Thursday, April 30, 2015

This why I love going to the woods..

I love finding old cabins.. and if they are in disarray 
that is ok too.. some times even better.... 

The first few were taken when the King
and I were up in the hills.. he was hunting
with a gun, and I was hunting with the

This cabin is at the start of the loop thru 
Clark Fork that goes over the high drive. 

This one, is on the other side of the trip... nearer the end, that ends up coming out on Highway 95...  As you can see there is something unique about this cabin... See the tree growing up thru the roof?   

 When the King has time, I will have to have him take me on another round to see if these cabins are still standing.. as these were taken in 2007

Now these were taken just this week.. when my galpal and I decided to look for a certain house in the Cabinet Gorge area... the town of Cabinet no longer exist. Sad to say...  But these were some of the shots I took... We were quite a way from this electric line.. but with my zoom, I was able to pull this in and to my surprise when i got home and downloaded it on my computer
I see there are TWO birds in the nest.. 

Looking across the valley we could see a little bit of the snow on the mountain.. most of the snow is off.. which is scary.. Could mean forest fires in the summer.

This was an unique building.. found out it was used as a granary?  But the owner has made it into a artist it 
has a great view...

And of course a place like this,  is not complete without an outhouse...

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

50 years/100 years

Some times when I am not in a big rush.. I
read the 50 years ago and 100 years ago

Yesterday when I read it.. I didn't know that the
Clark Fork post office open 50 years ago. It is
a very old town.. so would have figured they
had one 100 years ago.. but they said it was 50.

The 100 year ago one, was very interesting.
They were talking about how they gathered
a crew to work on the city of Sandpoint's

That the crew gathered to repair the town streets
which had pot holes and etc.  And you would
never know who the volunteers were.  At least
I was really surprised.   They were LAWYERS,
JUDGES, and MERCHANTS!!!  People who
were not use to manual labor in their daily

Now could you see that happening now days?
Can you see them, all of the 2015 group, deciding
the city was paying too much money out for
that service and do it themselves?  NOT
HARDLY...  Heck you would be lucky if
you could get them to sweep the streets
for a photo opt.. never mind doing the work.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It has been 8 years...

I wrote this 8 years ago.. As we all know there are some people who mean so much to you.. you justn ever forget  and still miss.. My Aunt Harriet is one those people for me... 

Still miss you...

 APRIL 28, 2007

Our Earth Angel is gone...

The man stand tall... 6 foot 7 they say.
Then a small tear comes to his eye, and
rolls slowly down his cheek...but then he
stops and smiles...

He kneels down on one knee and puts his
hand thru the clouds. And then slowly
brings it back up towards him, with a
gentle small hand in his. As he starts
to stand, up comes a woman, standing
so tall, all of 5 foot 2. She has a sweet
smile on her face...and says "hello, Darling"
as she kisses his cheek.

Today, our Earth Angel has left us, left us
feeling so empty. We are happy for her, but
we weep.... so hard we weep, for we are left
behind with this huge empty space.

She has become our Heavenly Angel, who
will look down on us from time to time, to see
if we are behaving. And are we carrying on her
unconditional love.

You see, she was my Aunt, on my father's
side. And as I have posted before, she
let me be adopted into her family. No legal
paper you understand... but the love was there.
She and my uncle called me Oldest Daughter,
as I was older than all of their children.

She has two wonderful daughters, who didn't mind
sharing. And three sons, who tolerate me too. And
when the King and I got married, they adopted him
too. I could go on about her family. 5 children, and
7 grandchildren... and I lost count on great grandchildren.

I could fill a weeks of post about the fun times,
the memories, the laughs, and the hugs thru
rough times. The hugs, the hugs, the hugs,
and the phone calls for many hours to all of
us...There isn't enough time or space to tell all.

So I will leave you with an image that has been
in my mind from the past... one that will be there
to the day I die. I have posted about it before.

My uncle and I were doing our daily morning
routine,coffee, kitchen table, and newspapers.
When we saw a vision. I had looked at his face
first. I saw the deepest of love in his eyes, words
just doesn't d.o it justice...and then a smile...

As I turn to look to see what gave him such
joy, I saw my Mom/aunt .... fresh out of the shower..
in her bra and panties....arms stretched out as far
as they could go, palms turn upward, and as she
hummed a song, she danced..... and danced...
swaying to the music in her head... smiling...
Good night my darling sweet Earth Angel,
may you dance with your Darling in heaven....

