Thursday, April 04, 2013

I do nothing....and do it well....

I have joked for about 9 years, when someone
says to me.. what are you doing since you retired?
I tell them.. I do nothing and I do it quite well. J

Truth of the matter is.. I seem to be busy all the time.
Just most of it is not anything great to brag about, and
some of it, I can’t remember a day or two later.. or it
just isn’t worth talking about….and surely not worth
bragging about.

Some days are taken up helping someone else.
Some days are taken up doing housework/yard work.
Some days, I do a few things and then if the weather
isn’t good enough for outside… I do a catch up on
my magazines. Especially in the winter.

So you see….. I do nothing (of great worth) but
I do it quite well, thank you…

 And on this day… I honor my sweet husband.. The KING…
He turns 61.  Last year, I got him a red convertible.. (already
wrote why, last year).  So Wednesday, I got it out, washed and rubbed it down… and it is ready for him to take to work tomorrow.
So to the sweet guy who drives me nuts from time to time.. and also puts up with me… when I am not really nice… and still loves me, anyway.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEET GUY!!.
Also Happy Birthday to my older sister, as well..

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