Monday, April 13, 2015

She would have been 99 years old today..

Sadly my mother's life ended at 73.... but she lead a wonderful life.
Our live together was an up and down road.. but I have to say with 
her faults..  She had many pluses.. 
She was the best cook, a heck of a knitter, could sew anything
that came to mind.. be it a gown made out of feed sacks, that
no one would have guess.  A complete Easter 
outfit, coat, hat and purse that was reversible. 
Horses sheets and blankets.. 
Her people skill left a lot to be desired, she either
like you or she didn't ... end of story.  

 The is a 3 generation picture... about 1980

Thanksgiving dinner turkey.. she put on one hell of a dinner, with all the fancy dish wear, and silver setting that I hated as I had to polish it. 

About 1984

 Rest pretty well speaks for itself.. this is where she felt the most comfortable.. on her horses...   
 above was Highland Chief her 5 gaited horse.. below is the love of her life..Holy Smoke.. 5 year straight jumping champion of New England.. 

This is her first horse.. which I don't think she showed...  Storm Warning. 

And Drummer her 3 gaited American Saddle Bred ... champion for 3 years straight. Her first show horse. 
She ruled the roost and kept not only us kids and line but Dad as well... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM

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