Harriet &Everett
together again

May you still be dancing with arms stretched out.. and humming a tune ... love you..

Monday, April 27, 2015

Cleaning at 5 foot 1

I was a very good girl this Saturday.. I pulled one whole
corner of my kitchen apart, and cleaned it from head to toe
so to speak.. Stuff that got thrown back there.. (it is a catch
all spot, on the counter). Washed everything down.. some
of it thru the dishwasher... Took me 2 hours...
Trouble is.. when you take a coffee break, it slows down
the process..

I did go back an hour later and started on the stove. I clean
that pretty often.. but there is some sections I don't think
about on my daily wash down.  Or even weekly job of it.
It is little breathing slots for the oven.. and they point down.
And as any one who has read this blog for any great length
of time.. If I don't see it...........I don't think of it.....

I still have a few places that need to be scrubbed down.
but that means removal of a bunch of stuff and washing
the area down and the stuff that was on it.. That is the
refrigerator and washing/dryer combo..   both are great
at collection stuff... and it is taller than I am.. so "If I don't
see it..... I don't think of it.......   Dryer combo collects bowls
in bags so they don't get dirty... and some other stuff..
Refrigerator gets cereal boxes, Huge drink holder with
spout.. in bag.. so it doesn't get dirty..  I never see this
dirt.. until I climb up on a chair... to find something
that I put up there, that slide back a little.. and then I
think.. OH MY.. GOSH.... and I clean it.. 

But if I can't see it.. (anything over 5 foot 2..) then it
isn't a big deal..... right?  And if you are taller and
see it.. either tell me or better yet.. don't look.. lol
Unfortunately  for me.. my husband is 6 foot tall. he
sees it.  I tried the old.. you find it... you clean it.. but

he doesn't buy into that. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Things that just don't make sense/or blame it on the cow

From time to time, there are things that
are said or claimed, that just don't make
sense to you... at least not to me..

Take the one about the cows. You know
you have read it from time to time about
how the gas burped up by the cow, chewing
it's cud, puts off a gas into the atmosphere.
And that is what they claim is causing global
warming..  and I guess they want to get rid
of such cows.

Now that just doesn't wrap around in my head
very well.  First off, man is not going to give
up his favorite food chain item.  That is a given.
The meat eater way out weigh the vegetarians
by far.
Next there are way less cow/cattle now than
there were say 100 years ago. After all, every
rancher had thousands and thousands of
cattle that roam, thousands and thousands
of acres of land.  Unless they are saying they
are all push together it makes it worse. But
with all those cattle roaming the hillsides 100
years ago.. how come there wasn't global
warming then?

Maybe because there wasn't as many smoke
stacks at that time..
Even if we were to get all of our smoke stacks
to be clean.. what about all the foreign country's
who stack spew out black smoke daily.  So
they have to work on those countries first. 
After all, look at China can't see the person
in front of them on most days.. and they all
wear mask to be able to breathe.. They are
the only country..
But if they are going to blame the poor cattle,
I have one better for them.. There is a gas
that is being let loose daily... by millions..
billions of billions of humans... Now maybe
they don't want to talk about it on the media.
But it is alive and well.   Be it a small child, or
any size adult..  They all FART... not only
once a day, but many times a day... mulitply
that by  billions of human thru out the world..
the earth bound. well I tell you friends... and
readers.. that is a LOT OF GAS..
and it surely is more powerful than
any burp from a cow..

And if the media and the government get ahold
of that information, you better look out.. because
we all will be fitted for filters on our butts... and
a fine for farting in public and in your homes..
There will be fines to pay for the fart police or
for a radar put in everyone's house that will
detect and send off a siren, when someone
lets one loose in their home.. then we will
have noise pollution..  Yep, I can just hear
it now..

Maybe it would be safer to blame it on the cow.  

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A day to remember... even more so for me..

45 years ago, the whole nation was excited about
a new celebration of the Earth..  The powers that
be decided to call this date EARTH DAY...

So on this day, 45 years ago...
People were celebrating the earth and all that
it does for us... and to make sure that WE as
citizen honor and respect  the earth. The start
of green everything.. green friendly plants,
green friendly environment, everything thing
you can think of to make the Earth a better
place.  So they woke up that morning, the
first day of EARTH DAY... 

