Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Are you shy about .....

Were you shy about smoking in front of your folks when
you were an adult? Especially after living in another state
and started smoking after you left home?  How long did
it take you before you smoked in front of them?
My father quit smoking before I moved back to R.I.
but my mother smoked until the day she died. So
it shouldn't have been a big deal. Yet after I moved
back to the same town my folks lived in... I could
not smoke in front of them.  It wasn't them.. it was me.
When my mother found out I smoked.. she laughed.
Why not, she asked.. you are an adult.  Guess because
there is a saying.. as long as your mother is alive
you will always be a kid, applies here.

Then there is walking into a liquor store. In Idaho
we have liquor store, you don't buy hard liquor
in the groceries stores.  You can buy beer, or wine
but that is it.
There is something about walking into a liquor
store, that freaks me out.. So I go in, get what
I need and back out as fast as I can.  What the
heck is up with that. It isn't like I go often.. about
one ...maybe twice a year.  We have bottles of
different types, in the outside refrigerator that
we have had for years.. Neither of us are big in
the way of hard liquor.  A beer or two in the summer
with dinner or friends at a bar b que.. maybe
a glass of wine with friends or my s-i-l.
But hard liquor like Kailua or something similar,
it is a fast in and out.  Heck I am 75 years old
and I never bought when I was under age..
I don't get it.  

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Big Piney Woods Cats said...

I never smoked, my dad did; 3 packs a day and he got lung cancer.........then I got it, non smokers lung cancer, go figure.