Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guest or Host ... who chooses?

We have all been on both sides of this coin.
We have been host to friends and family.
And we have been guest of friends and family.

When you are at someone else’s home, do you
chose the television show? Are you offered the
choice?  How about the music that is playing on
the stereo. Or even what is for dinner?

When you are the host… do you give choices?
Do you give the remote to the guest to have them
chose what they want to watch? Or ask what kind of
music they would like to hear on the stereo? What they
would like for dinner?  Or do you put on the music?
Make the dinner and tell the guest .. we are having
this and that for dinner?  Tell them where you are taking
them for dinner, or let them chose the restaurant.

Does it make a difference if it is family? Do you feel
more at ease and make the decisions because you know
them? Or do you have them go get what they want out
of the refrigerator/ have them help make dinner, turn on
the television or stereo? Let them pick the restaurant?

And if you are listening to a nice background music, that
you like, and they say, “don’t you have any other music?”
Or does it depend on how they ask?  Are you offended
If you aren’t given choices if you are the guest?

So who makes the choices when you are a guest.. or
when you are the host?

And with summer coming up… if people just show up
to stay with you.. or call and tell you .. they are on their
way to your house for a visit… are you ok with that? Or
does it upset you, because they didn’t ask a while back?

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