But not me... I was already awake before dawn.
About 2am.. I  believe... and about 4am headed
to the hospital.  And at 6am... my husband and
I celebrated our own fantastic day.  Arriving that
morning, with good lungs, and a cute smile.. was
our daughter, better known as JC.. now..  She was
to be the last of our tribe.. Her father had 7 children,
by previous marriages and I had 7 by a previous
marriage.  And the good doctors decided we had
populated the earth enough.. and she was our last
one.   So I guess you could say.. on that day.. or a
day later.. we made our contribution to the green
of the earth.

You know how the saying goes.. OLDER THAN DIRT?
Well, she says she is AS OLD AS DIRT.. 

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to my last of the tribe.. who
has brought her father and I,  more joy than life

deserves to give us. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015



I got nothing..
Nothing funny...
nothing serious.....

just got plenty of nothing..maybe tomorrow...

Monday, April 20, 2015

Dealing with the past...

I had folders and folders of negatives in my filing
cabinet.. After finding on Amazon, a gadget that
will turn negatives into pictures and save them one
a sd card.. and down load them on to my computer.
My job has been to turn those negatives
in to pictures so we can put them on a flash disk.
To save for those who come after us.

Two of my daughters have been searching thru for the facts of who, what and when
of our family.  They are half sister, so they are
searching not only my family...but their father's as

What a project this has become.  My aunt Harriet
many years ago, did research on her family. Her
father's side.. searching all the way back to
Sweden.  Her daughter has the gold mine that
my aunt cultivated.  Which she has shared
a lot with which has helped
my girls a lot as well as some cousins.  My great
Aunt May did the search many, many, many years
ago on Harriet (and my father's) mother's side.
Going back to the first Chase to land on the USA
soil.  With a few extra information.

You know, every 10 years we cuss the National
Census, but I have to say, that census which goes
way back.. centuries.. has help the girls with not
only where they lived but the occupation of those
head of house hold.  Very interesting.

My negative works has produced a lot of old
pictures that have been forgotten. From the 1960
to the 1990's so far. Places we have lived.. friends
we had over the years, cars, horses, cats and dogs that
have come and gone.  1327 of them... but they are
all saved.. some are rough shape. 

My next project is to cultivate from my cousin
some of the stories we know of our grandparents.
Some of us were alive when our grandparents
were alive.. the rest have the stories that our
parents have told to us about them.. So we
can give some flesh to the facts that are found.
Before it is all lost..

I remember a book and a show on television
called Roots, where the elders pass down the
stories.. The Native Americans do the same..
But this is becoming a lost art.  Some don't
care... and some care too late after their
parents are gone..  Well, we are trying our
best to not let that happen.  What got me
started was, there was a book written last
year about the island/town where my father
was born and raised..  There was no
mention of our family.. NOTHING.  My
grandfather, ran a horse and buggy taxi
to the two ferry sailboats that brought
people to the main land on each side. He
also with two other gentlemen build the
local theater. He had a gas station and
sold Fords.. which my uncle took over.
Had a store and they delivered groceries
by horse and buggy first and cars later
to the summer resident.. AND NOT ONE
WORD in that book about any of them.
Not my grandfather's brother who also
had a gas station.. did mention his wife
who was a postmistress on the island.
But that was it.. Well, I want my grand
kids and those after.. know we did all exist
and while we weren't  well known, but we counted.

It is a lot of work, but the girls are excited
to see where their relatives came from.
My youngest found out her grandmother's
family came from.. NEWPORT, R.I.  The
same area my parents lived in all their lives.
Small world.. maybe they knew each other.  

Also the side line to the pictures, is sharing
those of my friends and their children from

long ago.  

Thursday, April 16, 2015

This and That...

Once again, I am spinning wheels.. wanting to do more
than I can.. this time physically as well as weather wise.
Went out  Wednesday to do some transferring of compost
from one section to another..  Get the new stuff off of the
old stuff.   We have been adding to it since last summer.
And the old stuff is really rich.. 
Only trouble with that is... in order to dig in with the fork,
I have to use my right foot, which is attached to the right
knee that I injured last Wednesday. Bad enough to do
a dang good job of imitating Chester from Gunsmoke.
But I was able to do a lot of lifting instead of shoveling.
The sunshine felt so good, so got some weeding done.

