Monday, April 29, 2013

Fine Print

You see this page in the picture? Can you read it?
I have a heck of a time reading the directions. I have
pretty good glasses.. I can read normal printing… but
really.. what is with the deal of tiny printing.. even the phone
books now have smaller books with smaller print.  Even
people with good eye sight, have problems.

One of the problems is … each item you buy with a booklet
with it.. Manual…. has from 3 to 5 different languages. Now
if they didn’t have that, and only one language in the booklet
they would have enough room to have decent printing.

Maybe they should have the manuals there at the store… and you request your booklet in your language. And they can hand it to you.   Because I don’t know about the Spanish, German, French speaking public, but it seems like their print is small in these booklets also.

I have had this problem twice over the weekend as we are
getting different items ready for the lawn work.

Maybe I should start a protest…. Or a write in to companies.

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