Thursday, April 18, 2013

This and That

Well, my walking is so so.. I don’t know what it is about it, but I can walk around Walmart from area to area, no problem…not even winded.. yet to walk the streets, seems harder. Maybe because the floor is level and the streets aren’t, so it is different to my legs.  I am doing to the post office and back fine.

But yesterday, I added an extra block.. which didn’t work out
so great. But I think it had to do with my shoes.. I wore my sneakers instead of my Joe Palooka boots that I am use to.  I had decided to use my sneakers because I figure they were lighter..  So tomorrow it is back to the boots. I also have to learn to slow it down a bit. See when I walk … I walk like someone with a mission. There is no slow and smell the roses…

I have always been a fast walker. Even the King says I walk too fast and when we are in the store, he has given up with keeping up with me..  Just I am one of those gals who knows what I came for. So I go from item to item, putting them in the basket and to the cashier I go.  No nonsense of dilly dallying.   

Also, yesterday, I took my gift certificate for a massage, and headed to the studio. (or whatever they call it) My gal pal decided I need to do the girly thing. She said it would be good for me.. and relax me.
I am here to tell you, having a stranger rub and pound on your body is not my way of relaxing. At least that was my thoughts as I drove down. But I have to admit, that after it was over.. my back did feel better… Noticed I said after it was over…

It took a little bit to get over having a stranger touch my body. But as she got going, I wasn’t thinking about a stranger touching my body …it was more of …HOLY COW.. the rubbing and pushing and pressure…. Pushing skin this way and that way. Bones, here and there… After half an hour of it.. it was over. And as I got back up and dressed, I felt a little light headed. (she did warn me and told me to 
get up slowly)

She was a very nice young lady. Very caring and explaining as she went.  It was a quiet time with soft music as she went about pushing this old body around.  About half an hour later, I have to admit I felt relaxed and no aches and pains.   So anyone who has ache and pains or stress, it is a good thing to do.. will I go again?
Well, I have to think about that… Still have issues about a stranger touching me… but… at least I didn’t fart..  

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stebbijo said...

LOL, I feel exactly like you - no room for the "stranger" thing.

I have always been a fast walker too, I would just skate past people. No more. Don't break an ankle, it will slow you ... way... down. Now, I just walk very slowly trying to stretch my ankle to get rid of the limp. The faster you walk the worse it looks - I don't care if I fart. :-)