But then I went into the house as it got colder.. and
got a box out that I started last fall, and put away for
the holidays.   Spend two hours trying to figure out
how to run the little machine.. Trying all the buttons,
and etc.. after an hour, looked for the booklet. That
took another hour.  But I got 5 different places cleaned
out and straighten out, just trying to find the dang
booklet.  I was about to give up.. as I look at a place
I knew I saw it last and looked at 3 times in the past
hour.. and bingo ...there is a card on the floor and
under that card.. THE BOOKLET... Thank you God.

Then I spent 2 more hours, running very old negatives
thru the gadget, and saving them on the card..then
transferred them to the computer..  After that I spent
a half an hour, filing them in folders and sharing some.
One of which was a hoot.. it was a picture of my #4
son in his tux.. white with blue sash..(remember
this is the 1980's.) .. and the song Staying alive,
staying alive... came to mind.. So I shared it with
his girlfriend.... nothing is worse than a mother who
finds old negatives of old pictures... that embarrass


and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mary Worel....

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Come on ..Democrats!!!!

Come on, Democrats, surely you can find SOME ONE to
run for your party besides Hillary.. PLEASE, look around
there has to be SOME ONE... ANYONE.. but Hillary..
For the love of God..

And don't start snickering Republicans, you don't have any
prizes in your group either... I am afraid you have screw up
your party so bad, that if the Democrats only have Hillary,
we will get her out of default..

So please, please Democrats get it together..  Maybe it
is time for the other parties of past.. way past.. come
out of the wood work... to be taken seriously.

Some one.. please someone. ... surely there is a person
preferably male.. Sorry.. but I think we need a male at this
time..  There are a heck of a lot of good woman out there
that would make a good President.. but right now we are
dealing with the Mid-East.. who have NO respect for women
so having a woman President won't be the best thing at this

This is going to be a scary election... My vote is HELL NO!!
FOR HILLARY... NO FOR CRUZ...  there just isn't any one.
Which makes Jeb Bush look good. but he doesn't have a chance
in hell...not that I would vote for him..  Only if he ran against
Hillary....... and then I might have to pull my n.o.a. vote...
AGAIN...  (none of above)  or vote the lesser of the two bad


Tuesday, April 14, 2015


This past Saturday, we attended a wonderful tribute to
a wonderful funny lady, called Eve... Eve is my sister
in law's mom.. 

Of course like any memorial, there are stories that
fly around bring laughter.. but I really think ours had
it hands down. But I will let you be the judge...

It was a very, very serious day. We were to attend the
installation of Eve to be Madam President to the Elks
women's association.  I am sure it had an official name,
but that escapes me right now.

Sandee and her husband Gary along with my husband,
brother to Gary... walked in to the big hall and found a
seat in the front row.  That was our second mistake.
Our first mistake was taking the guys with us.. They wanted
to go fishing.. but Sandee insisted they come and support
Eve in this endeavor... that was our first and most huge

After we were all seated the performance started. It was
explain that their regular piano player was sick and Mrs.
what ever her name was, was filling in..

All of the women were dressed in white gowns that
reach the floor...with long white gloves... (don't remember
if they had hats on or not)...  They all stood at the other
end of the hall.  Then  several of the woman started.
as this was a highly pomp and circumstance ceremony,
and to be taken very seriously..  VERY SERIOUSLY,
(remember that part).

They marched in silence to 3 different areas. And turn
and stopped facing each other towards the center of the
hall.   Then what appeared to be a very elderly woman,
the highest of highest outgoing officer, started her march
towards them. She was very fragile.  I don't know if they
had a man on each side of her, because of her rank or
because she was fragile.  But it was a good thing they
were there.  Because as she stepped off to the music,
she was a little wobbly.  And the music starts.. THREE
BLIND MICE.   She step forward, with a long shaft in
her arm, that was sharp pointed on the bottom end
and a elk head with full horns on the top round section.

About 6 steps in to the march, she started to go the right,
which the woman in front of her was motioning several
times that she was to go to the left..  All while THREE
BLIND MICE is being played over and over and over.
My brother in law is starting to lose it... his body is
shaking all over, of which set off my husband.. (you
have to know these two grown men.. who occasional
act like 8 year olds). About the time the men get her
swung around, about face.. she catches her high heel
on the corner of her long gown and just about did a
face first to the floor, being grabbed about 2 feet from
the floor by the two men, and swept upright, almost
clearing her feet from the floor.  Of which the piano
player swung into her other song... GLOW WORM..

