’t.
The 1st, 2nd and the 7th

Thursday, April 04, 2013

I do nothing....and do it well....

I have joked for about 9 years, when someone
says to me.. what are you doing since you retired?
I tell them.. I do nothing and I do it quite well. J

Truth of the matter is.. I seem to be busy all the time.
Just most of it is not anything great to brag about, and
some of it, I can’t remember a day or two later.. or it
just isn’t worth talking about….and surely not worth
bragging about.

Some days are taken up helping someone else.
Some days are taken up doing housework/yard work.
Some days, I do a few things and then if the weather
isn’t good enough for outside… I do a catch up on
my magazines. Especially in the winter.

So you see….. I do nothing (of great worth) but
I do it quite well, thank you…

 And on this day… I honor my sweet husband.. The KING…
He turns 61.  Last year, I got him a red convertible.. (already
wrote why, last year).  So Wednesday, I got it out, washed and rubbed it down… and it is ready for him to take to work tomorrow.
So to the sweet guy who drives me nuts from time to time.. and also puts up with me… when I am not really nice… and still loves me, anyway.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEET GUY!!.
Also Happy Birthday to my older sister, as well..

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Sometimes reading hurts my head....

I have one magazine I read (there are several I do, but this is like The Readers Digest of the news) called THE WEEK…

While there is a few things that are funny (very little) like the Ohio Prosecutor was seeking to get the death penalty for Punxsutawney Phil, for fraud, in predicting a short time until Spring. Seems Phil’s handlers decided to take the rap for him, so it was dropped.  Have to say I kind of agree with the prosecutor, because Phil lied.  In fact even Facebook users were pretty upset with Phil.  I only put on.. Liar,Liar, pants on fire…

Also when I got on page 4 (which is also where Phil’s story was) There was even one of our local towns in this national magazine.
Seems in Coeur d’ Alene, one of the councilmen called 911 on their attorney. Seems the councilman wanted the police to come down to the town hall to arrest the attorney for calling him (the Councilman) a moron shortly after the council meeting, or during it. He made a statement about the Mayor as well, but didn’t say anything about having her arrested for threaten him. Which I found hard to believe as the Mayor is a class act.  She just not that type.  
Now when you consider that a lot of people around the country think we are radical nutcase up here, this didn’t help any. But then again a lot of them call us Iowa too. So many they will confuse the councilman with some in Iowa.  

But there were many items and articles in the magazine that just gave me a headache reading them.  And then there was on article on women still being harassed, abused, and raped in the service… and still the higher ups covering up.  In this day and age, this is despicable, inexcusable, not
only because these are women…. but because they are part of our troops. And here their own, won’t honor them and give them respect.…
And some of these so called men, still think the women are there for their pleasure. Disgusting and sad.  And to make it worse, they cover for each other… a lot of times without even talking to the women.
Our service women deserves so much more.   They say they are going to start a new program to give the women recourse.  Why aren’t they doing something to stop it in the first place. It never should be an issue. This is
not just a few… they figure about 19,000 a YEAR… a lot of them are not even turn in as they have seen how others were treated with the courts or lack of courts.   They say they will get this turn around… I sure hope so, it is way over due.       
 I am sure there will be those who will say not all men in the service are like that... and you are right.. but too many of them are.