Monday, April 27, 2015

Cleaning at 5 foot 1

I was a very good girl this Saturday.. I pulled one whole
corner of my kitchen apart, and cleaned it from head to toe
so to speak.. Stuff that got thrown back there.. (it is a catch
all spot, on the counter). Washed everything down.. some
of it thru the dishwasher... Took me 2 hours...
Trouble is.. when you take a coffee break, it slows down
the process..

I did go back an hour later and started on the stove. I clean
that pretty often.. but there is some sections I don't think
about on my daily wash down.  Or even weekly job of it.
It is little breathing slots for the oven.. and they point down.
And as any one who has read this blog for any great length
of time.. If I don't see it...........I don't think of it.....

I still have a few places that need to be scrubbed down.
but that means removal of a bunch of stuff and washing
the area down and the stuff that was on it.. That is the
refrigerator and washing/dryer combo..   both are great
at collection stuff... and it is taller than I am.. so "If I don't
see it..... I don't think of it.......   Dryer combo collects bowls
in bags so they don't get dirty... and some other stuff..
Refrigerator gets cereal boxes, Huge drink holder with
spout.. in bag.. so it doesn't get dirty..  I never see this
dirt.. until I climb up on a chair... to find something
that I put up there, that slide back a little.. and then I
think.. OH MY.. GOSH.... and I clean it.. 

But if I can't see it.. (anything over 5 foot 2..) then it
isn't a big deal..... right?  And if you are taller and
see it.. either tell me or better yet.. don't look.. lol
Unfortunately  for me.. my husband is 6 foot tall. he
sees it.  I tried the old.. you find it... you clean it.. but

he doesn't buy into that. 

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