Well, that is all it took to get our men going, to the
point of losing it.  While my sister in law and I used
our elbows for weapon of mass destruction, to get
these two full grown men to straighten  up. It worked
for a little while .. about 3 minutes, when we were
back at THREE BLIND MICE... and the tiny little
lady was given a seat to sit in, with the men standing
beside here... And then back to GLOW WORM,
and Eve started to march to the group, and facing
toward one side and then to the other side.. and up to
the front with the little lady, who then stood up,
and proclaimed her MADAM PRESIDENT.. 

I am sure there was a little more to this part, but
we kind of missed it as our men had once again
return to bowls of jello,  And our elbows came
into play with glares that would have frozen the
hottest of fires.   Once Eve started to talk, they
did bring it back down.. and listened.. But after
Eve, got done and turn around.. to go back to
the beginning, with the rest of the ladies, following
her.. up comes the music again.. THE BLIND MICE.
thru 3 times.. and ending guess it.. GLOW WORM.

Which by this time our guys are singing under their breathe,
heard by all around us... GLOW LITTLE GLOW WORM
GLIMMER GLIMMER.... (as the ladies filed out of the hall)
and the row behind us fell apart laughing...  And comments
of how they barely could contain themselves, as they watch
the guys and us trying to keep them maintained.

Then we left the hall to the other room.  and the guys said
NOW CAN WE GO FISHING?  And my sister in law glared
at them and said.. YES.. get the heck out of here..  As the
guys were heading to the door... they saw there was food.
They started back, and my sister in law.. said oh, no.. no
more.. OUT .. OUT.. and they left..

We found out a little bit later from Eve, who had asked
us what was up with the guys and what were they doing
as the people behind us were giggling.. ... She told us
the replacement piano player only knew two songs...
so they went with it... lol.. 

So there you are with out Eve story... the GLOWWORM

Only challenging story was the wine story.. Seems when
Eve was getting near the time to leave this earth... she
express the desire for wine...  The Priest said she
could have wine... So the granddaughter ran to Fred
Meyers and got a bottle of wine.. White Zinfandel,
which we all know that is what Eve drank.. She gets there and
pours a half of a glass, Eve sips some and makes a face
and told her Granddaughter. THIS IS HORRIBLE.. I KNOW
So from now on when ever any of us drink White Zinfandel
wine.. we will refer to it as the DOLLAR STORE WINE..

....... and with that, I leave you laughing.. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

She would have been 99 years old today..

Sadly my mother's life ended at 73.... but she lead a wonderful life.
Our live together was an up and down road.. but I have to say with 
her faults..  She had many pluses.. 
She was the best cook, a heck of a knitter, could sew anything
that came to mind.. be it a gown made out of feed sacks, that
no one would have guess.  A complete Easter 
outfit, coat, hat and purse that was reversible. 
Horses sheets and blankets.. 
Her people skill left a lot to be desired, she either
like you or she didn't ... end of story.  

 The is a 3 generation picture... about 1980

Thanksgiving dinner turkey.. she put on one hell of a dinner, with all the fancy dish wear, and silver setting that I hated as I had to polish it. 

About 1984

 Rest pretty well speaks for itself.. this is where she felt the most comfortable.. on her horses...   
 above was Highland Chief her 5 gaited horse.. below is the love of her life..Holy Smoke.. 5 year straight jumping champion of New England.. 

This is her first horse.. which I don't think she showed...  Storm Warning. 

And Drummer her 3 gaited American Saddle Bred ... champion for 3 years straight. Her first show horse. 
She ruled the roost and kept not only us kids and line but Dad as well... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Calling in a sick day....

I am calling in a sick day for this day..
Got one of those.. went to bed healthy and
woke up with a pain.  My muscles around
my knee are killing me... on a 0 to 10, it is
running 9 to 14...  Don't have a clue what
or how.. but know I didn't help it yesterday either.
I am on the tax committee for my town...and
we want to raise the taxes.. We are 3rd from
the bottom for the whole state of Idaho..
The city has some needs and the budget isn't
close.. so need to raise the taxes.. Hasn't
been raised since 199x something..  I pass
my share yesterday.. which included 2 streets
both sides. and 4 side streets.  By the
time I was done, I was playing Chester from I came down the last

So pardon me, as I call in sick today..  have

a good week.