Monday, April 01, 2013

I am not aren't talking LOUD enough...

I am still fighting the battle of not hearing well.
And if you are one of the ones who talks to me…
And I keep saying, what did you say… and you are
tired of it?  Well, you aren’t half as tired of it as I am.
Do you know how it is to keep saying, what? I didn’t
hear, you could you say it again?  Believe me, it isn’t
a picnic on my side either.

Some times you just smile and act like you are
agreeing to what is being said.. which is kind of dangerous. 
You might agree to something you don’t want to.

Or give the answer of… I didn’t know that.. which is a
pretty good answer, except when they were talking about
something simple, and you come off as a simpleton.

So you got to watch what you say. And phones are the
worse, as it seems like it fights my hearing aides. Or
rooms that echo.. with a lot of talking people… Makes
being alone enjoyable. I do pretty well outside. Or quiet

But the good news is that on the 13th We go in for an update
on the hearing aides Yes, the King has hearing aides as well. Hopefully that will improve my hearing. As these were pretty good when I got them a year and half ago..

By the way, if you want to get some good hearing aides with
out giving up your first born child … go to Costco. They do a
thoroughly  job of testing and they have very reasonable rates for hearing aides… Ours cost $850 each a year ago. AND THEY WORKED… which is more than I could say for the $1,000 each ones I got 5 years ago, from a regular hearing aide doctor office.  More money doesn’t mean better…  

hopefully no one got be careful out there. ... 

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