Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Come on ..Democrats!!!!

Come on, Democrats, surely you can find SOME ONE to
run for your party besides Hillary.. PLEASE, look around
there has to be SOME ONE... ANYONE.. but Hillary..
For the love of God..

And don't start snickering Republicans, you don't have any
prizes in your group either... I am afraid you have screw up
your party so bad, that if the Democrats only have Hillary,
we will get her out of default..

So please, please Democrats get it together..  Maybe it
is time for the other parties of past.. way past.. come
out of the wood work... to be taken seriously.

Some one.. please someone. ... surely there is a person
preferably male.. Sorry.. but I think we need a male at this
time..  There are a heck of a lot of good woman out there
that would make a good President.. but right now we are
dealing with the Mid-East.. who have NO respect for women
so having a woman President won't be the best thing at this

This is going to be a scary election... My vote is HELL NO!!
FOR HILLARY... NO FOR CRUZ...  there just isn't any one.
Which makes Jeb Bush look good. but he doesn't have a chance
in hell...not that I would vote for him..  Only if he ran against
Hillary....... and then I might have to pull my n.o.a. vote...
AGAIN...  (none of above)  or vote the lesser of the two bad


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